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  1. The crazy things people say

    The things that come out of my father-in-law's mouth regarding nutrition, while he's downing 1-2 "Healthy Choice" entrees a day and at least a six-pack of Natty Light are far too numerous to type up and share. Quite frankly, it annoys the heck out of me. I don't say one darn word about his food. I don't know why he thinks he gets to say anything about mine.
  2. Conflicting food beliefs

    I agree with AmyS. You don't have any control over what goes on at her dad's house. Just do the best you can when she's with you, and know that you're teaching her about good nutrition 11 days out of 14.
  3. Brands of coconut milk that are compliant?

    Thanks everyone! I didn't see any canned coconut milk at Trader Joe's, just in the shelf-stable cartons. It's nowhere near to my house, and I work it in on my Costco trips. Two of the local health-food markets are on my way home. I'm going to check them tonight.
  4. So, I've been doing a Whole30 since July 1. For the most part I wanted to the entire family along for the journey. Long story short it hasn't been happening. Now, I will say, our family diet at home is better than ever before. At home we are Whole30 compliant for the most part. I am completely. But my husband is also going cold turkey on nicotine (and ISWF recommends nicotine first than doing a Whole30, and he's an adult. I can't make choices for him). My husband is also currently home with the kids during the day. I didn't do good planning for week one. But I'm working on a much better meal plan for week 2, and utilizing Well Fed. Last night the kids were running between my FIL's house and their friends' house next door. My kids are 6 and 10. I've reached a point where I'm comfortable keeping Whole30 at home, but not being as strict about it with them when we're not home. We eat the majority of our meals at home, so that means the majority of their eating will be Whole30. Has anyone else made a similar compromise?
  5. So far every container of coconut milk I've found in my local grocery store and in Trader Joe's has carageenan in it. There is also a Whole Foods in my town and several locally-based health food markets that I haven't made it to yet. Can anyone recommend a brand to watch for?
  6. My six-year-old daughter is a little sugar fiend, compliments of my own sugar addiction. Today is day 2 of our family doing a Whole30. She started waking up and getting sick around 3:30 a.m. During one round, she looked up at me, absolutely miserable, and said, "I think Daddy gave me too many vegetables yesterday." I just rubbed her back and assured her that vegetables won't hurt her. And while I don't like to see my children sick, her statement made me giggle a little bit later.
  7. Good advice, thank you very much. I wasn't sure how much to pack. I will definitely bring some more tomorrow. Oh! I should have grabbed a jar of olives to keep at the office, instead of carrots. Old habits/thought processes die hard.
  8. I just had alunch of a hamburger patty, and pretty good-sized salad of mixed greens and the vinagrette from ISWF, and some raspberries. I can't decide if I'm still hungry or just not stuffed like I usually am. I don't have anything else with me, but there's a grocery nearby, I could go grab some carrots to munch on this afternoon. I don't want to overeat, but I don't want to be ravenous when I get home either. Of course, the fridge is loaded with produce, so I can easily snack on that while I cook supper.
  9. Thank you both for your suggestions!
  10. I've been reading ISWF and talking to my DH about it. We're committed to beginning on Monday,July 1. And we're taking our two children along for the ride with us. He's been unemployed for several months now. Last night I sat down and tried to work on a meal plan, but thinking about trying to stretch my limited budget to cover four of us, three meals a day, without any legumes or pasta, or rice overwhelmed me and shut me down. And the blogs I was checking out weren't helping. They had lots of specialty ingredients I knew would eat up a lot of my budget. I was pretty sure I couldn't do it. So I set everything aside for the evening and took a fresh look this morning (Saturday). Thankfully, this morning I remembered the Meal Map appendix at the back of ISWF, and I'm feeling better after looking over the master recipes. We're probably going to have to start with meat that isn't grass-fed or pastured, but it's a start. And I've been reminded that meals don't have to be complicated. So THANK YOU for that meal map. Without it, I would be scrapping the plan completely until my husband was back to work. Here we go!