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    Kate File reacted to Jessica Reagan in Jessica's Whole 30 Log   
    Day 8- I woke up early, wayyyy too early for what time I went to bed. Gigi woke me up at 8 and she usually sleeps until 9, booooo! I had a hard time getting to sleep last night it was around 4am before I got to sleep. I actually handled it better than I have in the past, sometimes I just lie around and doze on the couch while she plays. My body/mind were screaming at me to get back in bed but I got up fed the baby, warmed up some left over pot roast for myself and made a cup of coffee. As these things usually go, it was SO much better the next day. Really just amazing! I ate both leftover containers today and now it's gone and I'm sad. I will definitely make another one soon. My stomach was slightly upset but it was barely noticeable today. I think my body is finally adjusting to the breakfast thing, thankfully!!!!! However this is the second day I haven't eaten a 2nd meal. So I'm still only eating 2 meals a day and a snack. Maybe my body just doesn't want to eat more than that? We will see. I will do better tomorrow. I stopped at the store after work tonight and bought a grass fed sirloin, boneless chicken thighs, and italian sausages, I still have 2 packs of chicken tenders and a pound of grass fed beef. Loads of veggies, broccoli, sweet potatoes, onions, romaine, green beans, butternut squash, carrots, celery, garlic. They were out of kale and I wanted to get a spaghetti squash, that was out too. But they were running a sale on green and red bell peppers so I got 2 of each I am thinking I will make a chicken soup tomorrow. I've got quite a bit of mucus in my lungs, but besides my voice getting very raspy tonight at work, I don't feel ill.
    Meal 1-9 ish am- Leftover pot roast, and a cup of coffee, omg soooooo good!!!!
    Snack- 4pm- handful of walnuts and almonds on my way to work. I brought carrots and cucumber sticks as well, but was way too busy to eat.
    Meal 2- 11:30 pm -leftover pot roast again, I know, I know variety but it was so damn good!
    also ate a bunch of kale chips, a banana, and a handful of nuts. And a cup of ginger tea.
    I scanned pinterest today for some new recipes, I know I'm suppose to be varying my diet a bit more and I would love to try some new things. Day 8- not perfect, but finished.
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    Kate File reacted to Jessica Reagan in Jessica's Whole 30 Log   
    Day 7! First week down! Today was my day off and it was a little rough. I woke up around 11 and started preparing 1st meal, taco meat with veggies, as well as a pot roast in the crockpot for dinner, which I did sans coffee. It took forever to get all that prep work done, plus feed and maintain my 1 year old. So I didn't actually eat until 1:30p. I only managed about half of what I put on the plate, it was not going down well, and I started to feel a little sick, within the hour I was nauseous and having stomach cramps/pains. I couldn't even enjoy my cup of coffee and poured half of it out. I grazed a few bites of my pot roast later in the afternoon, it actually cooked up quite a lot quicker than they normally do. I haven't ever cooked a grassfed roast before and I found it significantly fattier than any that I've eaten before. It was still good, but my stomach was flip flopping most of the day. I made a cup of tea with fresh ginger and lemon and that helped with intense nausea and pain but I was still ehhhhh all day. I also noticed I was having a craving for cookies. I baked some for my boss the day before and had put back 3 for my friend who's going away party I attended the night before, but I forgot to give them to her, so they were lying around the house. I thought about them most of the early part of the day but by evening my craving was gone I was also craving kale chips. I made them for the first time a week or so ago and have fallen in love. The man stopped by the store and got me a few bunches of kale on his way home from work. yummy! Something else I've noticed is I have been loving bananas lately, they usually kind of freak me out, it's a texture thing. They're always too green and I don't like the taste or too ripe and mushy and make me gag, but this week I have been loving me some banana and a handful of nuts for a snack. The ones I have now are definitely too green to eat so I missed out on one today.
    1st meal- 1:30p Grass fed beef with sauteed (in olive oil) onions, red bell, garlic, jalapenos, tomatoes, carrots, celery, garlic, topped with avocado.
    Didn't eat a real lunch but had a few bites of pot roast in the late afternoon.
    2nd meal- Pot Roast with carrots, celery, onion, a full bunch of kale, made into kale chips. Handful of grapes.
    Yep I suck at this eating more thing. I am making an effort though, and I'm hoping that maybe over the next week this nauseous feeling after 1st meal everyday subsides. I did manage to prep extra food though and have 2 more pot roast meals and 2 more taco bowl meals. I also boiled a dozen eggs for the kiddos snacks and/or quick breakfast for the week. Also my house is clean, so I feel good about that.
