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    cdauk reacted to ktmoose in Compliant Coffee Creamer!!   
    Just bought this today!  This is my first forum post as I am on day 6!  Whole foods in MN carries many Califia products.  I found their creamers on my own (looking for silk) and was so proud I knew to choose the unsweetened one!  Texted my whole30 confidant and we both agreed it was in the clear!  Came on here to double check--very happy it is.  Cant wait to have creamy coffee tomorrow!
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    cdauk reacted to EllieBellie in Dairy Disappointment and Attachment   
    You might have better luck with higher fat dairy, which tends to be less inflammatory. Perhaps give heavy full-fat cream a shot instead of half and half?
    Unfortunately, with ice cream, if the dairy doesn't disagree with you chances are the sugar will.
    I'm also fairly sensitive to dairy (in fact the milk in my chai gave me terrible tummy aches yesterday!). My response is to always weigh up 'is it worth it?'
    Example: I'm at a friend's wedding and they are serving amazing pavlova with whipped cream...
    I tell myself 'OK, me, I know for a fact that if I eat this I will be locked in my bathroom all tomorrow. Is it worth it?'
    If I have the day off the next day, I've been clean for a few days before, and I have a stack of good DVDs and herbal teas at hand? I might judge it worth it.
    If I'm at work, or flying home, or I've been generally slack and wanting to work out the next day? It's not worth it.
    Fact: the longer you stay clean, the easier it is to say no to junk food. My other strategy is to always have 'better' options in my handbag (Larabars, nuts, very dark chocolate, coconut chips, whatever floats your primal boat).