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  1. tinman57

    Whole 30 December Start

    @jim4884 that's great news. I just saw my husband die in Kaiser from complications of diabetes and kidney disease. (I don't blame Kaiser.). I'm starting my 2nd whole30 after four years. So let's call it my first. I won't be a statistic.
  2. tinman57

    Psyching up for a December W30!

    It's whole30 Eve. I'm ready. Had an emotional day today. Back story: my husband died September 2 and I'm planning to move back to the Midwest from southern california. Quitting my job of fourteen years. Don't worry! The job is hateful and stressful. So this is a good thing. Today, realizing I had one car too many, my little car with high mileage was donated. Now I will be driving my husband's Jeep. And I continue to downsize and pack. Tonight, though, I realized that, among so many other massive changes and unpredictable feelo feelings, the one thing I really need right now is feeling as if there is something in my life over which there's control....and control in the direction of feeling better mentally and physically. So tomorrow, December 1, I will move to eat whole foods, prepared healthfully and though I know it's going to be a rough few days (been here, done this) I need and want to do it.
  3. tinman57

    Psyching up for a December W30!

    Hello everyone. I'm in for a December 2 start actually. But I may try it out on the 1st. I have people coming by to help me with some things in my late husband's office and I promised I'd take them to lunch. There are things there that are marginally acceptable so I may go ahead and give it a shot but I just don't want them to wonder why I'm eating steak and avocados in the middle of the day. Or not. Hmmm. I have a batch of mayo in the fridge already. I'll have to check to see how it's holding up. I'm also an immersion blender in a small mason jar type of person per Mel Joulwan's instructions. So cookup will be potatoes, chicken, mayo if needed, Italian dressing (Joulwan) if needed, veg prep (brussels sprouts for quick roasting in my toaster/convection oven at night, etc.
  4. tinman57

    Starting Oct 1

    Happy Day One everyone. Be safe out there.