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  1. Kimi05

    Reset the whole 30 after 3 days

    Lol. Thank you for responding. I just paid $4.95 again. Oh well I'll chalk it up to getting confused. I was on a liquid diet since June and Hungary all the time I did lose 15 lbs but I hated the routine. Transitioning in the whole 30 (since starting in 2012 and after 3 mos went back to unhealthy eating) after the liquid diet was a God send. I embrace it 100%. The pace salsa was acceptable on the liquid diet and I wasn't paying attention. Thank you have a great evening. Fia
  2. Kimi05

    Returning to Whole 30

    It's been five years since I completed the whole 30 challenge. I went into the hospital for a gall bladder removal and turned back to my old habits after eating hospital food. I have been battling the sugar cravings and obsession of food but felt it was too hard to cook whole 30. Im coming off a liquid breakfast lunch program that I've been on since May. I have stomach bloating and even more obsessive thoughts about food. I included bread and rice and flour back in my diet. I always have a stomach ache. So Im committing to the whole 30 challenge again. I felt great and didn't obsess about food when I was on it.