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  1. I also will do large cook ups, but I don't do them every weekend for the week. If I'm making something that takes any amount of time, it has to be a freezable meal so I can do a large batch. For my last whole 30 a couple of years ago I did a combination of freezer meals and well Fed's cook up pattern. Sometimes it's better to simplify and just make a massive batch of chicken and beef that doesn't take too long. Then add whatever Frozen veges and a salad. I have to say, my electric pressure cooker is my best friend for saving time in the kitchen. I just bought another one because I use my first one just about every day. I'm starting another whole 30 next week and I'm planning to have as many things as possible already cooked or prepped and in the freezer for the whole month before we start. This time I've got my daughter and her family on board and my mom as well. So will be cooking for 4 adults with varied tastes and a 1 year old and my mom here and there. Having everything that I can put in the freezer done ahead is going to be key. Electric pressure cookers like the instant pot are a bit of an investment, but so well worth it. Alternatively, use your crock pot as much as possible. You can cook a dinner in there with little prep all day or all night even if you don't need it done for 6pm. Sometimes it's just easier for me to throw something in the crockpot at night and let it cook and then the next morning put it in the fridge but not eat it till that night or the next. I can let a chicken cook in my instant pot while I'm making dinner, and then the prep for the next night is much quicker and easier. And if i do things like salad dressing and mayo on the weekends, that makes it easy to throw an already cooked meat in a salad and top it with dressing. Today while I was doing other things, I cooked a bunch of squash in my instant pot. It will go in muffin tins to freeze and then already be in single servings. I try not to overwhelm myself with having to do 20 things on my cook up day:) I'd rather try to do 3 prep things while I'm already in the kitchen. If I'm making something on the stove top, I can also hard boil some eggs. I get caught up in "oh my God I have to prep everything!!!!! Right now!!" When really I can do a few things at a time and it will be ok. And there are a couple things I always have on hand, like already cooked sweet potatoes. In a pinch, I dump a can of sardines over it and call it breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Usually with a pile of sauted spinach. Good luck, you'll get more in tune to what works for you as you go along:)
  2. Rag baby it also depends on what you were hoping to accomplish during your whole30. Did you set any goals and do you feel that any of them have been met? I finished my first whole 30 and was really glad I did. While I didn't accomplish all of my goals because of some health issues, I learned a great deal. I guess I would ask, what is the benefit in stopping now?
  3. Aberrantatavia

    Need make-ahead/freezable options

    I would agree with the suggestion to get the book "well fed". It really helped me keep everything in perspective and not get overwhelmed. One of her go-to things is snack bags. Fill a Baggie with Veges, protein and fats. I do a bunch of different ones on the weekend to have on hand . This can work for any meal or snack, although it might be tough to get 2 cups of Veges in the bag:)
  4. Aberrantatavia

    I felt healthier pre-W30...

    You might find that after your whole 30, you bring back the raw grass fed dairy because it works for you:) it works for me as well, it's actually one of things I have determined needs to be part of my long term diet .
  5. Aberrantatavia

    Paleo Burrito with Rice and Beans

    Hmmm... I just throw stuff in a pan and see what happens:)
  6. Aberrantatavia

    Paleo Burrito with Rice and Beans

    Local standards for decency might vary... That's a good point. I agree with your points above, for what it's worth. I hope you don't go. I enjoy your posts, your thoughts, and your general contributions.
  7. Aberrantatavia

    Favorite new foods since starting Whole30?

    Homemade mayo, I hadn't made it in years. Sardines, they were occasional before, but now I love them and eat them very day Cooked cabbage. For some reason I didn't think I liked it. Pumpkin in the absence of a baked good. Kombucha I've always enjoyed trying new things, so I like that I can keep expanding my food choices eating natural, whole, nutritious foods
  8. Aberrantatavia

    Callan's Reintroduction Log

    Callan, I can't do any grains, gluten free or not, without issues. They really don't agree with me. I only touch grains when there is some incredibly important reason to do so. It sounds like your trip is one of those times for you, so enjoy it knowing you can go back to grain free when you get home. I agree with krista, enjoy the special time with them!
  9. Aberrantatavia

    Oh Friday...you get me every time

    I feel your pain too, my week is filled with long hours and commutes. I was thrilled when the crossfit gym owner asked if I could do the intro classes on Mondays and Fridays. So for a couple of weeks, starting next Friday night, I will have something different to do. Sleeping is a reward in my world too, I am so tired by the end of the week that I embrace the idea of going to bed early! You aren't alone, and you'll find something that works for you.
  10. Aberrantatavia

    Paleo Burrito with Rice and Beans

    You know, the first thing I thought when I read this was, cool... A different use for eggplant! Maybe because it was labeled as a Mexican dish, it might give the impression that you were replicating something, but I didn't see it that way when I read it. This would not be SWYPO for me. Sometimes I don't get the criteria either.... Thanks for posting, I will definitely try something similar!
  11. Aberrantatavia


    That's awesome, never heard of baking them. Which is prefect for me because we go through 2 dozen boiled eggs a week and I don't have a pan that holds them right to do it in one batch. I'm going to have to try this!
  12. Aberrantatavia

    Dairy Re-Introduction Disaster

    Sucrolose and I don't get along at all, and its compounded in anything with dairy. You are probably right that this could cause the distress you have been feeling.
  13. Aberrantatavia

    so tired of cooking

    I agree, and I really love to cook. But I get burnt out if I don't give myself a break. I try to double things at least once a week so that I can freeze the other half and use it for a night I don't want to cook. I also do weekly cooking so that most nights dinner only takes me a few minutes. I use some of my own techniques as well as some of the ideas from Well Fed. Some time and effort savers I've never used before but implemented now are using already chopped garlic, frozen onions and peppers, and more frozen vegetables. The first month or so is overwhelming, but it gets better as you start to plan more efficiently and have more things already done in the freezer. I made Well Fed's best chicken you will ever eat tonight, and now I know I'll buy enough chicken breasts for a month and brine all of it and then marinade and freeze or just freeze. Then I can pop out some for a quick grilled dinner the night before. Same with hamburgers, it just makes it that much easier when you make hamburgers all formed and freeze them that way. I bought a whole pork loin this week (commercial, yuck, but it was on sale) and I froze half of it. I wish now that I had sliced it and marinated it before I froze it so I could make grilled pork loin chops. It cost me a bit more at the beginning, because I didn't do as much good prep, and spent more on convenient compliant foods. Hang in there, it gets better when you get in the groove and prep ahead.
  14. Oh, this sounds wonderful, why did I not know about it before.... Must find....