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  1. I have been paleo since Nov. 2011. I finished my first Whole30 a few weeks ago. I try to avoid scales, but I compete in martial arts, so I know what my weight was in June because I had a weigh-in for a competition. Because I am typically smack in the middle of my weight class, I didn't do anything out of the ordinary to prepare to weigh in. I simply didn't need to. Today, I went to the doctor and I have gained 12 pounds since then. Backing up a bit, I am 5'4". Back when I was a scale-loving Zone-er, I weighed between 111-114. My mom passed away suddenly two years ago, and I gained probably 30 pounds. I went back to faithfully following the Zone and much of it came off, but I only got to where I was fluctuating between 120-125. After starting the paleo way of eating, I stabilized and quit fluctuating so much. I was 116.8 at my competition 4th of July, again with no special prep. Obviously I skipped breakfast right before, but that's it. I did my Whole 30 from July 9-Aug 8. Since finishing, I have had an occasional glass of wine or dark chocolate, but nothing overboard. I do martial arts a few times/week and cross train with weights twice/week. Today at the doc, I weighed 128. I have always had a flat stomach gain in my hips/thighs. I now have a little spare tire. I know I should ignore the scale, but my clothes are tight, too. I'm just not sure what to do. I had insurance bloodwork recently, and everything was fine, with the exception of my cholesterol going up, which I expected given the diet. I was healthy before I started, I was just looking to lose those last few pounds and in a way where I was healthy while doing it and could maintain energy while working out. And that weight gain changes my weight class, so I really have to do something about it. I want to cry. I guess I should try to start with smaller portions? I'm not sure what else to do. I'm wondering if I fall into the "it doesn't work for everyone" category.
  2. sharonm

    Meal timing for later workouts

    I have just been playing around with it. I eat a pre workout snack no matter what exercise I do. If it's primarily cardio (tkd) I skip the post workout snack and just have dinner. When I cross train (cross fit style) I pack my post workout snack and eat it immediately and still have dinner. So far so good...
  3. I have been following a paleo diet for several months, and am about to embark on my first Whole30 with my husband. My question relates to timing of meals, as well as post-workout. I train in taekwondo several days/week and my classes are from 7:15-8:15 p.m. Some days I am able to get home early enough to eat dinner (or Meal 3) around 6:15, but that is about the best I can do. Other days, even that is not possible. If I wait to eat until I get home, it is usually 9:00 before that happens. (I also do cross-fit style training a couple of days/week, but thankfully I get home much earlier from that.) I am no night owl. I'm not sure how to balance my nutrition in the evening hours around my workouts and still finish eating several hours before bed. Any advice?