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  1. JanelS

    How do you heal the mind??

    Eating healthy regularly is hard, no question. I want unhealthy food ALL THE TIME. But I rarely eat it. What stops me from eating all the unhealthy food is knowing that I will feel crappy after I eat it. I always ask myself these questions before I eat unhealthy food: 1) what will eating this food accomplish? 2) why do I want to eat this food? 3) other than the food tasting good what good will come from it? 4) is it worth it?? 9 times out of 10 the answer to # 4 is no. I also use the art of distraction when I want to eat unhealthy. I spent many evenings on Pinterest planning my bathroom remodel. It was a great distraction and I felt accomplished. Or I will come check out these forums and see what others are going through. Before you know it the craving is gone. Good luck, a lot of it is mind over matter. Not easy at all. And no one is perfect, but we need to get back up and dust ourselves off when we fall.
  2. I agree with the last reply. When I want to eat because I'm mad, angry, happy or any other reason other than I am hungry I ask myself how I feel after I eat. If I still choose to eat it needs to be healthy. Just this evening I wanted chocolate, I have a chocolate protein bar in the pantry. I decided not to eat it because it would not fix my problem, in fact it would make me feel worse about myself. All emotional eating does is cover up the real problem. Maybe you can help them understand what the real problem is and how eating will not fix it. Ask them why they eat and how they felt after eating it.
  3. JanelS

    Costco list - anything I'm missing?

    I would buy a few packages of Aidells Chicken Apple sausages. A great snack or part of a meal. Easy to freeze and then thaw out as well.
  4. JanelS

    Bacon recommendations

    I found Applegate Farms Bacon at Kroger and it is nitrate and sugar free. Last weekend I made bacon and jalapeño stuffed burgers and OMG, so good. I also wanted to share a breakfast casserole idea: Take Italian sausage and cook it in a pan with onions. Take the sausage out if the casings. Wisk up 12 eggs with a little salt and pepper and any other spices you want. When the meat and onions are done put them in a 9x2 rectangle baking dish. Spread coconut oil in the baking dish first. Then cover the meat with spring mix lettuces, then pour eggs over the top. Make sure the eggs cover the lettuce as best you can. Bake for 45 mins at 375. You can have a wonderful breakfast for the next 6 days!!
  5. JanelS

    PCOS Support Thread

    I have PCOS too!!! I'm so glad I found this thread :-) It's definitely not fun, but it's our lives and we are in control of ours lives!! I have lost 120 pounds and kept it off for 10 years (amazing right?!?!?!?!!). I have been a "healthy" eater for many years, however not as healthy as the Whole 30 program. Currently I am on day 16 and feeling good. I'm sleeping better than ever. I really don't think I'm going back to the way I eat before. As healthy as it was. I will however have sweets on a special occasion, like birthdays. But clean eating makes all the difference in our PCOS bodies. It is amazing to me how what we put into our bodies makes such a huge difference. I wish us all luck in our Whole 30 journey's and I hope we are all successful with our goals!!
  6. I am on day 15 of my first W30. At the end of the first week I was really feeling thinner and my pants were loser. But now, I feel no difference in my pants at all. I started eating a bunch of cashews and I think that was the culprit. I also know that I was eating while not all that hungry (totally against W30, I know). And I'm waiting to feel fantastic. Hoping that comes this week or next. Good luck!!
  7. I am the same way with cashews and almond butter. I love them both. I stopped buying cashews and am staying far away from almond butter (unless I have a long workout). I honestly think the nuts are most of the reason why I haven't list weight. I'm not weighing myself, but my close are not looser. :-(
  8. The same thing is happening to me. I eat a fantastic W30 meal and then am hungry a few hours later. I work out for 75-90 mins in the am and burn about 800 cals in my work out. Thanks for posting thing, I'm 2 weeks in and feeling good.
  9. JanelS

    Day 12 and feeling kind of bummed

    Cry not crud!!
  10. JanelS

    Day 12 and feeling kind of bummed

    Good crud always make us girls feel better!! And I'm sure a little of it is all the post pregnancy hormones. Hang in there, even if your weight doesn't change, you are healthier and that is what really matters.
  11. JanelS

    Day 12 and feeling kind of bummed

    My husband thinks this is crazy too. And you are not crazy, I promise!! I am in day 13 and I have seen a change in the way my clothes fit, but not a huge one. I was a healthy water before I started and I guess that's part of it. Are you sleeping well, that plays a major role in our body chemistry. Hopefully the weight will come off for you in the last 2 weeks.
  12. JanelS


    Hmmmm maybe I'm not eating enough fat. I have been very very hungry these last few days.
  13. JanelS


    I am on day 12 and have been eating about 100 grams of fat per day. But, I also work out a bunch. So my metabolism is pretty fast. Good luck!!