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    I feel for you. I have itching problems. Mine is called aquagenic pruritus. It means water induced itch, but its developed into itching all the time. It's worse after I shower or sweat or at random times. Maybe some of my tricks will help you. Heat helps me a lot, but some people are helped by cold. I find that if I get the shower very hot at least at the end, my itching is better for up to 24 hours. Or a really hit bath. When I get an itch attack in the winter, I sit by a heater. Another thing that helps is dabbing on capsaicin. They sell it for people with arthritis. It interferes with the itch signal. It has a warming affect on the skin, so I recommend spot testing. If you itch all over, it probably won't help you. You won't want to apply it all over. Paleo does help me, but the itch is not gone. You might want to combine it with a low histamine or low salicylate diet. Some people have also been helped with iodine drops.