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  1. Sourcing food in Australia

    It depends on the brand. Some aminos are very like soy. The ones I'm using at the moment are like you describe, and not very strong, and I had a brand a while back that was sweet and thick, like kecap manis.
  2. Sourcing food in Australia

    Trina, that's great. So it doesn't have coconut nectar as an ingredient? What brand is it?
  3. Sourcing food in Australia

    If anyone's looking for fish sauce in Sydney inner west, the Asian shop next to Taste of Shanghai in Ashfield has Fuzhou brand which has no sugar. It's $1.80 and a huge bottle.
  4. Didn't think I had any weight to lose!

    Thank you! I did!
  5. So I finished my Whole30 today! I've been paleo since February, so I was already at the lowest weight I've ever been and fitting clothes I've never looked at before. I didn't think I had any more weight to lose and was doing this mostly for food intolerances and seeing what the most healthy it was possible to get to looked like. Positives: My stomach flattened completely, in the first week I've lost 1.3kg (2.9lb) from my lowest weight (a few days before starting) despite not having any to lose I'm now a low size 8 (US 4), where I was a high size 8 before I've lost 1.5cm off my waist and 1.5cm off my hips I feel pretty damn healthy I don't tend to crave sugar Negatives: I don't feel any healthier than before I started - I take this to mean I was already pretty healthy from eating 90% paleo - guess this isn't really a negative None of my clothes fit! I'm BONY. I need to build up some muscle so my hip bones aren't a public health hazard. I had a patch through the middle where work was horrible, and I was really wishing for a glass of wine at night. That seemed to pass, the last week I haven't had the cravings. I still think it's a nice thing to have after a stressful day because it lets you stop thinking about work, but at least if I don't have it I'm not seriously craving it. So that's me! Today I'm reintroducing lactose... I actually know I'm mildly lactose intolerant but I want to see how bad the fall out is, so I can decide when it's worth it. So I'm testing on cheese, fancy yoghurt and fancy icecream.
  6. Kimchi vs the no added sugar requirement

    Thanks Kayell. I don't think we can get that in Australia (certainly I haven't found any brands here that do) so we'll just wait for two weeks and eat it when we're off the Whole30. Good to know - thanks!
  7. Hi guys I was eating kimchi before when I was doing not-so-strict paleo, and I'd like to have some now, but the only kimchi I can get has sugar in the ingredients. However, I thought that sugar was vital because that's what the bacteria in it live on - how do they live if there is no sugar to eat? Given this is an authentic Korean kimchi - heavy duty spice, no sweet flavour - and that the point is that bacteria do eat it and therefore you end up with less sugar than you started with, is this acceptable under the no-added-sugar rule, or is the fact that it was there to start with key here? If it's wrong to have sugar in it, what should the bacteria be kept alive on? Thanks!
  8. Compliant sore throat remedies?

    Thanks guys, I can work with that. Appreciate all the responses. Vicky, my lunch has a fair few cloves of (cooked) garlic, so I think I'm good there! I'm also taking echinacea and vitamin D, and am sitting on the couch for today. I should recover pretty quickly, I usually do.
  9. Compliant sore throat remedies?

    Thanks Tom. I'll see what I can drum up tea-wise and drink lots of it.
  10. Hey everyone I've woken up with a nasty cold. I know I can take pseudoephedrine for the sinus drama, but I'm not sure how to treat a really sore throat (hurts to swallow). Normally I would: - make tea with honey and lemon - take a medicated cough lozenge - these either have sugar or artificial sweeteners in them Obviously I would prefer not to break my Whole30. What would you suggest I do as a treatment - any bright ideas that don't involve the above? If the above is all I'm left with, which one is a smarter idea, and can I avoid having to start over? My thought is with three weeks left a little bit of honey wouldn't be a big deal - I still have three weeks left to deal with sugar cravings (and I don't have a big problem with sugar anyway). Thoughts?
  11. Chicken Marbella (unbelievable!)

    Oh my god, so this was amazing. Thank you. It was seriously lick-the-plate good, and I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!
  12. Chicken Marbella (unbelievable!)

    We're making this tonight - it looks fantastic! I'll let you know how we get on.
  13. Grassfed ground beef - makes dry burgers?

    Thanks guys! I'll definitely try egg next time and throw in a few other bits and pieces as you say.
  14. Hey everyone I've found that grassfed beef makes drier burger patties than grainfed, and I've seen that mentioned elsewhere as well. Does anyone have tips for making the burgers more moist? I try not to undercook mince, as I had e-coli recently and don't want to run the risk until my system's had heaps of time to recover. Thanks!