    Another observation: I was really wanting a drink tonight. Maybe because it's forbidden? Maybe I'm craving sugar with the booze and the cookie and the banana cravings? I don't really eat much sweets and rarely drink though, so I don't know what's going on! I was also a little stressed at the time. After my daughters bath, I wrapped her in a towel while I went to get her clothes. I generally let her run around for a few minutes with no diaper to air it out, well she pooped on my carpet and tracked it all the way to the kitchen. So back into the bath, scrubbing carpet, cleaning floors, with her underfoot and whiny, while I didn't feel well....... I just wanted a white russian!!!! or a cookie! Not that it was ever in question, just noting that I am having odd cravings on day 7.
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    Kate File reacted to Jessica Reagan in Jessica's Whole 30 Log   
    I did a little better today. I made myself eat within an hour of waking up, before I made coffee. I felt a sickish feeling in my gut after I ate meal 1 and 2, but it wasn't terrible and eventually went away. Its similar to the digestive pain I have when I eat eggs, I wonder if it's my gut starting to heal itself??
    I usually sip on coffee while I'm doing housework and taking care of the kiddos. However today I decided that I'm going to actually sit down with my cup of coffee in the morning, after breakfast of course, and really enjoy it. Smell it and savor it. I've already cut down from a pot of coffee 6 days ago to 2 to 3 cups but I think I could be satisfied with one cup if I relax and take time to really appreciate that one cup.
    B- leftovers. 3 Chicken tenderloins (it's a palm and a half serving so that's good right??), the rest of my plate was lots of broccoli, red pepper, garlic, and carrots. It was all cooked in olive oil.
    L- leftover taco meat cooked in olive oil, with green pepper, onion, jalapeno, and tomatoes. I make my own taco seasoning Half a banana, would have been a whole one, but it was the last one and my baby wanted some.
    D- Smoothie, I know its against the rules but it was smoothie or nothing! I was trying to get more food in today. I had no groceries left except this stuff which I prepared at the beginning of the week, before I realized they weren't allowed, and I was at work and going to a co-workers go away party after, so no hope of anything but this. I am going to plan better for this coming week! It had 2 cups of spinach, 1 cup kale, 1 cup of berries, pineapple, mango, I squirted half a lemons worth of juice and a splash of orange juice and a cup of green tea. Had a handful of walnuts and almonds with it.
    After work I met up with some of my friends and co-workers at a bar. I obviously couldn't drink so I ordered a cup of hot water and made my own green tea. I also had 2 cups of coffee. I didn't feel one tiny bit of sadness that I couldn't have a drink with my friends. I told them that I couldn't drink for the thirty days, and they all think I'm crazy to do this restrictive diet, but I don't feel restricted at all, and I explained it makes you feel so good you don't care about the things you can't have that make you feel bad.
    On a side note: a good friend of mine decided to do the Whole 30 with me, she started the day after me Feb 2. She texted me today saying she popped a peppermint in her mouth without even thinking about it! So she was sad about that. I told her just to live and learn and next time she'll be more aware, but she's got to hop right back on the horse.
    While I was at work my boyfriend, who eats fast food every day of the week, went to the store for me and got me a few things to tide me over until I can make it to the grocery store, so hopefully a good breakfast in the morning before my coffee, and I have a 2lb grassfed roast and veggies I'm making the crockpot. Excited about that business.
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    Kate File reacted to Jessica Reagan in Jessica's Whole 30 Log   
    I'm at the end of Day 5 of my first real Whole 30. I haven't been eating breakfast, I usually just drink coffee all day and have one to two meals, and maybe a snack. In an effort to make myself more aware of what I'm eating and try to eat more good stuff. I'm doing this log.
    B-woke up about 11, had 3 cups of coffee
    L- ish, A banana and a handful of walnuts and almonds as I was running out the door to work at 4pm.
    S- Baby carrotts, 1/2 cucumber, handful of small red grapes, a cup of ginger tea at work
    D- 2 cups of broccoli, 1/4 red pepper, a few baby carrots, 2 cloves of garlic, 3 chicken tenderloins tossed in a couple tablespoons of olive oil, salt, pepper, baked. Also made kale chips but I burnt them slightly so didn't eat more than a few. A cup of sleepytime tea after dinner
    My back hurts it feels very tight, like I'm holding stress in it. As usual I can't sleep, even though my SO took our baby in the extra room to sleep tonight so I could get some rest.
