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  1. Cassie M

    Spotting the Whole Time

    Hi Jami, I feel you. I spotted through the majority of my Whole30, and am now in the re-intro phase and still spotting - total, I've spotted every day for the last 25 days. It's been brutal but it is starting to lighten up. Then again, over the past 3 weeks that this has been happening, there were several times that I thought it was clearing up. Anyway, my doctor is running another round of blood samples and should have results for me on Monday, so if there's anything I think someone can learn from this, I'll update this thread. Given that so many women have experienced spotting and changes to their mestrual cycles as a result of hormonal imbalances from a changing diet, you could give it a few days to see if it clears - but as always, see a doctor if you have any concerns.
  2. Cassie M

    Spotting the Whole Time

    I've been spotting/bleeding for 19 days now. 19 DAYS, PEOPLE! I was in with the doctor last week and am going back in on Monday morning to get results from the tests she ran. Will let you know what I hear, in case it's helpful for anyone else experiencing incessant spotting.
  3. Cassie M

    Anyone Starting 3/11 (Monday)?

    Hi All! I'm starting today (March 11th) too! This is my second Whole30 - my first was in August 2012 and I really liked how my relationship with food changed. Of course, over time I've allowed a few bad habits back in - essentially eating super healthy during the week but then wrecking everything with bread or sugar on the weekends - so I'm here to remind myself that eating real, whole foods makes me feel and look better! Looking forward to braving the next 30 days with you. Warning: If this is anything like last time, I'm going to get really angry in about a week
  4. Cassie M

    Hit Day 30 on the 19th.

    Congratulations and well done on losing 11 pounds!!
  5. Hello! Firstly - congratulations on making this positive change in your life by committing to the Whole30 and getting 2 weeks in - that's no easy feat, so pat yourself on the back. Now, take a deep breath, and think about why you joined the Whole30 in the first place; if it was just to lose weight, then you're in it for the wrong reasons. If you're here to change your relationship with food and make a lifestyle change (instead of being on another diet), then you're on the right track. As others have said on here - you are in the process of building a healthy lifestyle so look at this is a positive first step in the right direction. Remember that it took you more than 30 days to gain the 50 lbs you want to lose, so it will take much more than 30 days to take it off, but if you focus on creating healthy habits, over time you will see the changes in your body that you are hoping for. You're doing great so far, so keep it up!
  6. Cassie M

    Day 31 HOLY COW!

    Thank you for the inspiration! I'm on Day 17 and feeling great. I look forward to Day 31 when I can reflect on my W30! Well done on all of the positive changes you have made in your life
  7. Cassie M

    Irish Whole 30 starts today.

    Hey Fergatron! I live in Dublin and started the W30 since July 30th. Welcome, and congrats on making a commitment like this! I've already hit Derval up for tips on where to get good, compliant food but share any good finds if you come across them! Cheers!
  8. Cassie M

    one week done

    I'm not a mayo fan by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I abhor it. If you've ever worked in a deli like I did in high school and had to handle the giant tubs of Best Foods Mayonnaise, you too would be disgusted by the look, smell and feel of it. That was like 17 years ago and I still get grossed out thinking about it and passing jars of mayonnaise in the store! But that being said ... I've had homemade mayo and aioli at restaurants and really like it - it's totally different from that nasty ass stuff from the deli/store. I'd love to try making my own. Does anyone have a recipe they can share with me?
  9. Cassie M

    Looking for a buddy for the August Whole30

    Welcome Emma! How's everyone else doing with cravings?
  10. Cassie M

    Looking for a buddy for the August Whole30

    Thanks for the pep talk jhmomi. Just to clarify -- I'm not weighing myself (like you, I've learned that the number on the scale matters much less than my measurements and it only makes me feel terrible!) and I am just using MFP to keep track of how much and what I eat every day ... it's just that some days my calorie count is much lower than average and I wonder if I should be concerned. I made it through the long weekend, anyway!
  11. Cassie M

    Looking for a buddy for the August Whole30

    Welcome Paula, Kelsey, Dan, Jess, mrsmonkey, subal, Megan, Maeva and Emmer! jhmomi - thanks for kicking off a check-in! You pose some interesting reflection questions, so here goes: Today is the start of Day 4 (but actually Day 6 for me - I started on Monday) and I feel GOOD. I have a few ups and downs. Last night we went grocery shopping and I felt somewhat bitter walking around the store, looking at all the food that I won't eat for the rest of the month. It wasn't so much deprivation - it was more of simply being astounded at how much crap there is out there But the good news is that I have a positive attitude about this and I am hell bent on sticking to this plan for the month. What I Like: - My body feels happy and my stomach is never uncomfortably full. I feel like I'm treating myself well - I wake up feeling amazing, completely refreshed and ready to take on the day. I go to the gym in the mornings and normally have to drag myself out of bed, but I'm waking up naturally 2 minutes before my alarm clock goes off and can't wait to get up and do stuff! What I Need to Improve: - I almost passed out yesterday because I ran out of snacks at work and didn't want to eat anything noncompliant, so I just held out until I could get home. That made me feel terrible - I was getting the hunger shakes and felt so low on energy. My walk from the bus stop to my apartment should only take 5 minutes and it took me about 10 because I was so weak. I have to be better prepared (although -- the reason I ran out of snacks was a co-worker was starving and took me up on my offer of the fruit and nuts I had at my desk - ha!) - I have been using MyFitnessPal since January to count calories. I know counting calories isn't part of this way of eating, but out of convenience I'm use MFP to keep track of what I eat. I can't help but see the calorie count, and I'm nervous that I'm not eating enough every day. On average, I've been eating about 1250 calories. When I was meticulously counting calories my goal was to eat about 1450 per day. Should I be concerned about this deficit? I'm eating when I feel hungry, and filling myself with good, wholesome food. That should be enough, right? I'm nervous about this weekend. I can keep to a plan and structure with no problem during the work week, but the weekends are usually treat myself to something nice - and it's a 3 day weekend here! Happy, positive, determined thoughts! Looking forward to hearing how you're doing too!
  12. Cassie M

    Looking for a buddy for the August Whole30

    Michelle, I just noticed that I forgot you in my welcome message to the new members. Welcome!! Hope Day 1 is getting off to a great start
  13. Cassie M

    Looking for a buddy for the August Whole30

    Welcome Sunny, Jackie, Bobbi Jo, sheripal, anjelevil (what's the "other Irish isle"?), and Gabrielle! Happy Day One to all!
  14. Cassie M

    Looking for a buddy for the August Whole30

    Hi Sunny - and welcome! So yes, I'm in Ireland and have lived here for a few years but I'm from the US. I'm super jealous that you're going to Norway and Iceland! As for eating paleo in Europe, I don't know that it's any easier vs the US because - at least in Ireland - we have most of the same crappy foods but much less choice (no Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, etc). Plus food here is really expensive - and even more expensive in Norway, from what I understand. Hope it goes well, anyway
  15. Cassie M

    Looking for a buddy for the August Whole30

    I'm so clueless on how the Forum works here. Should I start a new Thread? People talk about a daily tracking Forum -- does anyone know how to access that?