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  1. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    I think that's good timing for me to do it again. I started a January 1 W30 but quickly went astray when my husband became very ill. Now if his sister leaves in time, I'll do it again.
  2. Underestimating the Difficulty

    Write down 3-5 breakfasts that you'll be having. Sometimes just writing a list helps you focus.
  3. Terrified and procrastinating.

    Get a copy of Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed Weeknights. This book will help you get a ton of prep work done quickly. I use the mayo recipe from that book. Three minutes! Download the Nom Nom Paleo app. There's a thirty day menu on there plus great recipes. I just made her Asian Meatballs.
  4. Starting January 1, 2018

    Silly ginger zucchini soup from Well Fed and Asian meatballs from Nom Nom today!
  5. Starting January 1, 2018

    Happy New Year and happy day one! I was going to begin tomorrow but beginning today became imperative and made so much sense to me.
  6. Starting January 2!

    I'm in for the 2nd!
  7. Starting Whole30 on January 15, 2018

    I love that workbook and intend to use it. I will likely start no later than January 2nd though. I'm currently eating "primally" mostly because the last few weeks I was treated to a really bad cold, terrible headaches, joint pain and anxiety which I do attribute to overindulgence. So the day before yesterday I just dumped bread out of my house (except for what my husband eats) and yogurt and a few other items. In 24 hours, I already feel better. I haven't gone over to Whole30 yet but plan on it with the Day-by-Day. I love the ribbon marker in that book as well. I'll follow along with you but just won't start on the 15th. For me, it's become critical to hose my innards out. I understand that the cells that are associated with the "gut" gets replaced every few weeks (as compared to other cell sets such as liver and kidney, brain, etc. I want them to reset as soon as I possible can get them healthy again.
  8. Whole30 App?

    Nom nom paleo app is excellent and a huge help
  9. Start Date: Jan 1st

    Agree with Jim . Reading the book helps a lot with understanding why it might be a good thing to try.
  10. Day 15 - gag eggs, sweet potatoes

    Soup and leftover protein for me. Chicken, steak, ground beef. If I have time, tossing some shrimp with some ghee or just doing the salt and Lots Of pepper thing with them in some olive oil makes a great breakfast protein. Throw on top of some greens that have been tossed with olive oil and vinegar? Hello! Add a nice juicy egg? Now I'm hungry. My favorite morning soup: Melissa Joulwan's Silky Ginger Zucchini soup.
  11. Good luck. Im starting another round tomorrow as well. Have my mayo and other prep work done. The thing that bugs me about keto is no fruit. I might try it later on but right now I need to find out what is causing what I believe is an allergic reaction. Bye bye Greek yogurt!
  12. Here we go! 10/29/17

    Good luck! I am starting round 2 tomorrow. There are great resources available.
  13. 1st timer, starting November 1st!

    I'm sorry. You say she just told you she was moving in? I'd pull that welcome mat back and stow it away.
  14. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Turned sixty in July. Lots of stress going on and I'm not handling it well because my body isn't supporting me. I'm traveling this week but on Sunday I'm eyeballing the whole30 meatloaf in my freezer.