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  1. HowToBeCrunchy


    I'm protestant, by in large we don't believe in transubstantiation, that is a Catholic theological doctrine. We believe the bread and wine/grape juice are merely symbolic. Nevertheless, I'm glad to know I can have it and perhaps I will even get them to offer a gluten free option after I've been going there for a while.
  2. HowToBeCrunchy


    Thanks for the info! At churches I've gone to in the past I brought my own rice/nut crackers . . . but since I'm new here I don't know their communion service schedule, so this one took my surprise. Glad I don't have to start all over again too.
  3. HowToBeCrunchy


    So I went to church this morning (like a usually do on Sundays - and I'm sure others around here do as well) and it was a communion day. Some churches do this every week, some only periodically - the church I've been going is the later and I'm new there so I don't know their schedule yet. Communion generally involves bread of some sort and grape juice or wine - all prohibited on the Whole 30. So, since communion is an important ritual of my faith, and I haven't had it in over a month, of course I participated and had my little plastic shot glass of grape juice and my little piece of matza . . . Does this mean I have to start my Whole 30 all over again? Or do religious observances get to be an exception (esp. given the minute portions)?