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    Day 10 for me and I'm also Grumpy. I will see this through, but I could easily go back to eating chocolate and dairy. I don't feel angry or short-tempered (though that might change next week with the arrival of my period), just grumpy. I'm sure the diet has something to do with it, but also my lack of employment (3 rejection letters in 3 days) is wearing me down.
  2. HeatherH

    First Timer-Whole30 starts Monday 1/20!

    Ok, this is just my opinion- I'm sure others will weigh in on this. The recipe is compliant, so if it's just a way to get veges into your meal, I say: Go for it! That said, if you really are looking at it and saying "yay, it's like a pancake on my plate", then you may not want to include that during your Whole 30. I look at Whole 30 as being a reset for both my body and also my mind (I know, so deep!). To train myself to look at it as meals 1,2, & 3, instead of breakfast, lunch, & dinner. To train myself that foods are to nourish, not necessarily to comfort. I started on the 13th, and like you, I am also hoping to kick my sugar dragon's ass!!
  3. HeatherH

    Starting January 13th - Getting Prepared!

    Started today! Breakfast: Roasted turkey, coleslaw with homemade avocado aoili Lunch: Scrambled egg in ghee, roasted sweet potato with coconut butter, kale chips Dinner: Chicken curry with cauliflower rice I had made kale chips in the past and didn't like them. After eating today's batch, I think I must have over-baked them before, as they tasted bitter. Today's batch was yummy!
  4. HeatherH

    Starting January 13th - Getting Prepared!

    Allyson, I will also be starting on the 13th. My meal plan for the month is set and my husband is kindly eating all the desserts in the house for me
  5. HeatherH

    Older women following Whole30

    @Applegirl, you aren't alone. I am starting my Whole 30 journey on the 13th and I am hopeful that it will start a chain reaction- for the better. My resolve and motivation has really faltered this year, as I am unemployed and the few job opportunities haven't had positive results. I feel that disappointment every day. It is affecting my sleep, my enthusiasm for the day, and definitely my food choices. I have made my meal plan for the month, so there should be no "what do I eat" moments. I plan to take this 1 meal at a time, and to remind myself that I am worth it (whatever "it" may be!).
  6. HeatherH

    Grab-and-go Breakfast

    It is a big shift in thinking, but would serve you well! Your options become limitless! You want eggs for "meal 3", so be it! Steak for "meal one"...great! What helped me make the shift in thinking, was the fact that I was/am eating so many veges in the morning. It helped me to see that it's just another meal!
  7. @heidi, here is the meal template link http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf
  8. HeatherH

    January 6 - Day 1

    I am going to follow along, even though I won't be starting until the 13th. I'm using this time to research recipes and plan my meals!
  9. HeatherH

    January Pre-Gaming

    Schapiro, I think I have your sugar-demon twin! I'm not sure mine will ever go away, as I have a food blog and I sell homemade baked goods/candy, which means I have to taste-test. I will be starting my Whole 30 in mid-January, and my goal is to get my sugar demon under control. To be satisfied with a taste-testing bite, or savor a small piece of dark chocolate...not go nuts with a full slice of cake plus homemade ice cream! I typed up a long response, but after re-reading it and re-reading your post, I will say 3 things (unrelated to doing a Whole 30): 1. Some people find that increasing fats and protein help them control sugar cravings. 2. A lot of people will tell you to just stop eating sweets- the cravings will go away. While this may work for some, it doesn't work for everyone. If you allow yourself to eat it, make the promise that it will be a special treat (a piece of dark chocolate, a homemade nut butter cup, a gourmet truffle, etc. A candy bar that you can pick up at any store or gas station shouldn't count as special). 3. Do the best you can. Stressing out about it will just make you want it more, and then come the feelings of guilt. Bah. You ate a piece of candy, get over it and try to make a wiser decision next time!
  10. HeatherH

    Starting Jan. 2

    I'll be starting a little later than you all- on the 13th. I have an extended family brunch and my husbands birthday at the beginning of January, so I'm going to make it easier on myself and wait until those events are over. In the meantime, I have already started putting together menus for the entire 30 days. That way come the 13th, I have no excuses!
  11. HeatherH

    Starting August 5

    I'm going to join in also! This will be my second attempt. 1st attempt was last month and I was compliant for 21 days...then I went camping and poor planning made things go down hill. I think if I can get through the 1st week, I will be ok. I have an event that will take me away from home for 3 days next week. I have been using these last few days to really read though a bunch of web-sites to gather recipes. Tomorrow hubby and I are going shopping and I will spend the afternoon doing prep work. I am excited to try a few new recipes! My goals for the 30 days: 1. Get enough sleep 2. Start exercising again (finally no pain from an achilles issue, so I want to start running again) 3. Conquer (or at least tame) my sugar dragon
  12. HeatherH

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    I'm also going to add my congrats to everyone! Hopefully everyone is able to come out of this with something learned, even if it wasn't the "wow" results you were hoping for. Me, I know that sugar still has control over me. I am going to take a few days (it's that time of the month) to relax and let go. I was thinking of doing another Whole 30 in September, but it might happen sooner than that. I need to get control over this sugar-monster. Also, to those of you in this thread that will be heading off to vacations in August- Have Fun!!!
  13. HeatherH

    Starting August 1!

    Juliearts, You are looking at your camping trip the right way! I went camping for 4 days last month during my Whole 30, and that's where I messed up. I really didn't plan my food well enough- I had the right cooking equipment to make it work, but just poor planning. Enjoy your trip!
  14. HeatherH

    Starting August 1!

    Agraves, I found it easier to have a meal plan for all 3 meals. That way I knew exactly what I needed to buy at the store and make ahead for lunches, etc. However, I don't mind eating the same thing for breakfast everyday (dinners tend to be where I make something different every night- husband likes variety!). You could also check out the book "Well Fed". Melissa has a wonderful "cook-up" plan that allows you to mix and match proteins and veges, depending on your mood! That would allow you a little more flexibility and variety. Here's a link that gives you a brief look at the cook-up info... http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2013/07/27/whole30-week-1-food-plan/
  15. HeatherH

    July 1 Start Date - Who's with Me?!

    I'm in for September! August will be an 80/20 Primal month for me. I just got Well-Fed from the library and I am looking forward to incorporating some of those recipes (and the cook-up) into my meal plans.