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  1. HowToBeCrunchy

    Praying! Whole 30 (August 2nd- September 2nd)?!?

    Best wishes! Having someone close who is committed to doing it with you could be such great support!
  2. HowToBeCrunchy

    Whole 30 Virgin starting on the 3rd of August!!

    Not a current dancer, but I was once a dancer, gymnast and cheerleader. I would love to get back to that level of health, and even improve upon it. I've been pretty paleo in the past and I did great with it, but even knowing how good I did keeping paleo, I've still had a hard time getting back on the horse with it. I am hoping that successfully completing a Whole 30 will be just the kick in the pants I need!
  3. HowToBeCrunchy

    Starting August 3rd

    I'm planning to start on Saturday so I have the weekend to prep some food and take it easy before the work week. But our days will overlap for most of the Whole 30 and I'm happy to help and kvetch as needed!
  4. HowToBeCrunchy

    Start date August 3rd!!

    That's great! I have not been able to get anyone close by (friends or co-workers) on board with me, so I'm going solo in real life. But I'm hoping that the forums, and especially Instagram and my blog will provide some digital support that will be sufficient help through the rough patches.
  5. HowToBeCrunchy

    Joining Whole 30 August 1

    Awesome! I am also starting August 1. I have the book and am nearly finished reading it, but I think I will end up keeping it on hand to refer to over the course of the month. I even put post-it flags on the important pages so I can find them quickly.
  6. HowToBeCrunchy

    Start date Aug 1

    I'm also starting on August 1! Are any of you planning to Instagram your Whole 30 food log? I am and would love to follow some others who are doing the same! (Also, if you are blogging your experience, share your blog links because I would love to follow along with you in that way too!) For those who have successfully completed a Whole 30, what your favorite quick snacks? Quick meals?
  7. HowToBeCrunchy

    Whole30 for Lent: starting February 18th.

    Myself and 3 friends from church are also doing the Whole 30 for Lent . . . Since Lent is longer than 30 days some of them are taking weekends off from strict Whole 30 rules . . . I'm committing to doing strict paleo for the full season, and Whole 30 for the first 30 days. I hope focusing on good food choices will also help me focus on good life choices and put the focus of my life in the right place - God.
  8. HowToBeCrunchy

    Spaghetti Squash

    So I finally made my first spaghetti squash today. And while making my single person portion it got me thinking about the lack of one person serving size paleo recipes and blogs . . . so I made one! I will be posting my recipe for chicken, bacon, artichoke spaghetti squash as my first recipe!
  9. HowToBeCrunchy


    I'm protestant, by in large we don't believe in transubstantiation, that is a Catholic theological doctrine. We believe the bread and wine/grape juice are merely symbolic. Nevertheless, I'm glad to know I can have it and perhaps I will even get them to offer a gluten free option after I've been going there for a while.
  10. HowToBeCrunchy


    Thanks for the info! At churches I've gone to in the past I brought my own rice/nut crackers . . . but since I'm new here I don't know their communion service schedule, so this one took my surprise. Glad I don't have to start all over again too.
  11. HowToBeCrunchy


    So I went to church this morning (like a usually do on Sundays - and I'm sure others around here do as well) and it was a communion day. Some churches do this every week, some only periodically - the church I've been going is the later and I'm new there so I don't know their schedule yet. Communion generally involves bread of some sort and grape juice or wine - all prohibited on the Whole 30. So, since communion is an important ritual of my faith, and I haven't had it in over a month, of course I participated and had my little plastic shot glass of grape juice and my little piece of matza . . . Does this mean I have to start my Whole 30 all over again? Or do religious observances get to be an exception (esp. given the minute portions)?
  12. HowToBeCrunchy

    Spaghetti Squash

    So I bought a spaghetti squash on my first Whole 30 shopping trip, but I've never cooked with it before. Any tips and tricks? Should I cook all of it at once and save the unused bits for later? Does it freeze well after cooking? Or should I just cook as much as I plan to eat and then store the rest to cook later (and if so, what's the best way to store it)? I'm a really good cook with what I know, but this particular veggie is completely new to me - so thanks for the help!
  13. If you go to the more authentic places (the hole in the wall with a menu only in Spanish type place) they are more likely to cook the meat in it's own fat rather than vegetable oil. Carne asada and carnitas are not traditionally made with added vegetable oil, just seasonings and cooking in their own fat. If any fat is added it is more likely to be palm, coconut, tallow or lard - though you should still ask to be sure. If going out to a more mainstream place a la On the Border, Hacienda Colorado, Taco Cabana, etc. then I would ask them to cook your food with no added oil and stick with beef or shrimp, instead of chicken, because they are less likely to stick to the grill without the added oil. Also, pico de gallo should be safe almost anywhere where you go, if they make it right - since it's just chopped peppers, onions, tomato and cilantro with a hint of lime and MAYBE a pinch of salt. Sincerely, A Mexican Girl
  14. HowToBeCrunchy

    Thinning Hair

    That was one of the first things I suspected, since my mom has hypothyroidism problems and those things can tend to run in families - but my thyroid levels are well within normal range. Definitely worth checking though. I think part of my problem MAY be poor nutrient absorption due to latent celiac - which my doctor refused to test me for - but now that I am on new insurance and will be seeking out a new doctor I am going to look for one that is pro-midwife (because I absolutely want a midwife when I have kids), paleo friendly and willing to do the blood tests for celiac at least - it's not as if it's going to hurt me more than the regular blood work I ask for anyway.
  15. HowToBeCrunchy

    Crockpot Meals

    Anyone have any good recipes for crock pot meals on Whole 30? I have a good chili recipe that I can make with beef or bison, but that's about it. What about seafood and chicken?