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  1. Most of my fat is either with the protein (like salmon or eggs) or I’ll toss the veggies with olive oil, or a side of sliced avocado, or a few walnuts. I’ll eat more if that’s what I need to do but I’m feeling good food wise and not like I’m depriving myself or hungry. I have some light weights that I add to my walks. A 2lb weight belt and 2lb ea wrist/hand weights. Not much until I’ve worn them for 4 miles and then they seem to feel like 40lbs. And man. Are there hills on my walks. I get something like 25 flights of stairs on my Fitbit because of all the hills. The stupid hills are alive and trying to kill me. I do fluctuate my speed by walking to the pace of music, so I’ll start with a slow song and then alternate a really fast song with a moderate good pace, and then end with a slow song. I can’t run worth a darn. I think my innards might fall out if I did. LOL I’m averaging 14-15 minute per mile. I like the idea of stopping every mile and adding exercises. I have an appt Monday just to double check there’s no other causes, like hormones or whatever, but I’m not particularly expecting much from it bc really I’m feeling good other than frustrated with this plateau. And I wouldn’t care about the weight if I was seeing progress elsewhere, like inches. Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!
  2. Basicly, W30 works for me as a lifestyle probably 90% of the time. I never eat out much to begin with, and for social activities around food - usually I either eat prior, or there is something if not completely compliant then really close to it and for a very special occasion, I’ll indulge a rare addition of rice or small amount of honey/cane sugar. And I like veggies, so that’s not a hardship for me. I’ve never been one to drink my calories since I stopped doctoring my coffee with dairy and sugar, so black coffee or water. I also tend to eat simple quick meals without a lot of variety so I don’t stress over what to eat. Anyways. I feel better doing Whole30, so why stop that? A typical day of meals for me looks something like this and if might be the exact same thing for a few days in a row. 3 boiled eggs and either a small diced roasted sweet potato or a bag of steamed broccoli and a handful of fresh blueberries. roast chicken or lean hamburger patty with a bag of frozen green beans or California blend veggies. blackened seasoned mahi-mahi with a side of veggies similar to previous meals I have a cup or two of black coffee mid afternoon. (A no-no I know! ☺️) Sometimes after my evening walk I eat a handful of grapes or walnuts while cooling down and rehydrating. Usually not though. I usually only drink water, sometimes I add a lemon slice and couple slivers of ginger and a tbsp of ACV for variety. I’ve added weights to my walks but other than that I’m nervous abo it causing injury from doing it wrong. Suggestions for safe gentle weight training? Something similar to Leslie Sansone walk away the pounds would be perfect.
  3. Apologies. I’d delete it if I could then.
  4. I’m staying compliant the last 8 months and exercising my rear end into the ground. Can I get suggestions for breaking this plateau? I walk 8-10 miles a day. I also started to do an intermediate level 4 mile cardio/strength building dvd with Leslie Sansone last week in the hopes of upping my game, but another week with not even an ounce of loss. I can’t fathom how I can devote any more time exercise out of my schedule. And I can’t eat more compliant than I already am. But suggestions very welcomed!
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    Reintroducing myself.

    I lost 50lb in 2013. I kept it off for a few years. Then life kinda went to heck in a handbasket. Thyroid went kaput, marriage issues, had baby #11, took care for a dying father, a kid in crisis... and now that the dust is settling a bit - here I am needing to lose weight again. Poop. But I’ve lost 30lbs since I signed up for HealthyWage back in Dec 2018. I figured I’d do what worked last time and $ is a great additional motivator. I’ve got another 20lb to win my wager and get paid. Then I’d like to lose another 15 on top of that to reach my final weight goal. That would be going from 202lbs to 135. As my reward for getting healthier, I’m going scuba diving & snorkeling in Curaçao in November for 2 weeks. I’ll be around here gleaning inspiration and tips for keeping my eye on getting healthier. Especially as the weather turns cold. Right now I’m walking 20k steps a day, about half on a long predawn morning walk and then another walk after bedtimes to get whatever steps I didn’t manage by then. That and swimming in a nearby outdoor pool have been 95% of my exercise routine.