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    Social media junkie, Crossfit, running, paleo, MoveNat, minimalist, eat clean. Student attending Purdue University. California bound. Follow me @notkevinmyrick
  1. notkevinmyrick

    Anyone downtown Chicago giving a whole 30 a whirl right now?

    Your really right, as we all know preparation is key. I will have to start going to whole foods once a week and preparing some meals and bringing them to work. No reason why I can't prepare, and make good food. We have a nice kitchen area on every floor so I can bring all my food and store it in the fridge. I really want to get through this, I remember how amazing I felt and looked completing the whole30. Send me an email [email protected] with your favorite go to's and we can keep communication via that. Next Month I will be getting my fitness routine back at the strength and conditioning gym at home. So I will be waking up early in the morning to do that, so it sounds like I'm finally getting back on track. Frustrating losing all the hard work and sacrifice you put in! I think I really will be able to make the commitment and get through it this time if I had whole30 compliant buddy!
  2. notkevinmyrick

    Anyone downtown Chicago giving a whole 30 a whirl right now?

    Hey Dawner, I am on day 3 as well. I have done whole 30's a couple times but numerous times I would mess up or an unexpected variable would slip into my system and I would have to reset. I know I am just going through a transition right now and I will be able to get back into an exercise routine in time. As far as whole30 compliant meals you have some recommendations? I have been going to Chipotle alot and getting the only compliant meal there the carnitas mild salsa, medium w guacamole. I really want to dial this in because I haven't been able to work out and well I hope the squeaky clean nutrition will help me get back on track and for my own well being.
  3. I have just accepted a position downtown I am located in River North. I am finding it difficult to dial in a whole30 compliant habit here (there is SO much good food and restaurants everywhere!) Just want to put my foot out and introduce myself to anyone who might be in the area who is pursuing this program and want to successfully get through the program, and maybe offer some tips.
  4. Ya, I know there is no message they bring saying go to "crossfit" to bulk up or get this get that. It's just I've been going to a gym with a similar style for a few years now. I assumed the majority of athletes doing the whole30 are doing Crossfit since it's so darn popular. Don't get me wrong I know it's not the magic pill!!! I will look at the resources thanks guys.
  5. I'm kind of over the get fight club ripped thing it's been great doing the whole30 and achieving a really lean physique, but I think it's time to gain some strength and put on some serious muscle, fortunately I'm at a cross fit type gym where there is room to play. I am educated in the whole30 plan but I am unsure how to go about gaining more strength and putting on some more muscle. I've noticed when I do a whole30 I get very lean nearly abs towards the end, but when I step on the scale my weight is freakishly light! Like 150 lbs..that just doesn't seem right but I look proportional. At this point, my goal is to notice an increase in muscle mass and fat loss while sticking on a whole30.. What are some of your favorite movements when it comes to working and gaining strength? Maybe get out the sled or do some heavy farmer's carry? Speed bench? Deadlifts? Should I be eating more protein and whole food than usual to gain muscle or is this a misconception? Respectfully, Kevin
  6. notkevinmyrick


    Awesome Thanks for the quick feed back I willopt for something else today.
  7. notkevinmyrick


    I want to try this Indonesian dish that offers a unique blend of lemongrass, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, all kinds of seasonal vegetables too, I want to throw in chicken or salmon but the dish also includes Quinoa, whichi thought is a grain, but now hearing online its a part of the beet family and it's a common misconception. So what is this stuff?
  8. notkevinmyrick

    Anyone Starting the Day After Thanksgiving?!

    I am shooting to start tomorrow and go for morelike a Whole60
  9. notkevinmyrick

    Starting the Whole30 Nov. 1

    I'm on this train as well, I had an egg white omelet w salmon broccoli, spinach, and tomatos. And some coffee. Ready to kill this month with clean eating!!!!
  10. notkevinmyrick

    Starting October 15

    I'm with ya bro. I'm starting October 15th!! This will be my second whole30 and hope to just keep rolling with it.
  11. notkevinmyrick

    90% Chocolate after Whole30

    No well, the reintroduction chapter? I have no given any conscious action on the transitions! That's my problem. Whole30 take 2?
  12. notkevinmyrick

    90% Chocolate after Whole30

    That's how I feel right now. I am done with my first whole30 and I feel like it's a licence to a complete disaster. I ate some ice cream and finished the whole thing in one night. Never tried nutella before and since I was off the whole30 bought some and WOW just dopamine explosion. I mean it was just soo addicting, I had more then my fair share. I plan on doing another whole30 October 15, I was very happy with the results. I lost 10lbs and felt like I was in complete control of my food. Being off whole30 just makes me feel uncomfortable ...I do not want to ruin all the hard work!!! I guess I will just have to stay away from added sugars. I don't trust myself.
  13. notkevinmyrick

    Bolthouse farms

    I know, I should no better. Today is day 27 and I haven't been drinking fruit juices or anything. I've been staying compliant this whole time. I've had to reset a few times. I am shooting to do another whole30 right after my first one. I may have a cheal meal in between. I have never been this strict in my life and the results have been amazing. I have never looked so lean! Is this ONE time ok?
  14. notkevinmyrick

    Bolthouse farms

    I purchased and tried the the Strawberry Banana drink from Bolthouse farms. For the majority of the whole30 I've been staying away from fruit juice and smoothies. The ingredients are as follows: Strawberry puree, banana puree, pear juice from concentrate, apple juice from concentrate , apple puree, Pectin, Vitamin C, Natural flavors. I am about done with my first whole30 although I have reset a few times. Is this drink whole30 compliant? Best, Kevin