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    Yoga & Meditation, Swimming, CrossFit, MotoGP, Knitting, Writing, Being Anywhere Outdoors & spending time with my awesome kids and husband doing any and all of the above.

About Me

I'm familiar with elimination diets from my battles with ulcerative colitis for over 15 years.  My gut is much happier when I remove all grains and sugar, my symptoms can be debilitating when they get severe.  But removing grain (and sugar) has been tough for me to sustain in the long run.
I'm thrilled to have found ISWF because I finally feel like there's hope and the information and "sciencey stuff" makes sense to me.  It's easier for me to make healthy changes when I understand why they work.

I enjoy competitive swimming both in the pool and in open water.  I love being active and feeling strong so anything I can do to maintain and improve my fitness is a welcome addition.  I'm looking forward to finding a sustainable activity plan.  I've gone from compulsively overtraining to being completely lazy and not wanting to get out of bed.  I'm hoping to find a happy (and healthy) medium.

I've successfully completed my first Whole30 journey and appreciate the support I received from the Whole30 community.