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  1. HealthyForPNG

    The crazy things people say

    Four other people (one couple and two singles) are doing Whole30 in our small community now (hooray!), and one of the ladies is in my Bible study. Some of the other ladies were asking (again) about what is allowed and what isn't. "Ohhhhh.... I thought it was a whole food diet, but you can eat meat, and meat isn't a whole food. But you can't eat beans, legumes, and grains, and those are whole foods, so I guess that's not what it is...." (cue approving nods from some of the Eat to Live fans in our group). Ummm.... #speechless
  2. HealthyForPNG

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    When you pick up 6, 18 count cartons of eggs (family of 7 here!) When you want to cry because none of the ham your grocery store is, ya know, actually just.... ham. You read the ingredients in the can of "Pure almond paste" and want to take a picture and post it on Twitter with, "Reallly?!?!" because apparently sugar is "pure almond." You buy the entire stock of TWO brands of coconut milk, and still wonder if you bought enough. Oh, and I went grocery shopping earlier after reading this thread, and my store was OUT OF SWEET POTATOES! The stocker looked at me like I was a little crazy when I asked him if e knew wen they would be back in stock. (Answer: no idea. The nerve.)