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    Thanks for the new allergy Whole 30

    I can tell you that avocado is a common allergen. It is closely tied to latex and many medical pros that have had prolonged latex exposure, will develop this allergy. There are quite a few other foods that are tied to this and there is a great deal of info to be found on the internet. It sounds like you're doing the right thing by eliminating the foods that are new to your diet. Allergies are such strange things. As a child you may not have had issues but as we get older, things change. On a positive is good to discover these allergies now while they are not in a life threatening stage. You are now aware that you have an issue. Watch out for cosmetics, lotions, etc that may also carry the things you are allergic to. Congrats on your choice to be healthy...and don't feel negatively towards this. It is a blessing in disguise to discover your allergies. I hope you're feeling better soon! Best wishes!
  2. I love this lifestyle especially now that my body has adjusted to it. I feel amazing...and the biggest thing is that I can breathe! I was diagnosed with asthma as a kid and I can tell you that I have zero asthma symptoms when I am not eating the grains, dairy, and sugars. It is awesome. Inflammation is a terrible thing. My stomach bothered me initially when I began my first Whole30. Give it some time. Something else to consider...coconut might not set well for you. It kinda bloats my stomach. As for CrossFit...I have never done it and I'm losing weight and feeling great! Think positively. I understand your doubts and concerns, but the "normal" everyday diet of grains and such, has so many problems...and if it was working for us and helping us all to feel our best, we wouldn't be searching for something else. Read the book. It really helps to explain what certain foods are doing for your body. Give it some time. 30 days was great for me...but after was even better. You may need more time for your body to adjust. Best wishes!
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    The crazy things people say

    "There's nothing wrong with sugar. Your cravings are all in your head." -someone who MUST have a Starbucks sugary coffee beverage each day "All of the fat in your diet is very unhealthy" -someone that eats cereal for breakfast and snacks every day "Just one bite isn't going to hurt you" -someone who just doesn't get it