    I haven't had any food dreams yet, but last night I dreamed I met Mark Sisson and his wife, and my best friend and I were scheming on how we could go to Coachella and meet Lou Reed.
    Just had a big yawn! I'm going to meditate and try to sleep.
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    Kate File reacted to bridgesgirl in February 2013 Starters   
    Today was the first day for me and it is so great to hear everyone a little farther in doing so well. Inspiring me to keep it going. Everything just hurts so bad!
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    Kate File reacted to martihana60 in February 2013 Starters   
    martihana60 has a face!
    One of my puffier photos, but it shows you I have some work to do. Started Whole30 on February 5, but I'm starting to think of these first few days as "practice," so I may need to make this a Whole35 or so. Or maybe even a lifestyle.
    Will continue counting up from Feb 5 as day 1, but don't be surprised if I run it a few days over.
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    Kate File reacted to Lisa Fonner Rimar in February 2013 Starters   
    I've never had a problem with exercise. Our mother taught swimming lessons so we were in the pool around the age of four and spent every summer doing endless laps and just horsing around...you know, kids. Plus I took ballet lessons from the age of 8 until high school then was on the drill team those four years and one in college. After I got married I got certified to teach aerobic and nautilus conditioning. (One of my three boys inherited the exercise gene too.) So, like I said, I've always been active.
    (Some European researchers determined that differences in exercise behavior were about 60 percent attributable to genes. In other words, your parents continue to exert considerable influence over your decision about whether to be active, not just by signing you up for soccer camp when you're a kid but also by bequeathing you a genetic utge to work out--or not.) That little tidbit is from The First 20 Minutes by Gretchen Reynolds. A very good and interesting read. If you're into the whole exercise-science thing. She pretty much explains that HIIT is the best form of exercise. I'm a fan because you're done in 20 minutes but you should be wiped out by the end of that 20 minutes. I've also been using kettlebells for about 3 years and I also have Supreme 90 Day which is like a hybrid of Insanity and P90X. Not as insane as Insanity though, for sure. I know. I have the workout. OMG
    Another good read was mentioned by someone else in this forum: Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It by Gary Taubes really dives into the science behind nutrition and about how everything they've been telling us about calories in/calories out is bogus b.s. and everything about diet they've been cramming down our throats for the past 30 years is bogus too. I'm currently reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan (he also wrote The Omnivore's dilemma, good book and The Botany of Desire is in the queue).
    Gary Taubes says that (and science backs it up) that working out too hard or too long when you have drastically changed your diet is not a good idea. When you are hungry from working out you're inclined to eat more. Hence the calories in/calories out equation doesn't work. Eat less/work out more. Well, if I eat less I don't have the energy to work out and if I do work out it makes me hungier. Reading both of those books is a good idea. I think I've seen him pop up on YouTube too.
    With that being said, I backed off on S90. I did one round last summer. Then started another round the middle of December but then got a nasty chest cold so I stopped. Once I got better I wanted to jump back in but after reading that decided to wait until three weeks in to start it back up. So, that will be the 20th. And it is a good, intense (mostly bodyweight) workout. They did have them pretty cheap at BigLots a while back. www.supremem90day.com. I'm not an affiliate or anything. I just think it's a good workout. And I, apparently, over paid for it. lol
    Breakfast this morning (eating this way is definitely making me a more creative cook) was red pepper, onion, half an apple and some shredded sweet potato cooked and about 3 oz. of hamburger (that I had seasoned up previously, yum) cooked up in some coco oil then topped with an egg. Yumm-o.
    Keep Calm and Whole30 On...
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    Kate File reacted to Jessica Reagan in February 2013 Starters   
    Hi everyone! I just finished day 8! There definitely been some ups and downs, but what I love most is the whole experience. I love that I'm trying something new, and in turn lots of different food! I love that while I may not be perfect with how much I'm eating, I'm trying and working toward being better. Everyday presents it's own little challenge and I look forward to taking each one head-on. It's definitely been a time of great self-reflection. I've been eating mostly paleo since I found out about it in May. I've dropped a little over 30 pounds and overall feel awesome. I have two kids, 6 and 1. I have gotten rid of everything crappy so they are eating all the good stuff too. I do paleofy things for them though like banana pancakes and cauliflower crust pizza, not for every meal though. Sometimes they have to eat what Mom is preparing for herself to eat. I'm finding each day better than the day before.!
    my food log
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    Kate File reacted to Suzy1 in February 2013 Starters   
    Hi everybody,
    So I opened the fridge last night to grab a piece of banana and asked myself "do I really need that"? Of course the answer was no😄
    This morning woke at 6.30am, restless night as the weather here is very hot. High Country Victoria Australia, so dry that the lawns don't need mowing cos they are DEAD!
