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  1. I'm not quite up to the reintroduction stage yet, but thinking about it. I'm wondering if I should do a separate reintroduction day for corn products, specifically, apart from other non-gluten grains? I've suspected that corn is an issue, and I know other people have allergies specific to corn. Has anyone tried this?


    Many people have opted to separate corn out and test on its own day, so you could certainly do that.


  2. I created my own and posted it at the top of this forum. You may need to try a different browser to download it. I will also post it on Facebook so you can download it from there. Enjoy!


    Is there a PDF Link for just the 7 Day Meal Plan (not the shopping list)?  I can photocopy the page out of the book, but it would be nice if I could just print it.



    The 7 Day Meal Plan is not available as a downloadable item. It's only available in The Whole30 book.

  3. Just hoping I don't need to start again.....I didn't realise preservative numbers 220-228 contain sulphur. I had a few dried apricots and when I thought to double check I found out it was sulphur!!! Can someone help me on this?

    Yes, those *sulfite* numbers are off limits on a Whole30. This listing is a helpful reference:

    Regarding whether to restart, read this and decide:

  4. You're shopping list is great but be sure to take a look at the recipes before shopping because there are many that have substitutions that you had to buy for another meal so you can cut down considerably on the length of the list.


    The shopping list Tina made is intended to be used for shopping for recipes in The Whole30 book's 7 day meal plan. All recipes in The Whole30 book are Whole30 compliant.  :)

  5. Wow - that must have taken you a lot of time.

    To clarify, the 7 day meal plan does not call for plantain chips: it calls for pan-fried plantains.

    Here's a recipe that would work:

    ETA: the beef brisket recipe is on page 214, so you used the right recipe (there is a side note with it on how to make adjustments for the slow cooker).

  6. Does this seriously mean that I should eat 5 eggs as a protein serving!?

    Those five eggs looks like a stretch for your hand to me. Remember, it's the eggs you can hold without dropping them as the guideline.  ;)


    Start with eating at least 3 eggs for your protein serving, along with 1-3 cups of veggies and the appropriate amount of fat per the recommended meal template. If your meal doesn't keep you satiated for at least 4-5 hours, add an egg the next time around.  

  7. I second this question.


    I have a birthday on the 1st of Nov (finishing my W30 on 30 Oct). I really would like to have a couple of drinks. I am happy to still keep to my W30 eating and forgo all the non-compliant food but just wondering if drinking will throw my reintro completely out of whack? I guess it depends what kind of alcohol it is. Should I drink wine or spirits so as not to consume wheat if I'm not testing that yet? 


    Yes, do a separate reintro day for alcohol.  Your plan is prudent: your day 1 of reintro will be alcohol at the birthday party, and yes, nothing with wheat so you're not testing gluten at the same time.  I would also recommend not to go overboard; a couple drinks, as you stated, would work. The next day, I would then remove alcohol and go back to 100% Whole30 eating for two days, and then continue with reintros per the reintro schedule.

  8. Gf chris. So if I want to eat the occasional yoghurt post 30, I need to eat one yoghurt for three meals during re-intro, eventhough I only want to eat one yoghurt every couple of days after re-intro? Same with cheese? I never eat cheese 3 times a day, it would constipate me for days!...


    Hi Hutlifr.


    In your context, it sounds like you already know how the dairy you want to eat affects you.  In that case, there's no reason for you to do a controlled reintroduction on that food group: you've already got the information you need. :)  The idea behind reintroduction is to test for when you don't know how a food group impacts you physically/psychologically, and/or you want to know how eating that food will affect you.


    Some folks separate out different types of dairy on different days. For example, they don't know how cow's milk impacts them vs. sheep's/goat's milk. Those people would do three different cow's milk products on one day, and then three different sheep's milk products on another day.  Or a pasteurized dairy day vs. raw dairy day.  Soft cheese day vs. hard cheese day.


    It's your experiment of 1: test for what makes sense in the context of what you already know, don't yet know and/or want to discover.


  9. Thanks, Hutlifr. I have been to that link, but it still doesn't explain the reasoning behind introducing three things (from one food group) in one day. I am curious as to why this is suggested. Thus far, I've only reintroduced dairy 1/day on a few separate days. I would like to better understand the science. I am certain eating dairy three times in a day would not be good for me, but the occasional dairy seems okay.


    FWIW, this is similar to the reintroduction protocol my registered dietitian used when I did an elimination diet through my doctor's office back in 2006 after food allergy testing. As I recall, the rationale for having the food in question at all three meals was to be sure you ingested enough of the food group to conduct a sufficient test for sensitivity.  If you feel crummy after 1 serving, that might be enough to stop. If you feel fine after one serving or you're not sure, it's another good reason to have the item in question at all three meals (or, if you have unclear results after 1 day, add another day of testing said food group).


