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  1. Caesar Salad Dressing Tips or Recipe?

    ^Awesome, thank you...I'm excited way more than I should be about this. Making it tomorrow!
  2. Caesar Salad Dressing Tips or Recipe?

    Physibeth I was the same-- no idea it had anchovies. Which leads me to my next question KB-- as a non-anchovy fan do you think if, using the recipe you do, I pureed them in there instead of leaving minced it would be okay? If so any recommendations as to how much? Thanks so much for the recipe! I loooooove that I can use the mayo with it .
  3. Day 10, still want sugar, BAD

    Hi..just wanted to lend support and say hang in there! Some moments will be rougher than others but it will take time and there is no way around that. Also listen to Amber The times I am most tempted to put junk in my body are always when I haven't eaten enough. You will be amazed if you give this 100% effort/compliance. Hugs!!!
  4. Second whole 30 seems TOO easy!

    Great post...and I totally agree! LOVE W30 way of eating!
  5. Caesar Salad Dressing Tips or Recipe?

    That's a good point, thanks Amber. I've never bought anchovies and don't know which oil they are packed in. I will check the dijon label as I have to buy that also.
  6. Caesar Salad Dressing Tips or Recipe?

    Hey all- I'd love to have a W30 compliant Caesar Salad Dressing recipe. Found this one online (link below) but thought I'd check with you first for any tips or recipes. Thanks in advance!
  7. I have not reintroduced anything either. After my first Whole 42 first I struggled with giving in to sugar every 18 days or so but since beginning fitness classes (kettle bell training) I have not had a single sugar craving and am on Day 20. I have never felt better. Never. and think I have beaten the Sugar Dragon at long last. I'm afraid reintroducing will not only awaken it but undo progress on other levels and so I refuse. And I'm not knocking anyone who does reintro, it's just my preference not to.
  8. Confused about eating meal one after workout

    Was searching for info on this topic and stumbled across this thread- Tom thank you for your incredibly useful info! est!
  9. LOVE homemade deodorant. It's cheaper to make at home, safer I hope, and I like reusing glass containers instead of buying new plastic every time.
  10. 2nd time's the charm!

    Good luck! Agree that the support at home should be a wonderful help to you.
  11. You all have done such a great job, just wanted to add some applause for all of you!
  12. Support Thread for on or about July 31st starters

    Day 3 yesterday done with walk. Also had dinner out, with my parents, and wasn't even tempted by the lovely bread basket. Had Trout and veggies. Not filling and not near as good as what I eat at home but compliant nonetheless.
  13. Caffeine Withdraw --- ugh

    Have you tried Crio Bru (it's smashed up cocoa beans)? You brew it in the same manner as coffee. And half organic coffee/half CB is delicious! Plainis taste like a weak cup of hot chocolate only smoother, better. I have a monstrous sugar dragon but Crio Bru has not made me crave chocolate but I do love the way it smells and tastes. Not trying to be a caffeine pusher just alternatives I am slowly learning about. .
  14. Costco list - anything I'm missing?

    Just remembered another one- They also sell white & brown eggs at a decent price but if you can get these pastured from a local farmer they are a THOUSAND times better for you.