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    So you need 3 more?
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    Exactly. I figure we need at least as many FG as we have Walmarts (and affiliates)...
    I believe we're at 10 in a city of about 200,000...
    5 Supercenters
    2 Sam's Clubs
    3 Neighborhood Markets
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    Aaaaand we just got two Five Guys
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    When I was in the middle of my Whole30 (a month and half ago!) I wrote to Five Guys about their ingredients. Even though they have their nutritional info online, I grilled them (no pun) about any hidden ingredients that might now have been mentioned. I just now heard back from them. Here's what they said:
    Since 1986 Five Guys has focused on serving the freshest product in the simplest way possible. We do not add
    anything to our products. Our burgers are NOT seasoned, they are simply 80/20 ground beef, our mushrooms
    are sauteed on a flat top grill as they are with NO oil or butter. Our produce is cut fresh daily and does not have
    anything added to it as well. In fact, our nutritional information is located on website if you
    would like you can also find the Five Guys story located under the About us tab.
    So, in the case of Five Guys, if you are willing to have a hamburger patty on a lettuce "bun" with just vegetables of various sorts as condiments, sounds like they would be legal in the Whole30 world. Since finishing the Whole30, I've been glad that I did this sort of research. I'm not eating out nearly as much, but when I do, I often just go paleo for that meal and that helps me feel like I'm not eating a bunch of garbage just because I'm eating out.
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    Keri W. got a reaction from Robin Strathdee in Bloated, looking awful, feeling low   
    I love this lifestyle especially now that my body has adjusted to it. I feel amazing...and the biggest thing is that I can breathe! I was diagnosed with asthma as a kid and I can tell you that I have zero asthma symptoms when I am not eating the grains, dairy, and sugars. It is awesome. Inflammation is a terrible thing. My stomach bothered me initially when I began my first Whole30. Give it some time. Something else to consider...coconut might not set well for you. It kinda bloats my stomach. As for CrossFit...I have never done it and I'm losing weight and feeling great! Think positively. I understand your doubts and concerns, but the "normal" everyday diet of grains and such, has so many problems...and if it was working for us and helping us all to feel our best, we wouldn't be searching for something else. Read the book. It really helps to explain what certain foods are doing for your body. Give it some time. 30 days was great for me...but after was even better. You may need more time for your body to adjust. Best wishes!
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    Keri W. reacted to Laura B in Bloated, looking awful, feeling low   
    Clemency, I would like to touch on the CrossFit connection.
    Before my first Whole 30 in July of this year, I was working out like your average chick. I would go to the gym very regularly to lift weights and do cardio. Sometimes I would go twice in a day to get fasted cardio in the AM and do weights at night. I was meeting with a personal trainer once a week for 30 minutes. I did all of this to change my appearance. I was trying hard to lose something like 7 pounds. THat is a lot of effort for 7 pounds of vanity.
    I was also doing some weird things with my diet to get rid of the 7 pounds including: weighing, measuring and calorie counting every bite of food in my body, drinking like a gallon of water a day (seriously unnecessary), even doing "carb cycling" and generally obsessing about my body image. I really thought I was healthy because I was active and ate "right".
    Then came my Whole 30 where I began to see the harm in what I was doing day in and day out. It was almost an out of body experience, I was up in the sky looking down at myself and had an "Aha!" moment. Everything I was doing was in vain. I took a break from the gym and slowly started leaning towards CrossFit. The reason is that CF is about fitness not vanity. There are no mirrors. The gym is dirty. It's in a warehouse. Nobody gives a shit what you look like or how much you lift, just as long as you put in the effort. I saw in a CF video not long ago where someone walked into a CF gym and said "Where are all the machines?"..."We are the machines."
    I went from trying to have the cutest workout clothes to wearing T-shirts again. I don't want to worry about what I look like when I am trying to move a bunch of weight in a short period of time.
    Basically...the ideas behind the Whole30 and CrossFit kind of go together, but not purposefully so. They are both geared towards optimal health in an inordinate way.
    I thought I would also mention that I stopped counting, measuring and worrying about how much I was eating and focused on what I was eating. The pounds and bloat melted off my body while I took a break from working out, slept more and ate real foods. I actually didn't start CrossFIt until after my Whole 30 was over because, like you, I wanted to focus on one thing at a time. There is nothing more special then being the very last person to finish a workout and have 8 other people cheer you on. No one would ever do that in a regular gym.
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    Keri W. reacted to Renee Lee in Bloated, looking awful, feeling low   
    Oh, additionally, have you read the book? The genius of the program/book is that it takes logic, applies the science and them considers their own clinical experiences. Yeah, it's not a RCT, but if it works for thousands of people? It's compelling information (even though it doesn't PROVE anything)
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    There are actually empirical studies about gut flora changing a your diet changes. I'll try to hunt some down for you. Robb Wolf also has a bunch of data from his risk assessment work with the Reno fire department, but that hasn't been published yet. (it's probably in review)
    More important than the scientific research, is eating minimally processed, nutrient dense foods, rich in veggies and high quality protein, from local sources with ethical/responsible practices REALLY that drastic?
    So you've ditched sugar and grains and dairy...but there is not a single macro or micronutrient in those foods that you cannot get with this program
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    Keri W. reacted to Robin Strathdee in Bloated, looking awful, feeling low   
    And just to add to the conversation:
    Changing your diet in this way will not "create" problems digesting grains, dairy, legumes or what-have-you. It simply allows the chronic inflammation to calm so that you become aware of your body's natural response to those foods. The fact that you experienced any bloating after a grain heavy meal serves as an example of this. Except in specific circumstances (like now, when your body is readjusting its processes), bloating is not a healthy response to any meal.
    I, too, encourage you to stick this out a bit longer.
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    Keri W. reacted to Renee Lee in Bloated, looking awful, feeling low   
    Everything Tom said, and additionally...the first 2 weeks of the W30 is rough for most people. "Rough" can manifest in a few different ways, and digestive issues are unfortunately one of those ways. I personally rode it out, but short term supplementation is the way to go if you're just really bothered by it. Stick it out the 30 days and do come back if you have continued problems!
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    Keri W. reacted to Tom Denham in Bloated, looking awful, feeling low   
    Your gut flora adjusts to whatever you eat habitually. When you change your habits, your gut flora must adjust too, but those changes tend to be slow. Your digestion is probably disturbed right now because your gut flora is still good for your old diet, but has not grown in the proper ways to digest your new diet. That's why you need digestive enzymes and maybe probiotics. Many people can adjust without taking supplements, but for those who adjust slowly, the sensible thing to do is supplement. Many people no longer need supplements after their bodies have had enough time to adjust.