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  1. Lesley

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    How active are you? I'm really experimenting with my carbs and noticing how it makes me feel. Sometimes I will feel sluggish in the morning and have a huge burst of energy towards the end of the day. It's still fairly early in my W30, so I'm trying to pay attention to these things. I'm not sure what more fat would do. Are you eating enough food overall?
  2. Lesley

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    I really like that about it too. I think things are getting better running-wise, as I ran 5 miles in 90 degree heat and actually felt good.
  3. Lesley

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    Wow, thanks for the compliments. That photo was from Mother's Day, and yes, they are my children. Thanks also for the advice. I tend to get overwhelmed with the details. The running seems to be getting better (I seem a little slower, but I feel good) and hopefully will continue to improve.
  4. Lesley

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    Ok, thanks everyone. I'm on it! I will have to dig out the heart monitor that goes with my Garmin.
  5. Lesley

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    Ok, this might sound like a dumb question, but how do you know when you are fat adapted? Sweet potatoes are my new best friend. :-)
  6. Lesley

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    Thanks. That's a good idea. Sounds like its timing timing timing.
  7. Lesley

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    Thanks! So, I guess it's just key to find the balance. Any tips on how to do that? I'm keeping a food diary, so I will look at what I'm eating and how I feel during workouts/runs.
  8. I'm on day 8 of my first Whole 30. I'm also training for my 2nd marathon in November. For the last few months prior to my W30 I was eating mostly Paleo, but not running much. I've read many posts about athletes needing to make sure to eat plenty of starchy carbs as well as follow the template. I ran a 3 mile run last week after not eating much in the starchy veg category and it felt awful. Two days later I ran a (slow) 10 mile run after eating about 3 sweet potatoes in the course of 2 days and felt much better. My question is, is fat adaption compromised by doing this carb loading? What's the balance? Thanks in advance for the input!