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    Tiffany Precissi reacted to Melissa Hartwig in Can I have Marijuana   
    I'm not really sure how to respond to this. First, as far as pain management goes for serious conditions, I am aware of the uses and benefits of marijuana. If this is something you've talked about with your doctor, I'd certainly support medical use. If you're taking your own pain management into your own hands, well, I can't really help you with that. Do I think 10% - 30% of marijuana users become addicted? The research shows that to be true. Do I think smoking anything (putting smoke into your lungs) makes you less healthy? I do. Do I think there are downstream effects of smoking/ingesting pot that may interfere with other healthy pursuits? Yep. Is it illegal? Still, yes (even in Washington, as far as the federal government is concerned).
    But I can't really tell you what to do in this situation, as I don't understand your chronic pain, and how ingesting this substance might help. Would we ever say marijuana is okay during the Whole30? Hell no. But you're all grown-up people with your own unique contexts and full awareness of the consequences of your actions, and you are free to engage in whatever behaviors you feel are appropriate for your situation.
    Best, Melissa
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    Tiffany Precissi reacted to Renee Lee in Bacon or Breakfast Sausage   
    I make my own breakfast sausages with ground pork. They are FANTASTIC. Paleo Comfort Foods has the recipe, and I think Well Fed has one too (I don't have Well Fed yet...I'm hoping the boy buys it for me). Barring those two, you should be able to google around for a compliant one
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    Aidells sausage chicken and apple has no added sugar, just fruit juice which is Whole 30 approved. I grill it and slice it in to medallions. Yummy and gets my meat craving satisfied. Whole foods has a few others, read ingredients not sugar grams because they sneak stuff in. It can only be sweetened w/fruit juice. Bacon is a lot harder than sausage to find. I suggest visiting the butcher case at Whole Foods and read the ingredients. I have only found one by chance at Whole Foods, every other one has some type of sugar.