    EDIT: the order in which you reintroduce food groups doesn't matter. The Whole30 reintroduction schedule is a sample of one possible order.

  10. Hi! 

    I know this gets annoying because a lot of questions can be answered but some simple thought but sometimes it gets overwhelming (i just started), and I tend to hesitate whether its a for sure no or yes!  I know ALL of the exceptions, and have a print out of the rules....


    What condones having to "start over", i read about the peanuts thing (and I understand that), thats obviously a choice but sometimes it happens where you may have thought it was approved and it wasn't?


    Also, why no pea proteins! I love my vegaone protein after workouts...but don't understand why I can't have it! thanks so much! 


    P.S the Make it paleo book it great :) I highly recommend it! 


    Here's your answer on pea protein:

    Starting over can be due to several reasons: willfully consuming something that is against the rules,  or eating something (intentional or accidental) that contains a gut-disrupting ingredient.  The latter includes things like soy, gluten, sulfites, MSG and carrageenan.

  11. Odd question regarding eggs. Because there is limited space in our refrigerator, I tend to keep my eggs in a small bowl, which I share with my roommates. I assumed the eggs were of the Certified Humane variety since we're all trying to live a tad healthier. Turns out they were just regular-whatever-was-on-sale eggs. While I'm going to start buying my own and reading the labels, I was curious if there is an unacceptable Whole 30 type of egg. Thanks!

    No unacceptable eggs.

  12. Can we have deep fried food? Ie: sweet potato fries, or yam chips if they have nothing else on them?

    I am super done with trying to figure out what I can have to eat. So embarrassed. We are at a restaurant. My husband is upset because there is nothing on the menu that I can eat. Either they don't know what is in their ground beef patty, or what is on the grill they are cooking on. Out of all the places he wanted to stop, I chose this one as the easiest for me to find food. Now I sit here watching him eat, and he has to eat in front of me. This won't happen again. I only want bacon because I can't find it. The same with sausage. He is not happy that I can't eat out with him for 30 days. Plus he will start this in two weeks, so that will be almost two months without eating out.

    Sorry about the rant, but I want to give up my whole 30 or of embarrassment.

    Sorry you've had such a tough time.


    To answer your first question, you can have those items if they are cooked in a compliant oil with no disallowed items (e.g., gluten, sugar, breading) in the seasonings/coating. That being said, it wouldn't be my first choice for my 1-2 cups of vegetables and fat with my meal, as I feel there are healthier choices than deep-frying.


    On dining out on a Whole30, it can be tricky but it can be done. I've had my best successes with places that cook to order and have gluten-free menus. Viewing their menu online ahead of time for possible entrees and calling ahead to ask questions and finalize meals that can be made compliant has worked well too.

  13. I have been looking for compliant breakfast sausage. Unable to find it, I am now looking for seasonings to make my own. I found two seasoning blends that list ingredients including "spices". The proprietor of the spice shop looked up the spices. One blend had lime powder. The lime powder listed malto dextran. The other one listed vinegar powder. When he looked up the vinegar powder it listed sugar. The packages only listed spices.

    Are these mixes ok?

    I keep reading about people eating bacon, or lunch meat. I have been completely unsuccessful at finding any of these things without sugar. Any insight here?

    Maltodextrin is not compliant, as it can contain corn, rice, potato starch, barley or wheat.


    US Wellness Meats is a source for compliant bacon.


    I believe Applegate Organics has a compliant roast beef: no sugar, carrageenan, etc.

  14. Can someone tell me why fruit smoothies for breakfast are not a good idea?  I had one with kale, spinach, cherries, strawberries and blueberries and a tablespoon of almonds today and this is my first day ever on the Whole 30.  I thought I was doing well, but now am curious about this comment.  I have not yet read the book but plan to, but in the meantime am curious.  Thank you in advance.

    Smoothies are not encouraged on a Whole30. The idea is to chew your food rather than drink it. Chewing food tends to be more satiating than drinking food. Further, there can be a tendency to overload on fruit all at once when having smoothies, vs. having the recommended 1-2 servings of fruit per day on the Whole30.  A fruit serving on the Whole30 is the size of your fist.

    If you don't have the ISWF book yet, here are some places to start on familiarizing yourself with the Whole30:

    - Overview with links to several helpful documents


    - The Whole30 program.


    - The Whole30 meal template. Basically your bible for how to structure every meal: