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  1. Read this.
  2. LauraLish

    I am hungry two hours later!

    Just chiming in to note that you can add calories without adding much volume. Fat is easy to add to meals, takes long to digest, and doesn't take up much room in your tummy. Add a dollop of herbed mayo on top of your meals, half an avocado, a handful of nuts.
  3. LauraLish

    Missing dessert? Eat this!

    Cherries and blueberries are great to eat on Whole30, but try not to have them when you're experiencing "sweet tooth" cravings. Try eating half an avocado. Or if you're not hungry, but just experiencing a craving, have a cup of tea and do something enjoyable (take a bubble bath, read a book in the sunshine, etc.) Otherwise, like Tom said, the cravings will never be starved and will return again and again.
  4. LauraLish

    August 1st Group Thread

    Feeling GREAT! It's 10am and my brain seems to be working just fine. I'm bouncing with energy and worked up the courage to try some free standing handstands (my biggest fear of flopping over backwards did not transpire, and I even held a few for a second or two!) and I also did a few backbends from standing (another big freak out of mine). If I can take control and do Whole30, I can take control and face other obstacles as well!!! Obviously I'm in a very chipper, optimistic mood. This rocks, I'm so so happy I decided to take the plunge again. It's bf's bday tonight, we're going out to a woodfire grill restaurant. I'm not worried in the slightest. I saw a million pics online this morning of chocolatey gooey desserts and felt utterly apathetic toward them. I'm going to eat an awesome steak, with some delicious sides, and be very very happy.
  5. LauraLish

    August 1st Group Thread

    Good Morning, Day 6! I'm feeling ok today, but it's just 9am so I'm not getting too excited just yet. Yesterday I focused on getting my head in the game. I was feeling pretty crappy physically and emotionally. I wrote a whole journal entry about how I was a worthless blob of fat and wallowed in bed for most of the afternoon. Then, just as quickly the mood passed and I got up and started cooking dinner. I watched Melissa's presentation about stress and craving, and pulled out my copy of ISWF. I politely passed on the offer to workout with my bf, but still cheered him on. Right now my body is undergoing way too much stress to do 5rm deadlifts. Today my goal is patience.
  6. LauraLish

    Am I On Track?

    Have a look at the meal template, and reread the rules and the "Can I have..?" page. Cottage cheese is dairy and warrants a restart. And yes, too much fruit and very light on veggies. Drinking juice is not allowed, only use it to cook with.
  7. LauraLish

    August 1st Group Thread

    Steer clear world. I'm ready to kill all the things. And I feel at any moment I could burst into tears. So glad to come to this thread.. I'm totally stealing your dinner idea @themissus
  8. LauraLish

    August 1st Group Thread

    How's everyone doing on this DAY FOUR?? Yesterday was tough. I felt the full brunt of food hangover and I had a ton of cravings. I knew one little frappucino would make all the symptoms go away. Just like one little hit of smack makes the junkie's symptoms go away. Crazy to think of it that way... Today I feel fine, which is weird for Day 4. I think I may have overdone it with fruit yesterday, which sucks, because I'm going to have to go through the withdrawals all over again.
  9. LauraLish

    Sweating WAY more

    Is the sweating a problem for you? For us pole dancers, it's a BIG issue and we do whatever we can to stop it especially on hands and feet. I was told to try epsom salt baths for transdermal magnesium absorption to aid with excessive sweating. It seems to be working, could be the placebo effect, but who cares since the epsom works out all my aches and pains
  10. Cool! Glad I could help. I learned to overcome some social conditioning through my past 2 Whole30's. One was eating non-breakfast food for Meal 1, another was letting go of the requirement of warming up my leftovers. You'll be surprised what you can get over when you're hungry. Cold meatballs? No prob Post workout should be carb and some protein, limit the fat. You want it to digest as quickly as possible to replenish your body and fat slows the whole process down. For the carb I'll do a sweet potato, parsnip, starchy veggie puree. Protein could be cold cut, 3 oz tuna pouch, hb egg white, half chicken breast. This took some conditioning as well, and was hard to stomach at first, but now I'm ready to chow as soon as I put the barbell down!
  11. If you have a cooler, your options are limitless Here's some items I keep handy: HB eggs Sweet potatoes Cold cuts Broccoli florets Sardines Tuna pouch Question though.. why are you looking for snacks? You should be having Meal 1, 2, and 3. And if you're training Pre-WO meal and Post-WO meal. If it's meal time while at the hospital, have full blown meal! You can eat palm sized protein and 1-2 cups veggies and thumbs of fat from a cooler. It's just like packing a lunch for work. Wishing your mom a speedy recovery and proud of you for sticking with your Whole30 during this stressful time.
  12. LauraLish

    August 1st Group Thread

    Well this is fun! I'm Laura and this is Day ONE of my 3rd Whole30. I'm a cubicle dweller by day and a pole fitness instructor by night. I'm so excited to be doing this again.. but I'm well aware of what's ahead. Carb flu... not looking forward to it. But, it's temporary. It's so refreshing to read all the comments from the first-timers. I can already see how far you've come and all the things you're learning from one another. You'll make some mistakes, but we all did our first time (and second, and so on). Why I'm doing this... 1. Because I love this little community and I've never participated in a "site-wide" Whole30 before. I think it'll be fun to collaborate and commiserate 2. The last 2 whole30's I kept getting comments like "WOW you're looking pretty ripped lately" and "You're just GLOWING" 3. I went on a "bulking cycle" recently that got out of hand. Yes, I've improved dramatically on my all my lifts and gained muscle, but I'm also now carrying around a wheel of pudge around my middle. And Chipotle is getting half my paycheck and that STOPS NOW. 4. I'm ready for the challenge again. It's high summer and I'm ready to take all the farmers market veggies and transform them in my kitchen to something wonderful and nutritious. Yes, it's harder than grabbing a quick bite at the italian place around the corner. But it's soooo worth it. 5. Because I'm aiming to do a pole dance competition next spring, so training needs to start ramping up. I LOVED the energy and good sleep I got with Whole30 and that's exactly what needs to improve right now. Things I've learned... 1. Don't go pants shopping around days 6-14. Its common to bloat a little bit in the beginning. Don't freak out. 2. Disappear into a little pain cave until carb flu subsists. I don't want to ruin friendships with my surliness. 3. It sucks to spend a huge chunk of my weekend shopping, prepping, and cooking. But if I don't.. I'm in a world of trouble during the week. Just get it done. It's only 30 days.
  13. LauraLish

    whoa. white potatoes are APPROVED?

    Happy Day!
  14. LauraLish

    Pork cracklins

    MMMM that sounds good to me! It doesn't have any non-compliant ingredients, but is it a SWYPO?
  15. LauraLish

    Itchy after alcohol reintro???

    Are you of Asian decent? A lot of Asians are mildly allergic to alcohol. My friend gets itchy and blotchy when she drinks.