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  1. Semolina

    Sourcing Good Food in U.K and/or Ireland

    If you are feeling hungry, then it's not enough. One of the points of this exercise is to start listening to your body, and if it is telling you it is hungry, then you aren't eating enough. Next time, eat more! I love the fact that I can go for hours on end without thinking about food AT ALL -- but clearly I can't do that if I haven't eaten enough. On a more practical level, though, 3-4 scoops of your cooked mince -- depends on how big the scoops were and what the proportion of mince / veg was (doesn't sound like enough of either to me). And what did you have as fat? A tiny amount of oil to cook with doesn't count as a portion of fat. One egg for breakfast is definitely not enough; I have two but most of the other folks on this forum regularly have three. (Two eggs is probably not enough fro me either, but I can't bring myself to have more -- I sometimes have bacon as well if I'm extra hungry.) It also looks like you aren't eating enough veg -- so just not eating enough all round, really (!) Have you experimented with roasting veggies? It's a really good way to up your food and fat intake, and they are delicious and palatable even in the morning and store well in the fridge for a few days. (Can recommend roasted tomatoes; roasted onions; and roasted butternut squash to start with -- first time I did this I also lived on roasted cauliflower.) If you are used to "dieting" then it is really hard to increase the quantities of food on your first W30 because you can't quite believe the quantity of food you eat -- but trust me, an exercise worth doing. I often reflect that when I do a W30 I truly feel "well fed" in every sense of the word. First time I did this it took me ages to realise how much fat I need -- which is WAY more than I have ever eaten in my life before (that is, outside of crisps and chocolate consumption) and it made me anxious. Having experimented with quantities of protein and fat and veggies and worked out how I feel, I am much more comfortable now with just eating more fat. It's the difference, for me, between feeling hungry and not hungry. I eat more than the template suggests you need, which I have been assured is OK (the template is a "minimum" of fat) and that works for me. Believing it and not panicking that your thighs are going to double in size over night is the hard part. BUT it's your body and you need to work out what works for you. It's ridiculously scary, really, to let yourself just listen to your body to begin with because it is so hard to believe what it is telling you. (What? More? Did you see the size of my plate? etc. etc.) Good luck and let us know how you get on. (BTW -- is there are thread for UK W30-ers? I haven't looked for a while, but it might be more appropriate to move the conversation there if there is one! -- anyone know?)
  2. Semolina

    Sourcing Good Food in U.K and/or Ireland

    You shouldn't be hungry! Eat more if you are (especially fat). And although they say don't snack, if you find yourself genuinely hungry between meals you SHOULD snack, but still to template (some fat, some protein, veggies -- so for me, piece of chicken, some olives and some cucumber) and then make sure you eat more (especially fat) at mealtimes. One of the things I love about W30 and brings me back again and again is that I am not hungry so although I sometimes feel deprived (what, no crisps? etc) I'm not actually hungry. And being able to eat mayonnaise and avocados and olives (and smoked salmon when I can afford it / find some with no sugar) gives me a sense of luxury and satiation.
  3. Semolina

    Sourcing Good Food in U.K and/or Ireland

    Hang in there. It gets easier. I'm on Day 17 of W30#5 or 6 (I've lost count) and yesterday I had a big strop because I couldn't have wine / chocolate / crisps and I NEEDED them. Wrapped myself up in a big blanket, made a mug of hot water (!) and watched rubbish TV til it had passed. This morning I woke up feeling all smug. Take it easy if you can; rest, keep warm and be kind to yourself. If spaced-out-and-teary is food related, you will feel better soon. You just need to wait it out. Stay strong, and be as easy on yourself as possible in the meantime. x
  4. Semolina

    Sourcing Good Food in U.K and/or Ireland

    I make mayo without mustard (DH really hates mustard) so we make it with egg yolks, and then either vinegar or lemon juice for the acid (depending on mood), salt, cayenne and light olive oil. Works well!
  5. Semolina

    Sourcing Good Food in U.K and/or Ireland

    Hi Nell Hmm. Never had an issue with tinned tomatoes -- I am currently buying Tesco value tinned toms and they contain tomatoes, salt and citric acid. Can't help you on the mustard I'm afraid as we don't eat that either ... we mostly stick to fruit and veg and meat (so for example I make big batches of Jamie Oliver's curry pastes from scratch and then freeze them ... Hang in there! It gets easier once you work out what you like to eat and where to find it. x
  6. Semolina

    Sourcing Good Food in U.K and/or Ireland

    I'm just getting together the ingredients for tonight's Kerala prawn curry, and now have in front of me a 200ml sachet of the Thai Taste coconut milk. Ingredients are Coconut, water and guar gum (which is definitely compliant). The Thai Taste red and green thai curry pastes are also on offer in Tesco and have also just stocked up on them. They are delicious. Once I open a sachet, I wrap 1 tbsp. portions of the leftovers in clingfilm and throw them in the freezer so they last longer. Can't help on the corned beef front, sorry! Can't stand the stuff.
  7. Semolina

