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  1. AndreaM

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    Good job, everyone! My results: Lost 12.2 lbs, as well as 1/2" bust (boo!), 1" waist, 1" hips, 1" thighs, 1/2" arm. I would love to do another W30 soon--I just need to figure out a better way to budget the grocery money. I kept all of my grocery receipts for July and they total over $1000 for just two people! I do get a bit carried away at the store, and I started buying all of our meat and eggs from a local farm which increased the costs quite a bit. More important than the fat loss, I learned that I DO have will power and I AM in control of what I eat! I was totally out of control pre-whole 30, especially when it came to bread and sweets. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to use moderation with those types of food, so I may cut them out completely and only make exceptions for holidays and birthdays etc. I also feel like my anxiety decreased over the last month. Probably a result of no sugar and no food-related guilt!
  2. AndreaM

    Technique for removing aphids from organic kale??

    My husband would agree! He said, "That's what happens when you buy weird stuff."
  3. Does anyone have a quick technique to get the bugs off kale? I bought a bunch today that was totally infested. I tried soaking in vinegar/water solution and that got rid of some, but there were still a lot of clingers! I really didn't have any extra time to fool with them, so I trashed the $3 bunch. *guilty* This is the first time I've ever noticed the bugs, but I'm sure in the past I've unknowingly eaten them...still---once you see them, they're hard to forget!
  4. AndreaM

    Spotting and Nausea

    I'm on day 20 of my Whole30, and this morning started having cramps and spotting (no nausea). I just started the last week of my active pills, so my period wasn't due for another 10 days (always starts 2-3 days after taking my last active pill). I was a little weirded out by this because my cycles are always predictable (due to the birth control). Hearing that others are experiencing the same thing makes me feel a lot better, and also gives me hope that my hormones might be normalizing. I have PCOS--which at this point has only been an inconvenience because I don't have normal cycles unless I'm on oral contraceptives--but later it will be a problem when we try to get pregnant because it is one of the most common causes of infertility. It would be awesome if changing my diet could reverse the PCOS symptoms and make it possible for me to go off my birth control!!!
  5. AndreaM

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    Had my first food dream last night. I ate a Snickers bar
  6. AndreaM

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    This totally sums up exactly how I'm feeling about my first Whole30. I've never been able to walk through the bakery and not buy something. While being on the Whole30, I can see and appreciate those foods, but don't feel like "I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!!" For me too, its the control that I'm enjoying the most because I was so out of control before I started this. I'm not convinced I'll be able to exercise moderation when this is over either. I'll try, but if I find myself scarfing down donuts on the way home from the grocery store so my husband doesn't see them, I will march myself right back into another Whole30.
  7. AndreaM

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    I've been craving-free for pretty much this entire time, but tonight I got hit with a craving for tortilla chips and green sauce at our local mexican restaurant. I didn't give in, but when my carne asada and guacamole arrived, I asked the waiter to bring me another carne asada steak! It was a delicious meaty meal lol. Tomorrow is day 14 for me...almost to the halfway point!!!!
  8. AndreaM

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    Was it too much girl talk?
  9. Tom, you mean you've done this during a Whole30?? Please say yes!
  10. AndreaM

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    I failed on Day 1 by eating a cupcake. I started over the next day with a stronger resolve to quit giving in to the temptation and an appreciation for the fact that it happened early on instead of say, Day 5 or 6! Today is my Day 10 and I feel great. Start over tomorrow and I promise you'll be feeling awesome in no time!
  11. AndreaM

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    Today is my Day 10. I feel good and have plenty of energy. I wish I could say I have more mental clarity than usual, because I'm trying to study for an exam I have tomorrow morning----but I'm procrastinating and getting distracted as always! I'm excited about being 1/3 of the way there. Never in my life have I exhibited the kind of discipline that I have in the past 10 days. My husband told me yesterday that he is so proud of me and he's taking me out to eat Italian (my favorite but he hates it) when my 30 days is up. Normally I would be pretty darn excited at the mere mention of Italian food--but this time I was like, meh. I'd much rather be treated to a massage! My sugar cravings are non-existent and I've had a boost in confidence the last couple of days. I've pulled some long-forgotten dresses out of my closet---I feel more comfortable showing some leg now!! Still hoping the puffy, swollen look of my hands will go away. I've had that problem my entire life, and my dad, brother and aunt have the same thing, so maybe its genetic and doesn't have anything to do with food. Still--hope the Whole30 helps this go away!! Pants have been looser. Wish I had more BMs though. I started with a pretty conservative dose of the Natural Calm, so I think tonight I'll step it up a bit. That's it for today. We have an out of town family member in our home for a few days, so I'll need to be prepared for food temptation. He'll likely be bringing lots of fast food and alcohol into our house!!
  12. AndreaM

    Day 12: I'm a believer!

    Still feeling pretty good. I haven't been getting the recommended amount of sleep so that's causing me to be groggy in the morning, but once I get going during the day I hardly notice it and I have quite a bit more energy. No strong sugar cravings still. Usually at 3pm every day I would start thinking about a candy bar or cookies and ice cream and would have to leave the office to get some junk! Now 3pm passes with no hunger pangs and no energy slump....and no thoughts of sugary snacks!! I think the most important thing I've taken from this so far is that I DO have will power. I've spent the last 4 years (since I started putting on weight) telling myself I couldn't gain control over my cravings and food addictions. The excuse was always, "Well I tried, but I just don't have any will power." Now I know that I definitely have it and it makes me feel more confident about the post-Whole30 days to come.
  13. AndreaM

    The crazy things people say

    My boss the other day: "Be careful with that. High protein, low carb diets will wreck your kidneys." SMH! (A few weeks ago)A good friend of mine ranting about people who buy grass-fed and organic: "There's no point in buying organic or grass-fed. Anyone can say their product is organic or grass-fed. Did you SEE them grow that sh*t? Did you SEE what the farmer fed that cow?" ------then, today I find out she ordered online a 90 day supply of the latest MIRACLE "all natural" fat burning pills. Had to resist the urge to say, "Any supplement company can claim their product is all natural. Did you SEE what they put in it????" She keeps asking me if I want to split the 90 day supply with her. DOUBLE SMH!!!!
  14. AndreaM

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    I'm Day 9 today. I started feeling complete AWESOMENESS yesterday, and I'm happy to report the feeling is still with me today!
  15. AndreaM

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    I haven't had one either. I'm glad!