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  1. Nope, still a mystery! It's not happening every day any more, so I don't think about it as much. But every couple weeks you'll still see me running around asking strangers to smell my fingers.
  2. I wish that were it, but I'm one of those who gains weight on the Whole 30, so no weight loss rapid or otherwise.
  3. It's more of a semicolon.
  4. Now this, this I know it's not! I'm a total jerk, ask anyone!
  5. Fairly certain I am neither an angel or John Travolta. It is definitely smellable by those around me, strongly enough to where people at work have sniffed around looking for the waffle odor, until they found me. I absolutely do not want my hands to smell like maple syrup, especially since Google has me certain that it means I have 48 hours to live. I do wonder if you might be right about it being food + my own scent somehow. It's not so bad this week, and the only thing I've done differently diet wise is add more fruit. I did also have some wacky treatment from my acupuncturist- she seemed to take it pretty seriously as symptom of something, but couldn't explain it to me in Western medical terms. So I may never know what is actually going on, but thanks for playing!
  6. No but great suggestion!
  7. Well wouldn't you know it, I AM in a coma! You don't have to turn in your Nancy Drew card after all! Sometimes I think Google is there just to convince me I'm at Death's door 24/7. I'm thinking my doctors aren't Googlers, because no one had any idea what it could be about. The reason I posted here is because if it were a genetic or metabolic disorder you'd think it would have appeared at some time in my life before Whole30. Could just be coincidental timing, but I wondered if anyone else had similar wacky symptoms since starting.
  8. I definitely support you in testing for nightshades and bet you'll see a result, but I would also ask you how often you eat sauerkraut and if you've ever reacted to it before? I remember reading recently (pretty sure it was in Practical Paleo, but not 100% certain) that fermenting already goitrogenic vegetables actually increases goitrogen content. So the kraut that is awesome for everyone else is not so awesome for people with thyroid conditions. Personally, I thought it was great for me, until I went several weeks without it and ate a bunch and my throat swelled up.
  9. I've actually consciously avoided fenugreek for several months- when it's included in something else they often don't specify whether they're using the seeds or the leaves, and I have been avoiding seeds for a while. That was a brilliant idea though- it would be awesome if it could be that simple!
  10. So, sometimes I wake up in the morning and my hands smell exactly like maple syrup. I've Googled my face off, and while I can find references to things like Maple Syrup Urine Disease or the sweet breath some diabetics get, I can't find anything on maple syrup hands. Some mornings it's stronger than others, and some mornings it's not there at all. I thought maybe it was carb-related, so I experimented with daily sweet potato consumption and it didn't seem to make a difference either way. For a while I thought it was cool, there are worse things to smell like- but I'm getting a little concerned. Has anyone here ever experienced this, and if so, did you ever figure it out?