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  1. First tapa pic. You can see my hubby is doing his part.
  2. Just bought tapatalk-my first post on my phone. Stay tuned for questions lol!
  3. Whoa-I spoke too soon! Scooby took a deep sea dive today. Thank goodness for this forum-I would have thought I killed him! Hanging at the bottom, hopefully growing rapidly!
  4. Okay, Scooby has been festering for 3 days, and I'm not seeing any change. He's a little bigger, but still a jellyfish. Is this normal?
  5. I have an iPhone so can easily attach a picture, it's reading the posts on a tiny little phone that's hard! Lol-not my favorite part of my 40s! I just bought what I hope is my last case of kombucha from WF. I just tried to take a pic but my tea is so dark you can't see him. He's mostly clear.
  6. Checked on Scooby this morning. Can't help but think he looks like a jellyfish. Does that sound right? And he's turned sideways, which I've read is normal. It's hard to believe this could cover the surface and be 1/2" thick in only 8 more days.
  7. Of course I checked on my pet this morning before I left. No change. In all seriousness, I am grateful to this forum! I would never have had the guts to try this without you guys. It seemed totally overwhelming. And how fortunate that we have so many different time zones involved. I am really not one to "freak out", but I did freak out at 11:15 (EST) last night and NEEDED an answer. Thank you Susan! P.S. My husband thinks I am NUTS...caught me in the playroom with a flashlight last night checking out the surface of my science project.
  8. No, but its covered with 2 layers of paper towels and they are held on with rubber bands. I posted a pic a few posts up. Did I do something wrong?
  9. Holy cow-there's something slimy on the surface attaching to the side of my jar! Is this the start of Scooby, or just the kombucha sludge gathering all in one place from the original bottles? I can't send a pic b/c I don't want to take the top off.
  10. Seriously! I should have that problem! Here's my set up. I can hardly wait!
  11. OMG all over orange vanilla. Did you put any of the orange pulp in or just the juice? I'm starting with grape, but am going to add something with ginger and lemon (maybe blueberry?) and the orange/vanilla next. I'm getting way ahead of myself since my Scooby snack has only been festering for 6 hours.
  12. I don't have any clue about all the photo apps you guys talk about. If I can take a pic on my ipad and simply attach it, you will see the Scooby snack! Otherwise I might have to wait for my nephew to show up and work his tech saavy magic. By the way, I drank a bottle of grape last night right before bed and slept fantastically, so I guess it wasn't the caffeine after all that was keeping me up. Maybe it was booch envy!
  13. Okay, seriously? You know how much trouble I had with the set up. The photo piece will likely put me over the edge.
  14. FINALLY! Scooby food is made and on a shelf in the playroom. No problem with warm, since I'm in FL. Let the countdown begin! I will let you know if Earl Grey is a go or not.
  15. For the love of God...I have no sugar.
  16. I was actually thinking of printing it all out and highlighting, labeling, obsessing...while I watch Scooby grow. I hope it's not unlucky to name your Scoby before it's born. Hatched. Grown. Whatever. KB-I was assembling my receipts (I'm an accountant...I keep all receipts) to return the tea until I remembered something. I like tea! LOL.
  17. Oh yay! Thank you! It's on! There is SO much info in the forum. I do apologize for asking questions that have already been answered. It's just a lot to take in.
  18. So now I have 3 boxes of unusable, organic, expensive tea. Regular Earl Grey, Decaf Earl Grey, and Green Tea with lemongrass and spearmint. I thought I read that Earl Grey made good booch, but the article that I just read says otherwise. The article Susan sent me says the caffeine is minimal, but I think I'll take Nadia's suggestion and steep the bags for a minute first. I'm thinking that if I can't even buy the right tea, I may be in trouble. But I'm just chomping at the bit to start tonight. So what tea do I use? Do I just look for "organic black tea"? WF is making a mint on me this week!
  19. I must have missed the post on how to decaf your booch. I'll have to go back through... Thanks.
  20. Then where do you get your tea? I bought organic decaf from WF. I did not drink Kombucha last night and slept finally. Is it possible that I'm THAT sensitive to the caffeine in Kombucha? Bad as in "won't grow"? Okay, thanks.
  21. Clearly I have a problem. I played a little hookie from work this morning to go get plain Kombucha so I didn't have to wait until Saturday to start. I got some decaf black tea, too. I'm thinking I'll go half caf. Starting tonight! I've already decided on a name-can't wait to see Scooby begin to form!
  22. So I'm mid W30 #3 and am not sleeping. That is very unusual for me. And then it hit me (sometime after I bought my black tea)-does Kombucha contain caffeine? Is my late night Kombucha consumption the reason I'm taking so long to fall asleep? I'm going to feel pretty dumb if that's the answer...
  23. It's the insanity that attracted me. Birds of a feather, don't you know. Bought my jar and my tea today. GT plain will have to wait until Saturday, unfortunately. I only have flavored here.
  24. I've got no problem drinking it, so I will overcome! Could I get a definition for pixie dust? I'm guessing it's special magic that makes your Scoby grow like nobody's business?