    Took my bike to the Mansfield Rail Trail and did a 20km bike ride, was meant to be 40 however my body is still adjusting.
    Great eating so far today, stopped at a cafe to have a coffee for a little pick me up with some coconut cream BLAH!! Thankfully they had herbal tea. Amazing how the taste buds can change in 6 days.
    So excited by my dinner tonight-
    Turkey burgers
    Steamed Kale and broccolini
    Baked beet root.
    I am lovin' this forum.
    Big rewards at the end of the thirty days.
    Hope everybody is having an awesome day.
    Stay strong and focussed and soon we will all be bouncing off walls.
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    Kate File got a reaction from lulucandoit! in February 2013 Starters   
    Don't be too hard on yourself for not working out. It is a great achievement just to stick to the food side of this challenge. It is not good too work out when you are really tired, particulary if you already have injuries/issues. Wait for your body to adjust to your new food plan. It will be worth it and it won't take long.
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    Kate File got a reaction from Lisa Fonner Rimar in February 2013 Starters   
    I'm only on day 5 but already in that place where I eat simple foods like avocado, cherry tomatoes, poached eggs, raw nuts, and go "wow, this really tastes good!". And then a simple apple is like heaven. And for a sugar junkie I find this such an amazing transition!
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    Kate File reacted to Mamaw23 in February 2013 Starters   
    Hi, everyone. This is day eight for me and I have to say I'm pretty excited. This is my first Whole30 and my first post. When my doctor suggested the Whole30 to me, I was certain I couldn't give up dairy. However, what she told me about the progtam sparked my interest enough that I drove 18 miles to buy ISTF. I read, planned, shopped and here I am on day 8 - compliant. I feel that the worst part is behind. Having the informative and encouraging posts of the forum are very helpful. Thanks to all.
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    Kate File reacted to Lisa Fonner Rimar in February 2013 Starters   
    I hear ya sista! I feel the same way. The mindless snacking....do the "grilled chicken and steamed broccoli" test. If you are truly hungry you'll eat that. I did that the other day to determine if I was really hungry or was it just my brain tricking me...I was hungry. Part of the Whole30 is psychological so I guess that is just a habit we have to overcome. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit...I have found that olives work wonders to get that "I need a little something..."
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    Kate File reacted to Kimm in February 2013 Starters   
    Hi, a little late introducing myself....My first ever post on any forum! and day 8 for me, my husband and parents. We are all in need of hitting the reset button in different ways. I have been experimenting with Paleo for more than a year now and slowly old habits have been appearing slowly but surely. having to justify the goodness of cake and coffee with milk just about everyday and telling myself I can handle it and then Pizza day appears once a week I knew I had to do something before I fell off the wagon completely. I'm not looking to lose weight, actually , I could afford to put on a few kilos. Just want to be healthy and try to avoid going down the path of the rest of my family.(cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc...)
    Best of luck to all, Kim - Cairns, Australia.
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    Kate File reacted to stepharella in February 2013 Starters   
    today is day 4 for me! so far so good! i feel a little better today after the last two day of being extemely tired just feeling off and not social one bit! I am tired today but not as bad. I have been able to fix my family meals that aren't all whole30 without wanting a taste. although a drink of ice cold milk has been calling my name. but i have ignored it and i will continue to ignore it. i will do this program the whole 30 days. this morning for breakfast i had scrambled eggs with spinach and a slice of pineapple. it was really good! i feel full! I love having this forum so I can read other posts. it really has kept me from feeling alone! thanks everyone!
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    Kate File reacted to stillrollin in February 2013 Starters   
    Hi All ,
    First, I'd like wish all other Februarians good luck!
    As an endurance athlete I've been looking to clean up my diet to improve perfromance and I'm confident Whole 30 is the program for me. As excercise is something I do regularly, I'm perosnalizing the progam to be Whole 30 with 30 (workouts in a row).
    Thankfully I already drink my coffee black and only consume water so through 3 days I haven't experienced many of the unplesantries others have. My first weekend combined with a blizzard (I'm in NY) may present some hurdles but I have an ultra supportive, vegatarian wife so I'm confident we'll keep it going.
    Best to all on this 30 day (and lifetime) journey!
