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  1. Funeral--Air Travel, Staying w/Relatives

    1. Sorry for your loss 2. they eat, therefore they must get food from someplace. If you are renting a car, I assume you have their address. Google it. Then search for local markets. HEB is a big chain in Texas. Not sure if you are sticking to grass fed organics or not, but see what you can find. Texas is the beef capital of the country! 3. Bring a cooler or pick one up at a local gas station. Most will sell the cheapy styrofoam kind. I'm sure your relatives will have some ice you can use, and I doubt they will begrudge you a little fridge space. 4. Eggs, beef, chicken and fish are your easiest protein sources. Veggies and fruit can be found anywhere to. 5. You are only going to Texas, not the moon. Trust me, don't panic...just plan.
  2. What can I do with ground meat?

    Emergency Protein/Garbage Casserole. Brown the ground beef, add any leftover veggies from the week before. Season to taste. Different every time, but totally yum. This week I had a HUGE leftover overcooked baked sweet potato (yam) from a resteraunt. I asked that NOTHING be put on it because I wanted to take it home. I put that into my mix this week. YUMMER!
  3. Try adding digestive enzyems to your supplements, and some fermented foods such as saurkraut. I think that Kombucha (pardon the spelling) beverage I hear folks mention is fermented and that can be helpful too. Also, are you getting enough fats? Umm...it helps to greese the wheels. It took me 9 days before first poop. But now, especially that I am using grass fed organic meats so I don't have to trim their fats....WOOSH.
  4. Caveman Fuel Coffee Creamer?

    As someone who simply CANNOT drink black coffee, let me personally recommend canned coconut milk (not that crap in the cardboard box in the refrigerated section). Double check the ingredients of course, but there should be nothing more than coconut milk, water and maybe guar gum (which is allowed) in there. Honestly, doesn't taste coconutty at all when added to coffee, and is so creamy you will flip!
  5. I've learned that I have a sensitivity to flour and sugar. To put it bluntly, they mess with my crazy. Since completing my W30 I have splurged a few times, and regretted every one. The worst was this past 4 days. My step dad came out for a visit with a buddy of his, and we planned to go out on a fishing charter and some other things. All bets pretty much went out the window. YIKES I haven't pooped in those 4 days and feel aweful Last night I felt really depressed and began to realize what the food was now doing to me Not to mention that I also hadn't worked out in those 4 days. Had planned to get back on my workout wagon today but I really overslept and missed my morning workout. Good thing I have a mid day crossfit class here at work. That's going to be rough but I gotta get back into the game here. This stuff is truly life changing. And you really begin to learn what you eat effects so much more than your waistline.
  6. Compliant Cough Drops

    Most sugar free cough drops have artificial sweeteners in them that are likewise non compliant. Have you tried, instead of a cough drop, a cough tea? Natural Medicinals makes several. Have it unsweetened and you are good to go, or add a little coconut milk if you like.
  7. Juicing is not Whole 30 compliant. That is right in the book. However, my husband does like the occassional juice, and I put the pulp into our compost heep. Then it will feed the next crop of veggies to come in.
  8. No oven!!

    Maybe something is going around. My oven is so unreliable at this point that we have decided it's dead. The ignitor doesn't always work and after 10 tries to light the oven it's just not worth it. Luckily, many years ago my husband bought me a 20 qt. Nesco Roaster. Rearranged my countertops so I could have this out and BOOM! Our stove is over 12 years old so we will be replacing it, and my mom will help but that's going to be our "Christmas" present so I have a few months with no 'traditional' oven. No matter, I have baked morning egg casserole in the roaster already, and chicken and some other things so this will work out just fine. The only downside is how high up it is to try and get things out of the roaster vs. just pulling things out of the oven. I'm REALLY small so time to get a stool.
  9. On the Go Breakfast?

    1. Failure to plan is planning to fail. I'm sure you have things in the house that you can eat for breakfast and don't realize it. Day 1 is tough but you will manage. Honestly, I eat the same breakfast almost every day...some sort of ground beef hash (made with any veggies that are borderline about to turn bad so I'd best use them up) with a side of green veggies. I actually CRAVE this each morning now. My Sunday is usually an hour or two prepping for the week ahead. I HIGHLY recommend the book "Well Fed". The author explains very well about preparing for the week ahead and has some REALLY GREAT ideas.
  10. What kind of coconut milk do I get?

    I usually buy Geisha Brand. It's the least expensive I have found, yet I like the taste and the ingredeint panel is compliant. There is another brand I sometimes get at Garden Fresh Market, however it is litterally a Thai brand and I can't read the name. Ingredient panel is also compliant, and it's really yummy too.
  11. vegetable ghee

    YIKES!! It's means Quainte? (HAH...way to rock the Middle English from my Chaucer days). Oh Veh! LOL. If you can find grass fed pastured butter then you can make it. We get Kerrygold butter here in the states, and it says it's a product of Ireland. Is it really? LOL.
  12. Chicken liver ideas?

    Spread on celery or radish. Make crispy sweet potato chips and use them
  13. Off the Rails!

    Yup, it's definitely a sensitvity/allergy kind of thing. I just keep thinking, MAN...this explains like ALL of High School. LOL. Now I just have to adjust my thinking. I'm considering doing the Sugar Sensitivity 30 day plan out of Practical Paleo next. I'd like to figure out if this is just white sugar, or if I will also have issues with honey, molases, agave (I've actually never used agave nectar but that doesn't mean that I might not be sensitive to it as well).
  14. Parmesan Cheese FAIL.

    I've had dairy issues. They cause the mucus to flegm up in my throat and I cough. If I eat dairy after say 7pm or 8pm, I will cough in my sleep. So yeah, a night time treat of ice cream is BAD for me. So, I've just learned to avoid it.
  15. Off the Rails!

    Oh holy cats, yesterday was an epic FAIL! We had 3 birthdays and 3 anniversaries in the office. I even planned ahead and made a no surgar gluten free blueberry cobbler from Practical Paleo (the office was going to have a sundae bar to celebrate, so I figured this would be a nice compliment and something safe for me to eat). I ate 3 pieces of Kringle (if you aren't from around Wisconsin, this is sort of like a danish pastry thing), a big piece of pinapple that had been dipped in white and milk chocolate, and then I had my cobbler with canned whipped cream on top. Ok, so fast forward to today and my workout this morning. I'm MAD! I mean crazy mad like I want to throw stuff. I appologized to my trainer and said that I think it's all because I ate so poorly yesterday. Oh man, sugar is definitely NOT my friend. I had posted that when I ended my W30 I had a snickers martini and felt depressed the next day. After yesterday's experience with some white flour and sugar I am now pretty sure it's sugar related as far as my mood swings. HELLO! anyone who has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder I would bet you probably have a sugar sensitivity too! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Oh well, live and learn and I surely learned a lesson. I'm thinking of trying to W30 the sugar sensitivity plan in Practical paleo next.