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    I would go back to my beloved Portugal. I would stay in Lisbon and take some days to relax and get in some sights (the castles, the monasteries) and then take some days for relaxation on the beach. I would also attend meditation and yoga classes. There's a bigger Buddhist population than you'd think and they've influenced the spiritual scene of Lisbon, so you can find a lot of spiritual retreats. My biggest focus would be on healing my body and re-energizing my spirit. Ok, and I'd do some shopping because the clothes there are fantastic.
    As far as food goes, a lot of the meat is grass fed, they've got delicious rabbit and duck dishes, fresha and local vegetables are plentiful- you've never seen so many ways to make cabbage, green beans, or kale. The soups are to die for!  But the best part is the seafood. Codfish, sardines the size of your forearm, carapau, monk fish...I could go on and on. And most of it you can get grilled, but even if it is fried, they use olive oil for practically everything- none of this soybean oil crap.