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    Kate File reacted to Jenn B in February 2013 Starters   
    I am from the lower 48. I started February 4th. On day 5, struggling with cravings today, and unhappy with self for bailing on working out 3 out of the first 4 days. I lift weights, and do cardio and triathlons. I want to redistribute body fat/muscle mass, but am more intrigued by testimonials of tendonitis and plantar facitis clearing up. I am currently undergoing PT for my shoulder and have not lifted weights in 2 months, and off running for plantar facistis. I am writing to ward off going home, in fear of napping or cheating. I am committed to seeing this through so I can get back on track with working out.
    Please tell me there is a light before the end of the tunnel. I am tired today like I have not been the first 4 days!
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    Kate File reacted to bikinisummer in February 2013 Starters   
    I started on the 4th as well! Ahhh Day 5. I'm actually feeling surprisingly great. Hope it's going well for everyone else. This is my first Whole30.
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    Kate File reacted to Lisa Fonner Rimar in February 2013 Starters   
    Day 10. Getting ready to call and schedule a massage for my 2 week mark. Can't wait.
    Last night I slept like a rock but am still waiting for the morning I don't hit the snooze and pop right out of bed. I live in NE Ohio and these cold dark mornings just make it so hard to get out of that warm bed at 4:30 am. I'm finding that since I rise so early I actually have to eat, like, 3 1/2 meals. I know I'm supposed to eat first thing before coffee. That is hard. Will continue to work on that. Plus, after my workouts I am hungry so that is something I need to fine tune. Trying to get a snack size meal at that ungodly early hour then meal 1 around 10-10:30. Work makes it hard because sometimes I don't get to eat lunch when I get hungry. Another thing to fine tune.
    I'm also noticing a couple of my skirts are fitting looser than they did the last time I wore them. Progress.
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    Kate File reacted to LaDeb in February 2013 Starters   
    Hi All! Keep,posting, it is very encouraging & informative. We CAN do this!
    Just winding down on day 8. Feeling good. I had a rough start, gave up a nasty diet soda caffeine habit along with the rest. Today I can say I feel great, pants seem to already be fitting in the area of the spare tire! I have maintained exercising 4x/week and my allergy congestion seems significantly less. Like Lisa, I am sleeping well but struggling with that alarm clock when it is still pitch black outside. Time will tell. Having completed a week, I KNOW I can complete the 30 days. I am periodically logging in the Whole30 forum under LaDeb, but I am documenting more on my blog (URL/address at the bottom of the post).
    Keep it up!
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    Kate File got a reaction from Krista Billows Rodriguez in Any1 else an 'all or nothing'???   
    Try and eat lots of protein and healthy fats at your meals. I find if I don't eat enough meat and fat I do get hungry between meals.
    Good idea to stay clear of nuts for 3 days. I'll be watching....
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    Kate File got a reaction from Lisa Fonner Rimar in February 2013 Starters   
    I'm only on day 5 but already in that place where I eat simple foods like avocado, cherry tomatoes, poached eggs, raw nuts, and go "wow, this really tastes good!". And then a simple apple is like heaven. And for a sugar junkie I find this such an amazing transition!
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    Kate File got a reaction from Lisa Fonner Rimar in February 2013 Starters   
    I'm only on day 5 but already in that place where I eat simple foods like avocado, cherry tomatoes, poached eggs, raw nuts, and go "wow, this really tastes good!". And then a simple apple is like heaven. And for a sugar junkie I find this such an amazing transition!
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    Kate File got a reaction from Lisa Fonner Rimar in February 2013 Starters   
    I'm only on day 5 but already in that place where I eat simple foods like avocado, cherry tomatoes, poached eggs, raw nuts, and go "wow, this really tastes good!". And then a simple apple is like heaven. And for a sugar junkie I find this such an amazing transition!
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    Kate File reacted to Star in Any1 else an 'all or nothing'???   
    Shelli and Callan: THANK-YOU!!
    It's hard to think objectively when I'm stuck in this rut and so awesome to have ppl like u to do it for me
    You are both right abt the nuts. When I started whole30 I was so excited to have a diet that allows for nuts but I kno it isn't rlly wat works for me, never will...
    Not sure if I should just say NO NUTS! It's prob the only thing to do but it makes me feel constricted and a little rebellious thinkin abt it....!
    I'm def laying off nuts completely for the next three days. THERE! ON PAPER! I'll let u kno if I succeed.
    Best of luck to you Callan on your next whole30!