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  1. So on my first Whole30 my mind was super sharp and I had TONS of energy along with building a lot of muscle. Then I did another Whole30 and was SUPER excited white potatoes were added . Well I ate them almost every day with meals and didn't get nearly the same effect. I know only losing 3lbs was because of the white potatoes but I would atleast expect my mind to be just as sharp as on my first Whole30. Could I possibly have an allergy or intolerance to something in white potatoes? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. bnlauren

    Julian Bakery Wraps

    I saw these and it looks like their compliant but have heard some people say they aren't so I'm confused. I'd really like to use them as coconut is so good for you but confused if they're compliant Tumeric Paleo Wraps Ingredients: *Coconut Meat, and *Coconut Water, Turmeric, *Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil (*Derived From Organic Coconuts) Coconut Paleo Wraps Ingredients: *Coconut Meat, and *Coconut Water, *Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil (*Derived From Organic Coconuts)
  3. I've seen these and was wondering if they're compliant? They contact lactic acid. Some bars have an * statics *Not from dairy. Does this mean to avoid these? Thanks!
  4. bnlauren

    Lavender Oil

    I see this amazing recipe for lavender lemonade but it calls for lavender oil. Is lavender oil paleo? Thanks!
  5. bnlauren

    Epic Bars

    I'm looking at Epic bars and I see they have Lactic this paleo? Thanks!
  6. bnlauren


    I see some sites saying you can have Larabar on this true? Thanks!
  7. bnlauren

    Aveda Tea

    So I LOVE this tea and am doing another Whole30 for myself before making 30 and to help coach my friends. Is it compliant? it's sugar free and caffeine free. The ingredients are: Licorice Root, Peppermint Leaf, Sweet Fennel, and Basil. Thanks!
  8. bnlauren

    The crazy things people say

    "You still eating rabbit food?" ~Friend the best yet...."Girl, you better eat some REAL food!" guessed it....~Mom....haha
  9. bnlauren

    w30 is curing my cancer

    I just posted this on the fb page of my group who I am coaching in nutrition and fitness. I'm not going to say "best of luck" here because you obviously have the full universe behind you! Congrats girl! Can't wait to hear when you're cancer free.
  10. bnlauren


    Trialed legumes ill effects from it....which is nice......
  11. bnlauren


    So I've trialed non-gluten today.....slightly gassy with a bit fatigue....that's about it.....not NEARLY as bad a the dairy.....going to trial gluten on saturday!
  12. bnlauren


    mmm...spinach artichoke sounds good right now....
  13. bnlauren


    Good point Chris, thanks for the info. I do have a question the book for dairy is suggested reintro with ice cream at the end of the day. Did you do the same or just do yogurts, cream, etc. that have no sugar added? As for sugar reintro I think I'll leave that out for now. I'll go ahead with the gluten reinto on Saturday instead.
  14. bnlauren

    Reintroduction of Sugar

    Why is it not Whole30? Is it because it's Paleo-ifying?
  15. bnlauren


    Ah, makes sense....I was wondering....Day 1 was dairy.....I had by the afternoon I was fighting chronie fatigue, gas in my GI, and sinus problems....unfortunately dairy is the devil for me. Another question, when reintroducing gluten are you doing products that's don't have sugar in them? Like pasta vs a muffin? This weekend I"ll probably reintro sugar and make some paleo pancakes. On Tuesday I'll be doing gluten-free items. Wish me luck!