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  1. I'm another sufferer of fibromyalgia, gluten intolerance, sinus issues (plus the added fun of having depression and migraines to add to the mix). I did a Whole60 last summer and got TREMENDOUS relief from my symptoms. I learned, through reintroduction, that dairy is the culprit for my sinus issues, while gluten is what triggers pain and inflammation in the rest of my body. I've been mostly gluten free since learning this, but the sugar dragon has crept back into my life. Thus, I'm starting another Whole30 on May 1. I'd love to stay connected with you good people! It'd be great to have a support network for the unique trials and tribulations we collectively face. Fibro, celiacs, etc. can be such isolating conditions. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my struggles to feel healthier and have a better quality of life.
  2. mamaxt

    Starting my first W30 May 1st!

    I'm planning to start a W30 on May 1st too. This will be my 3rd official Whole30 with a 4th (trial run that I botched) last May. I successfully stayed Whole30 compliant all of last June-July but have fallen off the paleo wagon too far lately. There may be a wedding in my near-ish future, so I'm ready to start dropping some lbs. and have the proper motivation to do so. As far as health concerns/issues go, I have fibromyalgia, suffer from migraines, seasonal allergies, and have depression too. I noticed that nearly all symptoms of each of these conditions were all but 100% gone after my Whole60 (two W30s back to back) last summer. I'm hoping for the same results this time around, too. Good luck to everyone starting on May 1st. I look forward to checking back regularly to see everyone's progress and (expected) frustrations during this important health transition.
  3. mamaxt

    January 6 - Day 1

    I'm joining in to start my third W30 on the 6th. I started a successful thread back in July that was SO instrumental to my success on the program. It's great to have a network of virtual friends with whom to commiserate and celebrate accordingly. Good luck to all!!
  4. mamaxt

    First Timer-January 6th

    I'm starting my third W30 next Monday to get relief from returning fibromyalgia pain. I, too, have only recently heard of Dr. Terry Wahls. She's an Iowan (local to my area) and I missed an opportunity to hear her speak at an event last month. Her story is astounding and further proof that the Paleo lifestyle can have staggering effects. Dr. Wahls provides a worthy example to look up to, for sure!
  5. mamaxt

    July Group - Reintro

    Is tomorrow gluten-containing or gluten-free grains?? I can't seem to remember and need to pick up some things at the store tonight. Thanks, peeps!
  6. mamaxt

    July Group - Reintro

    Very well put, Born Sandy! I've always run myself into the ground trying to satisfy others' expectations of me (or my perceptions thereof). This experience has brought the value of self care to the forefront for me as well. I'm going to keep your thoughts close when I'm on vacation next week. I have no desire to slip back to the old ways, even for a special occasion such as a trip.
  7. mamaxt

    July Group - Reintro

    Is anyone else feeling better today being back to W30 compliance? I never would have expected this to become my comfort zone, but after yesterday's unpleasantness, I love that I know how my body will react to the safe, whole foods I'm putting into it. This just solidifies my conviction to eat a pretty strict paleo diet going forward with intermittent Whole30s throughout the year.
  8. mamaxt

    July Group - Reintro

    Dairy is most definitely off the table for me. I skipped it for my meal #2 yesterday because I was still feeling so yucky after meal #1. I did add some into meal #3 and still feel like I'm paying for that decision this morning. My old aches and pains are back this morning in addition to having a sore, tight throat again. I can't say the day was a bust, because I know now that dairy must be off the table for me.
  9. mamaxt

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    I was so excited to step on the scale this morning if only to tell it to "f" off. You know what?? It's still hidden from me and I DON'T CARE if it ever resurfaces. Be gone forever, scale! I no longer give any concern to the number it represents (which is between me and gravity and has little-to-no bearing elsewhere). As of several weeks ago, I was down 7 lbs. So I'll just consider that my tangible "win" in the weight category. This month I learned to respect myself more and to treat my body to healthy fuel, not to punish it with food. Here are the stats that I'm much more proud of. Some of my results include: I have gone down nearly two sizes in pants/dresses, am down a cup size in my bra and down to the next-smallest band size. My tops fit looser, my arms look leaner. My joints aren't puffy and swollen any more; my watch is so loose so I had to start using the next notch smaller on the band. My BMs are more regular than in the last year or so. My skin is clearer as is my head in general (mentally speaking). I stopped taking anti-depressant medication. My mother commented that my eyes sparkle like they used to and that I seem like "me" again. My fibromyalgia pain is almost non-existent. Last night, I squatted down to have a convo with my 5-yr.-old step son and it didn't hurt! The old running injury I had in my ankle that I got marathon training a couple of years ago no longer bothers me. I may return to running this month!! That's a brief run down of the positive effects this Whole30 has had. I fully intend to keep eating a paleo diet (gluten free and mostly dairy free) from now on. I have ZERO DESIRE ever to return to my old ways again. Congrats to everyone reporting in on their positive results. We have it in the BAG!!
  10. mamaxt

    July Group - Reintro

    Brought dairy back this morning in the form of cheese for meal 1. Within minutes I have a headache and my throat feels tight. I've struggled with dairy in the past, so I'm expecting that we won't be friends this time around either. But I want to know what I'm in for in the event that I accidentally end up with some butter slipped into a meal here or there on my trip next week. Sounds like I'll know pretty quickly if it's in something. I'll continue with the plan and include small amounts in my next two meals today. But honestly, the thought of having more...Ick!
  11. mamaxt

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    HUGE congratulations to everyone who started and completed a W30 in July. No matter how small or large the effects, I know we've all learned a lot about ourselves (bodies and minds). I know I could not have stayed strong the whole way through without all the support this thread provided. So THANK YOU to everyone who participated. I also want to add, as a last testament to our collective efforts, that with this comment (#970), we officially topped the "Join the Whole30" topic chart for the most replies logged. Talk about being a unified front in the face of adversity!! Sugar dragon, you have been slain!!
  12. mamaxt

    July Group - Reintro

    ***** I'm not partial to having all our thoughts held tightly in this thread. I would encourage people to list specific questions/concerns under appropriately pithy titles in the forum. For general check-ins and high fives, however, this still feels like the right place to be.
  13. mamaxt

    July Group - Reintro

    Tomorrow, I think I'll have cottage cheese with breakfast and lunch. Dinner will include a small portion of ice cream. I started my Whole30 with ice cream the last night before and will end it the same way. Secretly, I expect (and kind of hope) that it makes me feel yucky. I'm not too susceptible to the Sugar Dragon - have never been a "sweets" person in my life - but something about the symmetry of this feels right.
  14. mamaxt

    July Group - Reintro

    ****** Thanks for your opinion, Tom. By no means is this thread supposed to be exclusionary or limiting to anyone on the forum. It's more of a loose way for us to stay in contact while we're in the midst of our reintro period.
  15. mamaxt

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    Per our earlier discussion, I started a Reintroduction thread for us here: