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    sunnymama reacted to kelseyrae in What’s your easiest, best, way to cook shrimp?   
    I just do salt and pepper and then throw the in a frying pan with clarified butter, about 2-3 minutes on each side (a little more or less depending on the size).  I always cook them thawed.  They are so simple but delicious and easy to throw on a salad or with a side of veggies and sweet potato.  Shrimp this way (or salmon cooked the same way) are staples of mine on nights when there is no time to make a more involved meal!
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    sunnymama reacted to SchrodingersCat in What’s your easiest, best, way to cook shrimp?   
    Garlic and ghee! Plus some salt and pepper. I always thaw first, they can overcook if you try to cook from frozen. Easiest way to thaw them fast is throw them in a colander under cold running water, then dry them on a paper towel when they're thawed. It only takes a few minutes.
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    sunnymama reacted to ultrarunnergirl in Confused about eating meal one after workout   
    Great info, Tom! A lot of times my Post WO meal is a regular meal, and wondered about the fat. Thanks for clarifying the WHY here.
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    sunnymama reacted to Irish Rose in Confused about eating meal one after workout   
    So glad I read this thread because Tom , you have answered my question as to why no fat post workout. I was (pre whoe 30 )eating a banana for glycogen replacement and guzzling a protein shake in the car straight after workouts. I miss the convenience of the shake but now that I understand the reasons, I will try boiled eggs with the yolks removed. I can save the yolks for a later meal. I can't stomach dry chicken or tuna. Anyone else got any suggestions for a lean protein that could be brought to the gym?
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    sunnymama reacted to Tom Denham in Confused about eating meal one after workout   
    The ideal post workout food is probably chicken breast and baked sweet potato. I prefer the convenience of canned fish, so I use sardines or tuna packed in water. Sardines and tuna are not as lean as chicken breast, but still lean enough to digest fast, at least the ones packed in water. I prefer the taste of fish packed in oil, but I take stuff packed in water for my post-workout meals.
    The recommendation for a pre-workout meal is protein and fat. Probably the ideal pre-workout food is a boiled egg or two. I skip the pre-workout meal a lot, but one boiled egg or a small handful of nuts are what I eat.
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    sunnymama reacted to Tom Denham in Confused about eating meal one after workout   
    Your pre-workout routine sounds okay. The big question is what you eat after working out. The purpose of the post-workout meal is to help you recover as quickly as possible. Your body is especially ready to eat after a hard workout and what it wants is protein. This meal needs to be eaten within 15-30 minutes of the workout ending because the muscles are especially open to food at that time. This meal needs to include lean protein. Lean because fat slows digestion and you need this protein to get to your muscles quickly. Protein because that is what the muscles want. Starchy carbs are an optional part of post-workout meals. If you need to revive your energy stores, eating a starchy carb like sweet potato helps. If weight loss is more important to you than energy, you can skip the carbs in the post workout meal.
    If you complete a workout and then drive home and prepare a meal so that you are eating 45-60 minutes after your workout, your muscles have closed their "special window of openness" by the time you eat. Similarly, if you eat a meal within 15-30 minutes that includes a lot of fat as comes with whole eggs or avocados, your digestion is slowed and your muscles are not fed in a timely fashion. Your recovery suffers when this happens.
    I personally thought the idea of a post-workout meal was silly when I first heard Dallas and Melissa say we should eat them. I ignored the recommendation for at least a year until I was at a nutrition seminar and they explained why it was important in a way that made sense to me. I started eating a post-workout meal and noticed that I experienced less muscle soreness over the course of a week of workouts. Eating lean protein immediately after a workout really made a noticeable difference for me.
    I don't bother with a post-workout meal after a yoga class or a slow 5 mile run, but if I hit the gym to do a kettlebell or barbell routine, I eat a can of tuna packed in water as soon as I finish. I used to eat sardines, but the owner of the gym told me I could not eat sardines inside the building.
    I often drive home from the gym after eating a can of tuna, prepare a meal, and then eat again within about an hour. Adding more food with fat after a post-workout meal is okay as long as the lean protein has a good head start on the next meal.