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  1. Revived

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    I definitely believe in supporting local agriculture but my budget just can't handle it right now. And im way too overwhelmed with life to shop around and look for deals. But I am finding that I'm getting a lot of mileage out of stuff by prepping ahead. A big thing of spaghetti squash that I've been doing in stir-fry with frozen veg. I've been getting sick of spaghetti squash actually but this latest stir-fry worked out pretty well and it goes so far. Plus a huge thing of chili with sweet potatoes. I made a ton of plantain tostadas which are my favorite thing on the planet right now. They freeze really well. And then I made a big batch of chicken fajitas. That's making lunch my favorite part of the day.
  2. Revived

    Turned off from food

    I've tried the spaghetti squash both ways. My first whole30, I did it like once a week and it wasn't appealing ever but I could get through it no problem. But this time around, I don't know what the difference is. I just don't want it. After a few bites, I'm just done. So I'll just take it out of the rotation and that's fine but I'm already so limited by finances and pickiness. I can't do fish. At all. I've tried and tried and maybe I just don't know how to cook it well or whatever but at this point, it's a waste of money to even bother with it because I've not once made it through a whole serving without getting nauseated. I know all the organ meat is supposed to be amazing but I can't get there either. And with my budget, there's a lot of ground meat happening which just gets kind of monotonous. But oh well. It is what it is I guess. Hopefully I'll get more and more acclimated as I go. I mean I've come a long way considering a few years ago I could easily go MONTHS without any vegetable touching my plate besides potatoes.
  3. Revived

    Turned off from food

    Yeah I get the same way. I have an appetite but I just don't want the food I'm eating. Like I brought spaghetti squash with marinara sauce as par of my lunch today and I started almost gagging after just a few bites. I ate the rest of my lunch but it wasn't enough. I'm still hungry but not hungry enough to bust out the rest of the squash. Ugh.