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  1. #sunbutterproblems

    Swanson Vitamins has organic Sunbutter with no sugar and no salt added. I usually add a jar to my supplement reorders to make the best use of the flat rate shipping.
  2. Coffee

    I use my own coffee, whatever I have in. I've been using Trader Joe's pumpkin spice coffee and the finished drink is much like a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. I use my stovetop Bialetti espresso maker, SALTED grassfed butter and whip it on high in the VitaMix. I love the flavor that bit of salt gives! I don't care for the flavor of coconut oil in my coffee and prefer eat my coconut oil off the spoon before a workout.
  3. Coffee

    I have become a convert of bullet proof coffee. Now that I'm off my Whole 30, I use grassfed butter with it and it is outrageous. It's also really good with ghee. The secret is the blending, it whips it up to a perfect frothy emulsion so it doesn't taste oily at all.
  4. Whole 30 approved cookbooks?

    I just posted a review of the Make it Paleo cookbook on my blog. It's a huge book with tons of recipes, most of which are Whole 30/clean paleo by nature or can be tweaked very slightly if needed. Other than the treats and cheats section, I'd give it a thumbs up for a delicious whole 30.
  5. Sour cream?

    Sorry I took so long to reply! I bought some dairy kefir grains from Cultures for Health and use them with canned coconut milk. I fill a quart jar with two cans of the good stuff and stir in the grains (which aren't grains, they are a culture that look like couscous.) Cover the jar with a paper towel and rubber band and let it sit at room temperature for 2-3 days. The longer it cultures, the thicker and tangier the kefir gets. I like 72 hours for maximum tangy deliciousness. I spoon it over berries for the most delicious dessert.
  6. Sour cream?

    I kefir coconut milk, it makes it very tangy and delicious. A perfect sub for sour cream/Greek yogurt with a very similar texture.
  7. Magnesium and sleep

    I used to take Swanson triple magnesium complex, one at bed time. It's good but sometimes made me have loose stool. I recently switched to a topical magnesium oil spray. I spritz some on morning and evening, it's great for foot massage! It's so relaxing without the digestive side effect.
  8. Mustard?

    Almond milk is not Whole 30 approved. Here's the link as to why.
  9. Almond Flour

    Sunshine, as long as it is pure with no alcohol, sugar or other non-W30 approved ingredients, I'm pretty sure it's okay to put a drop or two to flavor your coffee. I like to sprinkle pumpkin pie spice over the coffee grounds before making a pot. Oooh, that tastes so nice! Like a pumpkin spice latte from $tarbuck$ without the questionable ingredients.
  10. Need help with recipes

    Beyond the book and the forum, there are TONS of Whole 30/Clean Paleo recipes on the Internet. Whole 30 recipe Google search. Check out my blog (click the link in my signature) for lots of food porn recipe ideas.
  11. Paleo Food Porn

    Lots of food porn in my latest blog post. Many are Whole 30 complaint. Primeval Deliciousness
  12. Sick of Meat!!!

    Frozen wild caught shrimp, canned tuna/salmon/crab is the cure for me when I'm over meat.
  13. What's for Dinner?

    I'm making a Sunday Gravy (meat sauce) to serve over zudles. Mmmmm, Italian!
  14. Question about kombucha

    I drink lots of booch. I never get a buzz, rather a really nice feeling of well being. Aberrantatavia, once you get the hang of making your own, you'll find it so fast and easy. And it's really, really cheap to make yourself.
  15. What's for Dinner?

    Oooh, what does ostrich taste like?