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  1. Megan M.

    Compliant coconut milk?

    If you have a Trader Joe's in town, they have light coconut milk that comes in a green can & only contains coconut milk & water. If all else fails, check out Amazon. Here's a link for Amazon's search results for coconut milk: Just make sure to check the ingredients list. Hope this helps!
  2. Megan M.

    Just wow! :)

    Last month, I remember reading the tag line "Let us change your life" and thinking "It'd better if I have to give up chocolate!" But it's so true! I have NEVER had this much energy, slept better, or felt more alive! I'm no longer ravenous in between meals, my energy levels are stable, and I've lost 8 pounds to boot! My husband, who reluctantly started this journey with me, has had ZERO stomach aches (and he's had them as long as he can remember!) We are going to continue eating clean because hello?! Why wouldn't we when we feel so darn good! My hubby said to me about a week ago "Thank you for introducing this to me. I never thought I would feel this good ever." Writing that made me tear up, because I've seen him struggle with stomach pains throughout our entire 10-year relationship & remember him saying not too long ago that he had come to terms with forever feeling like crap due to his sensitive stomach. I remember after the first week of our Whole 30, he thought the lack of stomach issues was a fluke, but after a month of feeling better than ever, he beams when he tells people "My stomach has felt normal for the first time in my life!" I have introduced the Whole 30 to a co-worker who isn't even a week in and is already gushing about how amazing she feels. I have told so many people about this and while most tell me it's too much work, I reply that anything worth earning is worth the work, and I know that my health is more than worth it.
  3. Megan M.

    Accidental slip-ups -- SO frustrating!

    I feel your pain! On Day 7 of my first Whole 30 I found that the coconut milk I had been using had carrageenan in it & I was unbelievably upset about it. I had worked so hard on prepping, cooking, & cleaning that I felt that it was pointless to keep trying. BUT at the advice of other users, I decided to extend my Whole 30 & now I'm Day 12 of my Whole 37 (which sounds so much better vs. saying I started over). As with anything, there's a learning curve. Mistakes will happen, but then you learn from them. I know reading every label has felt exhausting (my husband calls me the "fun police" since every time he gets excited about something in the store, I usually end up telling him it's off-plan), but then again I'm learning how much junk is put into food we used to eat. It's pretty empowering to know that every time I go grocery shopping, I leave with a little more knowledge about which foods are healthy & which aren't. I understand how frustrated you feel, but you have already made so many great changes that you should be stoked about. This is for YOU & your HEALTH! Stick with it & don't give up! We're all rooting for you!
  4. I had read in ISWF that many people have vivid dreams about off-plan food. I'm on Day 12 of my Whole 37 & I had my first (super intense!) food dream last night. I dreamt that my mom brought over a large chocolate Frosty & the second she set it on the table, I started scarfing it down. The whole time I was thinking to myself "What are you doing?!" but I could NOT stop eating it! I felt unbelievably guilty about it when I woke up & I still do (even though I never really ate it!) & now I want a chocolate Frosty even though I never get them! So now I have faux guilt & a new craving! Which makes me curious: what have been your weirdest/most intense food dreams?
  5. Megan M.

    Slip-up = Whole 30 Do-over?

    Thanks for the input & encouragement! Bethann- You are so right! It wasn't for nothing; it was for ME! I will remember that. I was a bit down on myself for a while there, but we all have growing pains when we try something new so there's no point in being so hard on myself. I've actually decided to make it into a Whole 37, so today marks Day 9. The last 2 days have been so much easier now that I'm getting the hang of prepping food in advance. I know I never would have felt right not doing a complete 30 days in a row. I have never been a quitter & I don't cut corners & I'm not about to start now, especially when it concerns my health. Here's to 28 more days of clean eating!
  6. So I'm on Day 7 of my first Whole 30 & I just realized that the unsweetened coconut milk from Trader Joe's that I've been using has carrageenan in it! I've used it as a subsitute for milk this past week (used about half the carton). I'm so upset that I missed this! I've been reading all the ingredients lists so carefully (not to mention been running myself ragged cooking 3 meals a day for my husband & I) that I can't believe I didn't catch this. These past 7 days haven't been easy with all the temptations I've been resisting & now I can't help but feel like it was all for naught. The big question is: do I need to start my Whole 30 over?
  7. Megan M.

    Talk me Down!

    I'm with ya! It seems like every since I started my first Whole 30 everyone & their mom is bringing goodies to work & waving them in my face. Stay strong & make sure you stock up on healthy snacks so you'll be able to cope better next time. Giving in will NOT make you feel better & you know that or else you wouldn't have posted this But I promise you WILL feel better once you're at home, kicking your feet up & relaxing & feeling proud of yourself for resisting the "goodies" <-----ironic name, considering eating them doesn't make you feel very good.
  8. Megan M.

    I'm starting today

    Go you! You should be proud of yourself!
  9. Megan M.

    Bok Choy

    I bought baby bok choy & cooked it yesterday. The official taste tester (my hubby) loved it & so did I! I cooked about half of the package (a couple cups). With this recipe, you could cook as much (or as little) as you'd like. Modifing the directions on the package, this is what I did: I heated a tablespoon of coconut oil in a pan (ghee would work too) & sauteed a minced clove of garlic for 30 seconds (you could add some minced ginger too). I added the bok choy & tossed it with the garlic & oil. Then I added a couple tablespoons of water, covered the pan with a lid, and let it steam for 2-3 minutes (until the bok choy is tender & bright green). You can also add some protein to it with a bit more water if necessary & stir until warmed through. I seasoned the bok choy with a tiny pinch of sea salt & freshly cracked pepper & it was crunchy, tender & all sorts of delicious! Super quick & easy to make!