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    mamaxt reacted to ScoutFinch in Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue   
    I also have fibro and was on disability for three years, about two years after the diagnosis in 2002. I started a couple of months ago thinking harder about diet, very difficult for me to do, but as these things often happen, I started with Web.Md, which led me to Wheat Belly, which led me to Summer Tomato's blog, which led me to Perfect Health Diet, which led me here, all pretty quickly. Wheat Belly allows for so many ways to eat inflammatory foods (most of which I didn't know were potentially toxic, like beans). PHD seems like a very good "off-Whole 30" way to eat, but when I found Whole 30 after that (via a blog from a lovely Indian guy whose name I can't remember, if somebody does--it's not Kamal, but something like that, and he reviews Paleo blogs quite a bit--actually it was through him that I found the blog tummyrumblr and on that blog found this--sorry--you know what thinking things through is like when you have chronic pain and fatigue!)
    Anyway, I'm officially on Day 0 because I reset after four days, realizing that I'd been eating probably too much fruit, plus some salted roasted nuts that may account for the bloating every evening. So, that's my first question: how much fruit do you all eat and still feel okay? (I know I hold on to fruit as my sweet tooth fairy.) But last night, I slept all the way through the night for the first time in ages, and I think reflux is improving, too.
    Pain yesterday was very harsh. On Wheat Belly, after the first four days I then felt terrific for about three weeks, and then the pain came back double at least.
    As to exercise, in 2008 I decided to train to walk a half-marathon, because of something I'd read again about exercise and aging. I figured if the fibro was too much for the goal, at least I'd have been walking several times a week. In the program I used on, you had to include one day of cross-training, and for the first time I started to lift weights regulary (1 pound for some exercises, body weight on others). What I found almost immediately was that strength training in particular cut my fibro pain drastically, probably in half or more.
    Now (as now, having been out of the gym for two weeks fighting an infection), when I don't strength train, the pain comes back in full force. Why this should be so I can't tell you, but it's definitely been the case for the past four years, very reliable. Right now I lift on my own once a week, and work with a trainer using TRX, kettle bells, and other "functional" weights (my trainer one of those human performance guys), and it's really good. I tried 3x/week and that was too much.
    This also makes other exercise very doable. I walk, jog a little, and have discovered the rowing machine, which is wonderful beyond words.
    I don't get to the gym every day, but aim for 4-5 times a week, and try to walk a little every day, and compliment the activity with about twice as much rest as I worked out, and that seems to be a good balance for me.
    I am really hoping that adding this piece of non-inflammatory eating will take the rest of the edge off, since I can no longer tolerate pain meds of any kind.
    Thank you for staring this thread!
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    mamaxt reacted to Daphne Church in Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue   
    I have seen a signifigant decrease in my fibromyalgia since I started Paleo 3-months ago (scale of 9 down to a 4). I am now doing the Whole30 to see if I can impact the inflamation I have developed in my body over the last year that is causing some new skin issues and further reduce if not rid my body of the fibromyalgia once and for all after 15 long years!
    I also found that Boot Camp (Cross Fit) really helps as does working with a foam roller. While sometimes it is really hard to do because it hurts, it has been really fantastic and a huge help! Most gyms have them in the stretch area. There are some great how-to stretching/rolling videos on YouTube. You can also get one online to have at home. They are pretty cheap: