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    The trickiest thing I've struggled to find compliant here is mustard, especially dijon. The Co-op do a compliant dijon and wholegrain mustard but they are the only ones I've found.
    The Waitrose Cook's ingredients coconut milk (with a blue label) is the best flavoured of all the compliant coconut milks (some are compliant but have the carboxy methyl cellulose in which I think tastes icky). Morrisons also do compliant coconut milk pouches - own brand. 
    I buy coconut aminos on Amazon.
    I do most of my shopping in Lidl and get compliant smoked salmon and bacon there - just the basic stuff. They also do a proscuitto style ham which is compliant. Fruit/ veg/ raw meats are all great and as others have said compliant tinned tomatoes, passata, puree as well as fish -  tuna, salmon, sardines etc are very easy to find anywhere. 
    Tesco do some compliant cornichons/ gherkins. Olives are easy to find.
    Mattheson's smoked pork sausage is compliant. I was astounded by this as it's always been seen as emergency/ camping/ barely food. But it is compliant, if not exactly the most organic grass reared protein source on earth. It is also shelf stable and doesn't need to be refrigerated. It's filling protein and good in a pinch.
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    1. I'd stay at a eco-friendly ranch, in a lovely log house on a pristine lake, somewhere in the high Rockies in the fall with the aspens in full bloom and the peaks dusted with snow. The house would have numerous windows with gorgeous views. The ranch would have lots of land to roam, and trails just begging me to hike and view wildlife to my heart's content. It would also have a huge garden and some fruit trees.
    2. I'd have a personal chef who would come in daily to prepare my meals. My meals would consist mostly of organic Whole30 food grown and raised on the ranch. The food wouldn't be fussy or fancy, but simple and delicious.
    3. I'd have fun/exercise riding horses, hiking, exploring, and swimming. At night, I'd look at the stars through a telescope. I'd read and write every day, too. I'd probably have a massage therapist in every day. The fresh air, sunshine, beautiful surroundings, and local healthy food would feed my body and soul, and I would be peaceful and content. (And I'd never want to leave!)