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  1. I wish I did- as with most supplements it's really hard to find a Whole 30 compliant version. The powders have maltodextrin, the liquids have soybean oil... the tablets seem to have everything terrible under the sun! Your best bet might be to go for a clean enzyme blend that contains Lactase, like the Digest Gold from Enzymedica. It is in a veggie cap, which can be problematic if you have trouble breaking down cellulose, but it does also contain cellulase to help with that. I'm sure there are others, but that's an option to help you get started. Best of luck!
  2. I know you're supposed to take thyroid meds on their own, but maybe you could take some lactase enzymes with your pill? Or think about getting your meds compounded. Most pharmacies that don't offer their own hypoallergenic fillers will let you supply your own. (Probiotic powder or gelatin powder work best for many with sensitivities like you're describing.)
  3. Why CrossFit? Why not?

    I can only speak for myself and the only box I know, but here's my short list: Pro: It's regimented but there's variety built in, so it's never boring. There's a great sense of community and the support that goes with it. It's FUN. It's like play. That may be my favorite thing. Con: Even though technically you're only competing against youself, sometimes it's easy to forget that and think you should be able to do what *they* can. Hypermobile joints = injury. Hard to avoid without slowing everything down so much you're not actually doing CF any more. If you're trying to heal yourself, as I am, it's just too intense. My adrenals can't take it right now. I really do love Crossfit... from afar. I've seen it transform peoples' lives. I do recommend it to clients who don't have the issues I do. But for some folks, it's downright dangerous, and I think that gets downplayed a lot. But if cost and distance are your only cons, it might be the perfect thing for you!
  4. Natural calm and BMs

    I really feel better when supplementing with magnesium, but like a lot of people, my stomach can't handle it. Applying magnesium oil transdermally has been really helpful for me.
  5. You mistakenly read that last part as "This filled me with ghee".
  6. Leaky gut?

    It depends on how you do your Whole 30! Just getting off the grains and dairy will help somewhat, but if you were to replace that with, say, raw veggies, you might be making an already permeable system worse. I'm sure you'll have others chiming in, since there are a few of us on this forum using good eatin to plug our leaks. But I can say that what works best for some is to bring a GAPS bent to the Whole 30- lots of bone broth, lots of fat, lots of gelatin. Hanging out in that area where the two plans intersect can do wonders, though someneed to go further and also tie in the autoimmune protocol. I'm doing this again myself (except not all the way AIP this time) because I got cocky. I used eating this way (and some supplementation, but that's a different thread) to get my gut to a place where I could test negative for leaky gut. Apparently I thought that made me a superhero, because I thought I could go ahead and "enjoy" foods that I know are damaging to me. Guess what I learned? I'm not a superhero, and am now crawling back to W30 with my hat in my hands.
  7. Vasovagal Event--passed out

    You're probably right that it was a magical combination of factors, but I'm with you on wishing you knew what it was so you could avoid it in the future. Like you, my vasovagal responses usually come with enough warning to mitigate damage (I get suddenly hot and dizzy and have time to get on the ground before I fall down), which is decidedly less scary than a sudden fainting spell. I'm sorry that happened to you and would love for you to know why so you could avoid the possibility of it happening while driving or something. If it doesn't happen again, it's likely related to the trigger point and other factors. But if it becomes a pattern, I think it's worth continuing to dig into.
  8. Vasovagal Event--passed out

    Just out of curiosity, how much of your veggie intake is of the starchy carb variety? How is your thyroid and adrenal health? I certainly don't want to second guess your doctor, but as someone who passes out more than the average bear (for a handful of reasons) I have found it very rare for the vasovagal response to come out of nowhere. It doesn't have to be pain, necessarily- a cough or a sneeze can do it (or straining to poop, but I'm pretty sure you weren't doing that in your optometrist's office). In my experience, when I faint for seemingly no reason, it often ends up being hormone related (or hypoglycemic, but it doesn't sound like that's an issue for you). Did it feel just like the other three or four times in your life when you've had vasovagal events?
  9. If you want a red sauce you can make a "faux-mato" sauce with beets and carrots. Otherwise, it's hard to go wrong with pesto, or garlic and olive oil.
  10. How I prep hard "boiled" eggs

    Thanks! I'll have to try this when it cools down enough for me to turn the oven on again. I wonder if there's any nutritional difference? Like if baking might preserve any minerals that could be leached through the shell when boilinng, or if the shell is so impermeable that it doesn't matter how you cook them. I've been playing with egg reintroduction, and so far it seems it's way harder for me to digest boiled eggs than fried, I wonder how baked will be?
  11. Digestive Enzymes

    Well that's interesting. I wonder if that means they didn't actually change the formula, but just changed the label to be more accurate? Thanks for calling them,did they say anything else?
  12. Digestive Enzymes

    Somewhere there's a warehouse full of deadstock old formula Now enzymes. Let's find it!
  13. How I prep hard "boiled" eggs

    What's the point of doing it that way vs boiling? Do they taste better?