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  1. Keri W.

    Day 14: I'm waiting...

    Keep at it! Everyone's body is different. Some things take a bit longer. For me, I noticed that when I reintroduced some cheese, I didn't initially see a problem. After quite awhile, I noticed my face breaking out again and I didn't feel quite right. I eliminated cheese and that took care of my problem...after quite a few weeks. It is easy to get frustrated because we want everything right now. Big changes could be right around the corner for you. Don't throw in the towel yet! Best wishes!!!
  2. Keri W.

    Super fatigued!

    Just relax and give your body a chance to adjust to this new way. Everyone is different and can experience different things, but all that matters is that you follow what feels right for your body. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of energy soon enough! Good luck!
  3. Keri W.

    The OTHER ovary... Evil Twin?

    I personally use cream when I'm not doing a Whole30. The soy milk scares me...too many terrifying ideas surround it. Good luck!
  4. Keri W.

    The OTHER ovary... Evil Twin?

    Soy messes with people. Really bad. Soy is evil not your ovary. Hee hee!
  5. Keri W.

    Day 8 and struggling so hard

    Kate, you are doing so well. Keep pushing through. It will get easier, but everyone's body is different. It's hard to say how long you'll struggle, but eventually you will be free of it. After my first Whole30, I was off the sugar but it wasn't until part of the way through my 2nd Whole30 that I really started to have a sense of peace over sugar. I'm so careful about what I eat...including fruit. Sugar is a trigger and I don't eat fruit each day. It is a once in awhile treat for me and only if I pair it with plenty of protein and fat. You are doing great...don't let all of your work be in vain. You need to keep pushing on because your "freedom" from sugar could be right around the corner. Don't ruin it on some yucky, chemical filled, piece of garbage. I tend to try to gross myself out when I'm craving something bad. For instance...I wanted a Reese's cup SOOOOOOO bad during my first Whole30. So, I read the ingredients and then found pictures of each ingredient and read up on the negatives of each ingredient. Seriously disgusting, fake garbage. So, if there is something you are craving...research it and I'm sure you'll be just as disgusted. Haha!
  6. Keri W.

    Day 8 and struggling so hard

    One other thing I'd like to add. If by chance, you did cave in today before you received all of this wonderful support and encouragement, please don't let that keep you from jumping back in on the whole30. I think that many times people feel upset that they didn't stick with their whole30 and then they just block it all out of their mind, binge, and start the search all over again for something to save them. No one likes to feel sluggish, unhealthy, or overweight. I can tell you that once you choose to make a whole30 your lifestyle, you feel great mentally and physically. It is a struggle at first, but the rewards are well worth the effort. If you have fallen off the wagon...please jump right back on and don't talk yourself into easing into the plan by eating clean or taking a break. All of your hard work so far has not been lost. If you did slip up today, you should restart your Whole30 but so what? You already did great things for your body. It is adjusting already to this way of eating and cleaning itself out. Don't opt to give up over one day. You can do this!!! You're stronger than a sugar craving...prove it to yourself.
  7. Keri W.

    Day 8 and struggling so hard

    Hang in there! It is normal to feel like this. Your body is trying to fight the change. I swear that sugar is such an awful addiction. I have learned that I even have to be careful with fruit. Everyone is different, but for me...if I have one bite, I'm in big trouble. The cravings creep back in. I am finding that the longer I've been following this lifestyle, the more control I have over sugar. Having a banana while you are in sugar craving mode, might not be a good choice for you. When I am craving sugar, I make sure to increase my fat intake and bulk up my meals so that I'm not hungry. I also make sure that I'm getting PLENTY of sleep. Cravings can appear due to a lack of sleep. Also make sure that you are properly hydrating yourself. Don't give up. Remember, everyone else struggled through the slaying of their sugar dragon. We all understand. Some of us have a more difficult battle than others but it is so worth it to keep going. It isn't easy at first, but give it time. Your body will feel amazing, but you have to put in the work, "do your time," and struggle through. Best wishes!!!
  8. Keri W.

    Losing too much muscle

    A personal trainer once told me that you lose muscle quickly when you stop working out. I even read an article somewhere that broke it all down and gave approximate amounts of muscle loss after every 4 days of not working out. I remember it being pretty substantial.
  9. Keri W.

    Starting 11/12

    Welcome and best wishes!!! This is a very supportive community. Get ready to feel fantastic!
  10. Keri W.

    Scared about reintroduction.

    Good for you! Congrats on your success! I totally understand being afraid to reintroduce, but it is kind of nice to know what foods were the culprit...if any. Then of course, you can jump right back on the Whole9 wagon and make it your lifestyle. I know that I love it! I wish you the best as you continue on!
  11. Keri W.

    Day 13 and I want to quit

    When I get the "why on earth am I doing this?" mentality, it is usually because I need to eat or sleep more! Sounds like you are working out quite hard AND you teach 1st grade ...God help you! Haha! You definitely need to eat more. Get yourself an awesome paleo cookbook and get inspired so that you don't feel deprived. Good luck!!!
  12. Keri W.

    Thinking Twice about starting now

    Keep in mind that the Whole30 isn't meant to torture you. If there are certain foods that are special (not everyday items), you can have them. Just be ready for the consequences...tired, tummy ache, etc. However, you need to eat those foods without guilt. I plan to eat a few special foods at Christmas, but keep the rest of my diet compliant. AND I am not going to let Christmas eating linger over many days. I will eat my special foods on one falling into the traditional mind-set of "dieting starting January 1st. This is a lifestyle change. I am proud of myself for making this change. There isn't an "end date" or "restart date" for me. I'm already into it and reaping the benefits. One of those benefits is that I CAN choose to have special foods. I'm aware that the next day will hurt, but I will prepare by making sure that all of my favorite compliant foods are ready to go. I don't think there is anything wrong with starting your whole30 now and allowing yourself a day for the special things. Just one day. Then restart your Whole30. Your body will be ahead of the game. Why continue to eat bad foods from this point up through the holidays? Think of the destruction you are doing to your body for the sake of one is ONE day. There are many days left before Christmas that you can choose to be healthy and do something awesome for your body. You can do this!!!! Best wishes and Merry Christmas!
  13. Keri W.

    Reintroduction of Sugar

    Haha! Sugar is awful...but I like your cute little story with the appropriate smiley faces! Now run and hide from the sugar. Forget you even had that nasty stuff. Best wishes to ya!
  14. Keri W.

    My stomach REALLY hurts...

    I was also fighting a stomach bug. I ended up getting a jar of sauerkraut salad and ate a fair amount of it. Fermented foods are supposed to be good. I felt pretty terrific the next day. Xandra is butter. Uh oh! You can have ghee (clarified butter), but that's it. I hope you're feeling better!
  15. Keri W.

    Whole30 at College

    Hang in there! I struggled much like you when I was in college too. My college offered various counseling services. Check your campus and if they don't have anyone that can help, they will know someone nearby that can. In the meantime, try spending time reading or listening to positive books/podcasts etc. I found that if I spent my lonely times doing positive things, I felt better without food. I actually enjoy being by myself now. I love spending time in coffee shops...reading, listening to music, drinking cream/sugar. Just spend time working on your mindset and everything else will fall into place. Best wishes to you!!!