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  1. But also, now that I'm pretty much out of the morning sickness/sever food aversion stage, I want to do another round of whole30. First trimester I had zero energy, so no working out, and sever morning sickness, which left me eating mac n' cheese, fruit and junk. So I'm feeling flabby haha Anyone have any tips?
  2. I took FCLO (fermented cod liver oil) before getting pregnant (currently 15 weeks!) but I haven't been able to keep it down since I have a method to where I don't even fast it too! But for some reason my body rejects it or I get thinking about it to much sand yeah. Threw it up a couple of times and I think it has scared me for life haha! But as far as supplements go, I love Mama Naturals list and have been taking almost 90% of what she recommends. Heres the link to the post http://www.mamanatural.com/supplements-i-take-during-pregnancy/
  3. Kalai_A

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    Day 1 for me is, today (Nov 3rd) I attempted whole 30 last week but only lasted 10 days and ended up binging on candy and breads But I'm Kelsey. Im from California and I'm excited to conquer my addiction to sweets and binging on the weekends