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  1. christartist

    Bulletproof coffee??

    I have been told by folks that use bp coffee for adhd and some cognitive disorders that the real bullet proof effect comes with using the MCT coconut oil. I did make mine the other day, with a ninja - no ghee - and it was very nice. I think I needed more, and I bought some cocoa to get the almond joy kind of effect! ;-) I'm checking into the MCT stuff mentioned on the bulletproof website.
  2. christartist

    Bulletproof coffee??

    I'm checking this out, based on a referral by a friend, and the recipe I have calls for MCT oil - with the ghee, and of course, the really expensive, upgraded coffee. My husband uses the ghee - but when I do, I have dairy reactions. So, where he uses ghee, I use CO. Here's my question - Can I make BP coffee with just CO? And, has anyone tried it with the MCT oil('6 times stronger than coconut oil') TIA!
  3. christartist

    Water Kefir?

    I understand now about the fermented veggies, but could you use these for kombucha?
  4. christartist


    HMmm, this sounds hard to this visual learner, what tea bags? What is Scoby?
  5. christartist

    AIP? *gulp*

    Commenting so I can follow this thread. I have AI and IBS. Hopefully I won't need this info, but I'm watching from the sidelines, just in case.
  6. I'm posting here so I can follow I think that some of the things in the aip may be showing a bit of issue for me. I want to do this whole30 first, then tweak it. There's so much healing going on that I want to finish this clean. Does that make sense? I don't think I could do an aip first. I've been working on my brain pretty intense this time! If I were to cut things out now, I'm afraid I would come and cheat. That's just me!
  7. Great tutorial, but the discussion makes me wonder! spending more time online now that I am here. Guess I need to grow! And I'm headed to check nomnom's soup!
  8. christartist

    Water Kefir?

    Please forgive my ignorance, but is pickling and fermenting the same thing? Or do you just use it for the fermenting aspect? Kirsteen - I'm afraid that if I try this, I will forget to burp! So, I think your water idea would help!
  9. Ok everyone - not going to quote all the great ideas but I have a problem! I do not know how to PIN!!! I know it's pinterest...but gathering recipes may be just the reason for me to do that! These recipes look so wonderful! That taco sald...the dressing...the ideas... Kirsteen - what is the Al protocol?
  10. christartist

    Two Movies and a Dinner?

    Mrs Stick - I haven't tried raw macadamias....I just assume that I will like them, since I love chocolate covered ones! and I like them in cookies???? hmmm, I may need to rethink that!
  11. christartist

    Two Movies and a Dinner?

    Beets - fake popcorn? microwave instead of in a pan? of course, I probably will not every do popcorn of any type again...too easy to mindlessly eat, period! Kevin Green - remember to prepare! Make decisions before hand...and EAT before, and maybe you won't be tempted during! Star Trek this coming weekend...woohoo!
  12. Can you post the link?Please?
  13. christartist

    Don't over think this.

    Last time, I 'fudged' the rules, because I trusted my husband to have read the book - he was supposed to be leading us in whole30 while I was trying to get a 45 day yeast cleanse program down! HA! I knew something was wrong when he didn't know what ghee was! ;-) Anyway - this time, 'I' read the book - and the FREEDOM!!! I know many folks are torn up about the 'rules' - but for me, with health issues, all related to inflammation, this book, this woe, is FREEDOM! And, after reading the book FOR MYSELF, I realize several of the food issues that I have had...ways that I have cheated(I was the queen of weight watchers cheating back in the day!), and that it is NOW time to get serious! I realize that I have been feeding myself poison...even in moderation! I HAVE BEEN POISONING MYSELF! I think it is a pretty sound rule "DO NOT TAKE POISON" Some poisons kill quickly, and some, a long drawn out way. I want to stop this crazy way, and the RULES are not shackles for me, but are like road signs for me to go the right direction! I'm 52 - over half way to 100. If I live to 100, I want to be healthy, fit, and sound of mind! Making these choices now will impact my then...and I hope that it is not too late! Thank you, Robin, for speaking out on the 'rules'!
  14. christartist

    Best way to cook spaghetti squash

    ooooo, I want to try this!!!! I think I'll go out and grab some squash today!
  15. christartist

    Water Kefir?

    Physibeth....IF ONLY! Actually, there are wfs in the area...just 45 minutes away either direction. I'd like to try it before I go to the effort to try and make it! I need to head to the whole foods store anyway...I'll check it out when I pick my hubby up from the airport...Hi honey, welcome home, we have to go grocery shopping before we go home! ;-) I was used to having wholefoods almost in our back yard...what a waste. I did not utilize that gift like I should have!