    Sourcing Good Food in U.K and/or Ireland

    Never managed to find spaghetti squash. I know some people have tried to grow it, but whether they managed it successfully or not I don't know. Coconut milk: I use sachets I get from my big Tesco called "Thai Taste" (don't have one in the house to look at at the mo to give you the ingredients list) but I use those because I don't use that much coconut milk and they are the right size for a curry so I don't waste any. I do also have some cans of Blue Dragon coconut milk in (Tescos occasionally do special offers on them): The blue dragon ones have coconut, water, E466, E471 and E330 (which are stabilizer, emulsifier and antioxidant). I remember reading ages ago that it was compliant. Hope that helps ... good luck and welcome to the W30 club. I have just started my 5th.
  8. Agree: slow cooker / crockpot is the way to go. I often make a stew for dinner (whatever veg, plus herbs, plus bone broth plus some protein) and then after I've eaten I sometimes separate out the protein to use in another meal and blitz what's left and put that in the fridge to use as a soup for whenever I feel like it. Yum. I always have soup on the go. It's hardly a recipe, but it's super tasty.
  9. Semolina

    Things to do with mayo

    chop fresh herbs in. chives and shallots (yum); lots of chopped up parsley (with or without shallots / garlic); or my fave: cumin, paprika and lime juice. I ADORE mayo and eat loads of it.
  10. Semolina


    I don't do W30 with my kids but I don't let them snack between meals at all. They are 5 and 7. I offer them water first, and then if they continue to tell me they are hungry then I offer them a "mini meal": protein (ham, usually), a couple of olives and some cucumber. They very rarely take me up on it.
  11. Semolina

    What is your go-to quick meal??

    Salad. With cooked chicken, smoked salmon or whatever protein I have. Drizzle on some mayo. Ta-da! If I know I'm busy I'll use the slow-cooker. Night before: blitz some carrots, celery and onion in the blender. Put in Tupperware in fridge. In morning, sauté them then shove in slowcooker, add raw protein and some bone broth / water and maybe a can of tomatoes, throw in some herbs and turn the cooker on and walk out of the house. Eat many hours later. Then take what's left over, pull out the protein and put it in the fridge for use with another meal (a salad, perhaps?!) and blend the "leftover" veg to use as a soup. Or just freeze the leftovers for another day. Or eat for breakfast and lunch tomorrow, too.
  12. Semolina

    Meal planning on a budget

    Up the veggies and up the fat ... I find fat is more significant in stopping hunger than the protein is. Just a thought.
  13. I find eating roasted veggies is easiest and make sure I have plenty in the fridge: roasted tomatoes, roasted onions are both good and I warm them in a pan before eating; currently eating roasted green beans for breakfast. I also eat salad often. For me the issue is smell and texture in the morning. I also like hash: sweet potato and zucchini, but can't be bothered to make it most of the time. I know some people eat soup. Try a few things and find out what works for you. Good luck.
  14. Semolina

    Sourcing Good Food in U.K and/or Ireland

    Yup, I second TDC. I buy from Coconoil too, also three tubs at a time, also lasts me about six months. I don't use coconut oil in anything I don't want to use the coconut taste for, but having said that it is yummy on roast veg (particularly butternut squash with some cinnamon, and cauliflower with paprika and cocoa powder) and obviously for curries etc. If I'm not using coconoil I tend to just use olive oil (I hate the taste of ghee).
  15. Just a note about the cravings at 3pm ... in my experience, that is because I haven't eaten enough (particularly fat) earlier in the day. My happy days (where it all falls into place) are when I eat a lot for breakfast and a lot for lunch (more than "a girl should eat") ... and then I don't think about food again until about 5 or 6 pm when I'm getting the kids food ready and I think "hmm I'm starting to feel a bit peckish but I can probably wait until our meal is ready (an hour or two after that). If I don't eat enough at breakfast in particular, the whole day is full of me wanting to eat. And I've discovered it isn't really protein that makes the difference (although I do eat protein at every meal) -- it's fat. I eat more fat than the template suggests. (Today for lunch I had olive oil on my tomato salad, half an avocado, and some mayo on my leaves.) I also don't buy organic meat. Can't afford it. I still figure that eating fresh is better than eating anything else, even if it isn't perfect. Hope you find something that works for you soon. I haven't lost much weight with W30 either overall (have done a few now) BUT I feel much better about how I'm eating from a general "supporting my long term health" kind of a way. And although I carry a few more pounds than I would like, and many more pounds than society says is beautiful, my body is still strong and healthy and I'm OK with that.