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    3rd Whole 30, Have been 80% compliant for 2 years, but the sugar dragon returned once he knew I was pregnant.. I had craving for disgusting frosted flakes and such as! Stuff that I haven't had in years....Now on my 15th week and ready to bring a W30 baby to this world!

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  1. anaxg

    Gearing up to start May 1st!

    Started yesterday too! this should be like my 6th whole30! just had a baby 2 months ago, I need to stop eating processed sugars and eat more veggies. my husband is eating paleo so that will help. we went to the groceries yesterday and got lots of fish. (bought 1/4 of a cow a couple months ago) got eggs, veggies and some fruit. we will prep 3 different meats for the week, roast a ton of veggies, cut up fruit and boil eggs. I need to have more energy, have more nutritious breastmilk for my naby and loose some pounds. but the most important to me is to create healthy eating habits for my toddler and newborn.