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  1. @Roz Thanks for the reassurance! I find that if I eat enough fat and protein, I don't have cravings (right now). Kind of nervous about post-whole30, but glad to hear that it is possible to slay the beast.
  2. @Nevadagiraffe "sugar dragon warriors" - love that! Hope it is getting easier.
  3. @EvaPete Hope your headaches have improved and each day the cravings get better. So far so good here. Me, too, my sugar habit has gotten in the way of many a goal of mine, from fitness to curbing cravings and just being a happier person. Good luck with your Whole30! And how cool you loved visiting Turkey. Been here 8 years and love it, too.
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    Throwing away the scale.

    Is there a "love this" button somewhere? "Like" just doesn't quite do it for me.
  5. Hey there... Joining in four days after starting Whole30 for the first time, but started eating more healthy a year ago when I dropped gluten, dairy, and coffee. I think my body is now ready to tackle sugar and grains, which are proving to be much harder to let go of. This is not my first time detoxing from sugar (countless times!) and grains, but the last time I tried, I made the mistake of also cutting out all caffeine for a two week period at the same time, and I couldn't maintain my energy or enthusiasm. I also think one reason I failed to cut sugars and grains earlier is because I was not eating enough protein and fat. I read ISWF cover to cover (it was initially a gift for someone else struggling with sugar and carb consumption), but realized I needed to read it, too. My resistance to doing Whole30 came from adding in more animal protein. For over a year I have mostly eaten fish and eggs and I dropped weight and improved my health and sleeping habits immensely. I "felt better" eating less meat and more veggies, but still battled sugar and night-waking/eating, and hypoglycemia, too (my fish/egg consumption was low overall). So I'm giving Whole30 a try with the suggested animal proteins and fat. So far I feel good. Sugar cravings struck badly yesterday, but I am pleased that for the first time in a long time I am not constantly hungry and snacking between meals. I eased into the program last week by lessening grains and sugar so by the 24th I was ready to go. So, cheers to everyone here on their journey... glad to be here.