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  1. Can we talk about what I bottled from growing Scooby? I read online that if you like the taste, it's perfectly fine booch. I've got 8 bottles on their 2nd ferment-day 4. Has anyone ever done this? Bottled the stuff they used to grow their Scoby? Now that I find that booch makes a fantastic mixer, I'm going to go through it even faster. These 8 bottles might be perfect for that. Next up: continuous brew
  2. For today. Number 2 is coming along too! It must have been the earl grey.
  3. Gin and gingerade to the rescue. Yum. New scoby is already on its way. Maybe I'll end up with more booch than I can drink!
  4. Agreed! It's all good, don't you remember Sophie's taco? The fresh tea and sugar will be beneficial. Deep breaths
  5. I think I might have killed him. This morning he was folded up trying to float, and now I don't see him at all. I've got a new batch started with the right tea, but should a throw a bottle of booch in with Scooby to see if I can resurrect him? I guess it can't hurt-just a $4 bottle of booch to lose. I'm doing a smaller batch this time.
  6. I just tasted the tea from growing Scooby. It was delicious!! I read online that you can actually use your first batch if you don't mind the flavor, so I bottled it. I'll keep you posted!
  7. I've really been quite patient. Tea is brewing!
  8. Yup. That's what I was thinking. I got the okay to use it, but it has been a question in my head all along. I guess we'll see what happens when I use regular black tea for my first batch.
  9. Not grossed out to touch it, but tasting the tea will be a challenge. I smelled it last night and it was interesting to say the least. Earl Grey is such a specific smell, and it's pretty much gone. I will start brewing tonight! Best Friday night plans I've had in a while! :) Thanks, everyone!
  10. Holy cow! I just got butterflies when you said to start brewing, Nadia! I'm so much farther gone that I realized-LOL!!! Okay, so now I need specifics about how to get the old tea out and the new tea in. I'm afraid to move Scooby (although I bought a lovely 2 gallon jar with a spigot for my someday CB plan) because he's not that stable. Can I just pour off as much as I can of the old tea and add new on top? I do plan to re-read all (yes, all) the posts on here over the weekend, but I don't remember anything this specific being asked. I told my hubby and daughter last night that I was going to taste the tea that was in with Scooby (mostly kidding) and they both screamed! It's kind of fun to gross them out about this.
  11. Nadia-you confirmed what I thought, Scooby is pretty thin for 3+ weeks. I'm not even sure I could move him-he is so skinny and wide (5 or 6 inches across) that I'm afraid he would crumble. But PP-you said your first was similar and it worked, right? Should I add another bottle of booch? Should I just give it a try? Maybe grow another in a smaller jar just in case? I don't know how long I should let him go before I either give it a shot or dump him and start over.
  12. Probably 5 or 6 inches across, but he's still very thin.
  13. And yes, he's in my closet, which is dark 99% of the time.
  14. I started it with 2 bottles of Gt plain, but did it in a gallon jar-probably too big. More booch? More tea? More sugar? I'm a bit anxious, yes, but don't want to let on my disappointment. You know how boys are...
  15. Does it still look normal to you guys? 3 weeks today.
  16. That happened to me during my W30 with the store bought stuff. Only I liked it.
  17. 20 days in and Scooby is still not full grown. He's making progress, but very slowly. I will post a picture tonight or tomorrow, then I need to decide if I start another one just in case. I thought about adding some more GT booch and tea, but it already has 2 bottles in it and not much room for more tea. He's growing about as quickly as I lose weight.
  18. I think light was the problem-big changes just in the last 5 hours!
  19. That is fancy!! Okay, Scooby moved to the closet. Hopefully he'll pick up some thickness! Thanks all!
  20. I've moved it to a cabinet, but now I'm worried about ventilation. Will keep looking.
  21. It's in the playroom. The blinds are down, but it's not dark. Did I miss that part??? Your ginger berry is gorgeous...
  22. I am thinking of buying a big jar with a spigot to make bottling easier, and keeping my glass gallon jar for my hotel. Does this sound about right? And yes...I don't even have a grown scoby and I'm talking about my hotel. I have faith. Where do you get lavender and it what form?
  23. Thanks Liz-I think if I don't see real progress in the next few days I'll try that. It's definitely coming along, just not fast enough for my booch guzzling self. I'm still wondering if the Earl Grey tea had something to do with it.