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  1. spagirl

    "It Starts with Food" cookbook??

    Whoa! I didn't want to get anyone in trouble... but the truth is the truth. There is so much stuff out there... I didn't think it was compliant. But as I'm learning to navigate, and then see something like that... It gets a little confusing. Have to say I'm getting better at recognizing recipes that are whole30 approved (at least I hope!!)
  2. spagirl

    Spinoff: pre-roasted vs raw

    Great feedback/advice!! Cashews have become my "no brakes" food! Ugh! Better than that peanut butter cookie I just had to have, but still I bought raw, definitely ate way less!! Haha!!
  3. I'm on day 9 of my whole 30, still learning this new way of eating and cooking. Saw this book on amazon, downloaded a sample... Almond pancakes and recipes that called for Parmesan cheese and cream cheese and milk were just a few of the things I quickly noticed. Is this accurate? The cover says appropriate for the whole 30 program. It's just a sample, I didn't read through the intro, but the recipes that are shown in the sample don't seem to be Whole30 compliant. Forgive me, I'm new and looking for great recipes to cook! I love Well Fed!! It's awesome! Just confused. Here's the link, couldn't post a pic of the cover of the book.
  4. spagirl

    Why is honey not approved when fruit is?

    Lol! Makes sense. I understand the whole 30 as a way to really refine my diet/choices and just the way I think about food. I started a paleo challenge at my gym and had an epic fail at a BBQ yesterday. Felt awful this morning, like a food hangover. Ick. Some dairy (French onion dip! Yes, with chips! hehe). No roll on the burger but they were all made with cheese. Anyway... I don't think honey will be bad in moderation AFTER the whole 30. Just don't want to mess it up because I wasn't informed. Thank you again!
  5. Roasted nuts appear to be roasted in safflower oil. Does that make them a definite no? Buy raw and roast your own?
  6. I may be wrong but I believe honey has many benefits, if it is raw and organic. After reading the book and the section that states sugar=sugar... wouldn't that apply to fruit then? Just learning, trying to get things straight before beginning and goofing! Thanks!