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    Sourcing food in Australia

    I was very excited to buy beef tallow a few weeks ago in my local supermarket! Yes, pure beef fat, in a paper wrap like the allowrie butter. I think it was coles. Haven't used it yet, but I start my second whole30 tomorrow.
  2. Kate File

    Sodium nitrite (250)

    Is sodium nitrite (250) OK? Can't find mention of it anywhere. It is in my deli meats like smoked chicken and turkey breast.
  3. Kate File

    Sodium nitrite (250)

    And nothing comes up when I searched nitrite in the "Can I have..." forum.....
  4. Kate File

    Sodium nitrite (250)

    Where is the info about this? I did an electronic search of the book on my kindle for "nitrite" and it had no results. And it is not on my own personal summary of off limit foods that I made as I read the book the first time...