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About Me

- Diagnosed as gluten-sensitive Oct 2006, and have been gluten-free since.

- Conducted my first Whole30 May 29, - June 27, 2013. Lost 4.2 inches and 5 pounds. Will remain gluten-free and reintroduce other food groups beginning July 1st.

- Completed reintro July 7th. In summary, dairy makes my stomach hurt and non-gluten grains and legumes make me gassy and bloated. I'm not going to reintro soy: I have no interest in including soy in my diet again. I will try goat and sheep cheese at some point (maybe at someone's house) but not motivated enough now to test it.

- Going forward, I intend to eat clean as much as possible. I like how I feel eating real whole food, and especially like feeling satisfied (not overstuffed) after a meal. Will have quality dark chocolate sporadically, good red wine weekly at most, and only have non-gluten grains and legumes intermittently while dining out.