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  1. Scooby is still completely clear, so I guess I'm not there yet. Strange, since I live in FL and my house is a constant 78 degrees. I would have thought I'd be a bit farther 2 weeks in, but I can wait. Regarding cherries, I have a bunch of dried ones (no additives at all-bought them online) that are VERY tart. Could I flavor with those, or wouldn't the flavor take well? Miss Jenna-your flavors sound delicious!
  2. Scooby is about 1/16th inch thick, but sturdy. Very bubbly and clear, as shown in a pic a few days ago. This is day 14. Any idea how much longer?
  3. Oh no Susan! I hope your consulting services are ongoing! I haven't even brewed yet!
  4. Not much new in the last few days.
  5. Has anyone tried garam masala in their booch. I was smelling my spices to try to find something that reminded me of third eye chai, and that was the closest I could find. I just realized how ridiculous that would sound anywhere but here. Kb-you've put ideas in my head for an Independence Day cocktail!
  6. Short brew time!! Thanks for the info!
  7. So much to try! When Scooby is ready, can I split him in half and brew 2 batches at once? He's going to be big since I grew him in a gallon jar.
  8. So the answer on white tea was that you can brew with it, it's not just for flavoring? As I get closer to starting I think I'm going to go back through this whole topic. There's so much I missed because I wasn't there yet! Scooby is progressing nicely. Today is the 10 day mark, thick clear bubbly stuff all over the top. Picture later.
  9. What is the benefit of using dried fruit or concentrates versus just mushing up some blueberries? I'm trying to assemble my ingredient list. Thanks!
  10. Such great ideas! (And I need to find that jerky recipe.) I think you guys just showed me how I'm going to give up wine! (Too much sugar-makes me want to eat.) I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL I'M READY TO BREW!
  11. Okay, Nadia has given me the courage to ask this question. Has anyone mixed booch with booze when they are off the W30? It seems like a good answer to a healthy mixer.
  12. The baby is beautiful...sniff sniff! Frank is an appetite suppressant! LOL!
  13. I have not made it back to WF yet, so no plan B. But I might not need it...this morning I had little patches of stuff on the surface! I may go ahead with plan B anyway, since I'm sure I'll be at WF this weekend. (They call to check on me if I'm not there at least 2ce/week.) I'm easily drinking a bottle/day (more on the weekend), so I'm thinking I can't have too much booch in my fridge! I really am happy for your Nadia KB-you are giving me much hope!
  14. Totally!! I'm trying really hard to be happy for kb's Nadia, but I have a bad case of scoby envy.
  15. Peeked in through the top and I actually have 2 in there. Fascinating!
  16. All helpful, thanks. I swear...I've read more about growing a Scoby than I ever did growing a baby!
  17. As a side note, my obsession with Kombucha has made this W30 go pretty quickly. It's been a nice distraction!
  18. No film yet, just the freaky monster now. I think I'd do an experiment and try one your way simultaneously. I won't ditch Scooby-we'll see what he does. If I can get to WF tonight I'll start work on Daphne. Thanks!
  19. I just re-read the article in the early part of the forum, and it says to let the plain booch sit for 5 days before you add sugar to grow the scoby. I did mine from another article online that said to start it in the sweet tea with store bought booch from the beginning. Thoughts?
  20. Good question. I am growing my Scoby, but from what I read, this also ends up being your first batch of Kombucha?
  21. I'm worried about Scooby. This morning he is back at the top, but looks very, very small. I'm wondering if the Earl Grey was the wrong choice after all, or if maybe I don't have enough sugar? I had to guess at the amount of water and ended up with more than a gallon, and used 1 1/3 cups of sugar. Maybe I'm just being impatient, but I'm thinking maybe I should start another one just in case.
  22. Some grape for sure, but maybe with some ginger and lemon added? Definitely orange vanilla, and maybe strawberry lime? I have some gorgeous strawberries I froze, and I'm not a smoothie girl so haven't found a good use for them yet. Any idea how to make something like gingerade? Gingerberry should be pretty easy.
  23. Can you see scooby in there? To the left of the sticker remains. He standing up on the bottom now.