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  1. Day three after bottling. It tastes legit! One thing that has helped is having some commercial kombucha on hand. I can compare mine. When I was testing from the gallon jar I thought it was vinegar. But compared to GT I could taste the sweet. This is the next batch. Now that this helicopter parent has some bottles I'm content to leave the big one alone.
  2. I burped mine twice the first day--taking no chances. I tried to leave them alone today so they could possibly just maybe develop some fizz. I don't have super high hopes for this batch--too much attention! I haven't taken pictures of mine yet but I did google scoby pictures with which to compare mine.
  3. Hi all! I just bottled my first batch. Six pretty brews having a second ferment. It's hot here in Texas so I tested at five days and it wasn't ready. I waited and tried again at seven and it tasted like vinegar. Minor panic. But after reading up I decided to go forward with the second part. I poured a glass and that did not taste like vinegar, I could taste some sweet. So I think it's all going to be okay. I don't have a finished bottle yet but this is much easier to do than it sounds. Thanks for all the good information and the flavor ideas!