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    I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2000. At the time, I had early stage symptoms but over the next decade, my weight hovered between 199 and 215. In 2012, I had surgery to remove a massive ovarian cyst (which caused me to lose my left ovary), and fibroids. I did my first round of Whole30 in 2013 and lost 7lbs and more importantly 2" from my waist. I never got the "Tiger Blood" feeling but my acne and sleep improved. I did reintroduction incorrectly and opened the floodgates by putting my PCOS triggers - dairy and refined carbs - back in. My weight went from 215 to 223 in less than a year and I work out 3 to 5 days per week. I did another round of Whole30 this past February and lost 5lbs with 2" off my waist. But this time, my sleep, acne and facial hair growth did not improve. I probably should have given it 60 days and I'm contemplating doing it again as removal of grains, sugars and dairy does help considerably.